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The 4 Best AI Graph Generator & Graph Maker Tools For Amazing Graphics

best AI graph generator maker

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In this article, I’ll explore the best AI graph generators to help you use artificial intelligence to craft high-quality graphs for your business. 

As technology evolves, artificial intelligence has become increasingly widespread, ranging from writing tools, website builders, photo editors, and AI graph makers.

Gone are the days of manually constructing graphs and charts—AI-driven tools have emerged to simplify the process, offering both efficiency and accuracy.

So let’s start exploring the best AI graph generator available, its remarkable features, and how it can elevate your data visualization experience to new heights.

What are the Best AI Graph Generators?

1. Appy Pie Free AI Graph Maker

Appy Pie Free AI Graph Maker and Generator

Appy Pie’s AI graph maker is an intuitive and user-friendly free online graph generator designed to help you easily create visually appealing and informative graphs.

This platform offers a wide range of graph types, including bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts, catering to your diverse data visualization needs.

Appy Pie’s free AI graph generator enables you to craft captivating visuals for various online platforms, such as websites, blogs, or social media pages. This user-friendly tool eliminates the need for coding expertise, providing a straightforward drag-and-drop interface for easily adding data points, titles, labels, and more.

Furthermore, you can customize your graph to match your brand’s aesthetics by modifying design elements like colors, fonts, and more. Upon completing your graph, you can conveniently download it in multiple formats, including JPEG, PNG, or PDF, or directly embed it on your website.

Appy Pie Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop Interface – Add data points, titles, labels, and more to your graphs without any coding knowledge required.
  • Customizable Design Elements – Modify colors, fonts, and other aspects of your graph to suit your brand visuals and preferences.
  • Wide Variety of Graph Types – Create various types of graphs, including area charts, line charts, pie charts, and more, based on your data visualization needs.
  • Responsive and Shareable Graphs – Download your graph in multiple formats such as JPEG, PNG, or PDF, or embed it directly on your website, ensuring compatibility across devices.
  • 100+ Graph Design AI-powered Templates – Choose from a vast collection of pre-designed graph templates to kickstart your graph creation process.
  • AI-powered Features – Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enhance your graph creation experience and generate visually appealing, informative graphs.

Appy Pie Pricing

  • Basic (Free) – Up to four projects.
  • Like a Pro ($6/mo) – Unlimited projects and advanced features.

You can start creating graphs with Appy Pie’s 7-day free trial.

2. Taskade AI Knowledge Graph Generator

Taskade AI Knowledge Graph Generator

Taskade’s AI Knowledge Graph Generator is a modern AI tool that allows you to visualize and organize your content coherently and interconnectedly. By building a dynamic knowledge graph, you can enhance your understanding of the connections between different pieces of information and extract valuable insights from your content.

This generator makes it easy to map out ideas, projects, and tasks in a hierarchical structure, assisting you in spotting patterns, revealing hidden connections, and improving your workflows.

A significant benefit of using this AI-powered generator is its focus on collaboration. You can include team members in creating your knowledge graph, encouraging a productive and efficient teamwork environment. As your team collaborates, exchanging ideas, giving feedback, and tracking progress in real-time becomes a breeze.

Moreover, the AI-based knowledge graph generator features many customization options, enabling you to adjust your knowledge graph with various colors, icons, and labels for a more engaging and visually appealing experience.

Designed for versatility, this generator lets you toggle between views like list, board, or mind map, catering to your needs and preferences.

Taskade Key Features

  • Time-saving – The AI generator creates knowledge graphs in seconds, compared to the hours it may take when done manually.
  • User-friendly – The generator is intuitive and straightforward, requiring no technical skills to create a knowledge graph.
  • Comprehensive – The AI-generated knowledge graphs provide a structured and organized view of data, offering a complete and accurate visualization.
  • Customizable – The generator allows you to tailor your knowledge graph to suit your specific needs, making it unique to your project.
  • Streamlined Workflow – Using an AI-generated knowledge graph simplifies your work, enabling you to focus on identifying key insights from