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Best AI Presenters & Avatars For Game-Changing Video Presentations

best AI presenters and avatars for video presentations

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Sometimes I’m amazed as well as slightly apprehensive about how fast the world of artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing. From AI video generators to talking head videos, we now see a massive upsurge in artificially created human avatars for various purposes.

The best AI presenters can turn your video content into a marketing masterpiece with the click of a button. Needless to say, by using these digital AI avatars, you can enhance your AI presentations and create more videos in less time.

The best part? AI presenters remove the hurdle of hiring studio equipment, actors, voice talents, or even translators.

In this article, I’ll share the top AI presenters that stand out from the best AI video generators.

Who Are the Best AI Presenters?

Currently, there are probably hundreds of AI presenters, so it’s impossible to list them all here.

1. Jonathan from DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is a video creation platform specialized in generating AI presenters. Right now, it’s the only AI presentation software with a vast selection of Asian presenters, including Korea, China, and Japan.

Besides Asian avatars, you can reach a global audience with its global presenters, including Jonathan, a Western-looking guy you can use for your videos and presentations.

All DeepBrain AI presenters can mimic human gestures, making the avatars more human-like, which creates more stunning and engaging videos.

What sets DeepBrain AI apart from its competitors is that you can use the tool to interact with customers in physical stores to the likes of digital signage software. Watch the following video to find out more about conversation AI avatars.

[AI Kiosk] Humanize Your Digital Engagement

DeepBrain AI also lets you generate custom avatars and 3D digital humans that you can customize to your needs. Furthermore, you can change the voice of the presenter with its selection of 80+ languages and voices. Although Jonathan looks like a Western, you can make him speak Korean or Arabic!

But that’s not all. DeepBrain AI allows you to choose hundreds of different templates for every aspect ratio (YouTube, social media), upload your own voice and images, background music, and stock assets like video and pictures.

2. Mia from DeepBrain AI

Mia is a middle-aged woman with a corporate feel. Although the voice you hear in the video above is her original one, you can choose from many others.

And if your videos don’t require a full body image of the AI presenter, DeepBrain allows you to control the size of it or even choose a talking head layout where only the head is shown. This is best for video tutorials where you want to focus on the screen and not occupy it with distractions.

Furthermore, you can upload a PowerPoint file and easily create AI-powered videos at scale. DeepBrain AI will analyze each page from your PowerPoint PPT document and create a separate slide inside the video editor. On each slide, you can change background colors, add your text, and edit them as you like. Then, you may add Mia AI presenter to all slides or just one and change between presenters as the video progresses.

3. Alex from Synthesia

Synthesia was one of the first AI avatar video generators emerging on the market. And with it came a beautiful and smiley face that most of us already know: Alex.

As mentioned in my Synthesia review, this platform offers over 140 AI avatars and 120+ languages to choose from. This means you can use different avatars in the same video, helping you generate impactful and interactive experiences.

With Synthesia, you can generate videos for a variety of use cases, such as institutional, corporate, marketing, onboarding, product updates, and more.

And if you like the AI presenter Alex but would like to change her outfit, you can. Indeed, most of Synthesia’s avatars come with different sets of clothing you can customize. Moreover, you can even modify the hairstyle of your favorite avatars, including Alex.

4. Aiden from Synthesia

Aiden is a young AI-generated presenter you can use when needing to deliver clear, dynamic, and engaging presentations with ease. Whether you’re looking to onboard a client, engage with teenagers, spice up a business proposal for an international client, or need an exciting character to introduce your latest educational content, this AI presenter fits all roles well.

The following shows how Aiden does a great job presenting an onboarding video.

As you can hear, the voice in this video is different from the other above. You have the flexibility to modify your avatar’s voice, language, and accent.

Making videos with Synthesia is straightforward. You pick a presenter or upload your own custom one, select or change the voice, add text and images, and you’re good to go.

When editing your video, this platform works similarly to other AI video editors for presentations: you can edit your slides separately, including adding your own music and stock footage or images, allowing for a seamless experience when creating videos.

5. Wilson from HeyGen

Wilson is an Asian AI presenter catering to a global audience. Although he has a natural Western English accent, you can change his voice to an Asian English accent, making the experience more realistic. In addition, you have the option to personalize Wilson’s wardrobe, effortlessly transitioning from a casual shirt to a polished, professional suit to suit your presentation’s theme and tone.

HeyGen is one of the best platforms that can generate an AI presenter with flawless lip-syncing, along with creating 3D avatars. And to make things even more fun, it allows you to generate talking avatars from photos, whether it’s your friend’s photo or a famous painting like Mona Lisa.

Furthermore, you don’t need to narrate videos or create a presentation with lifeless images. Thanks to its screen recording feature, you can transform your videos and bring your ideas to life by creating how-to and tutorial videos.

What I like about HeyGen video editor is that, unlike others, you can edit your videos in a timeline and not just slide by slide. Moreover, when browsing for the right AI presenter and voice for your project in the dashboard, HeyGen’s varied filters allow you to fine-tune your decision.

6. Jade from Colossyan

Jade is one of the youngest Colossyan AI presenters. In fact, she’s so cute you could create videos for children without using any other avatars.

Unlike other Colossyan alternatives, this platform sets the bar with top-tier avatars and an impressive selection of over 70 languages and accents

Not only does Colossyan generate AI videos with avatars, but it also comes with advanced video editing features. You can enrich your content with background music, images, animations, shapes, and transitions while enjoying the freedom to modify fonts and avatars for each slide.

Like other tools on this list, Colossyan’s unique capability allows you to transform PowerPoint presentations and PDFs into engaging video formats. Moreover, thanks to its seamless integration with Pexels, you can further personalize your projects with access to millions of royalty-free images and videos.

7. Paris from DeepBrain AI

Paris is a modern African-American avatar with a young voice. One of the things I like about DeepBrain’s text-to-speech features when compared to other tools, is that when you choose your avatar, the voice that accompanies it is the original one. Sometimes, it’s hard to select a good AI voice to match your avatar, but DeepBrain gives you peace of mind in this matter.

With two different styles to choose from, Paris the announcer comes in a more relaxed and joyful version and also in a more professional, business-oriented one.

DeepBrain AI Human integration with chatbot builders

DeepBrain also offers easy-to-use integration with chatbot builders. You can straightforwardly integrate your current chatbot services into AI humans using the Webhook method, extending beyond platforms like Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson.

More Digital AI Presenters for Video Creation

Check out the vast collection of DeepBrain AI’s avatars and presenters:

DeepBrain AI presenters

Synthesia’s AI presenters:

Synthesia AI presenters

Colossyan’s AI avatars:

Colossyan AI avatars

And HeyGen’s AI avatars:

HeyGen AI presenters

What is an AI Presenter?

Think about the last time you started working on a presentation or campaign. Scribbling points, arranging them, trying to make it engaging—almost like trying to clone yourself into a virtual avatar. This is where AI presenters come to the rescue.

AI presenters are the new-age VJs for your digital content. They are incredibly functional and user-friendly; even if you’re a tech newbie, you can create AI-based virtual presenters.

Several apps provide an easy way to create these avatars. Usually, it involves a straightforward upload, paste, and process, and voila—you get a talking head for your presentation.

A robust AI presenter platform also offers a simple, intuitive user interface (UI) that is super easy to navigate.

One of the impressive features of AI presenters is their resolution. Just like watching your favorite show in high-definition makes a difference, the crystal-clear resolution makes your AI presenter feel more realistic.

These AI presenters can also translate your plain text into engaging, spoken conversation. You only have to feed it to your AI presenter and see it convert into a compelling narrative.

What sets these AI presenters’ platforms apart is the ability to export your projects for various platforms easily. So, whether you’re an educator wanting to share a digital lecture or a marketer planning to launch a campaign, exporting your presentations is as easy as any basic video editor.

Lastly, an AI presenter is “generative,” which means it can create unique content based on the input you provide. Each AI presenter is like a responsive, editable being with its distinct quirks and styles.

With these tools, it’s astounding how quickly you’ll be blown away by your creations.

Best AI Presenters to Generate AI Videos: Conclusion

If you want to leverage artificial intelligence to generate videos with human presenters, the best AI presenters can help. 

Although they’re not perfect (if you want perfection, hire a real actor), they work pretty well for a number of use cases, whether marketing videos, social media advertising, tutorials, how-to videos, internal and institutional videos, step-by-step guides, and much more.

To get started with any of the presenters mentioned and create AI videos for your next project, click on any of the links above and give them a try.

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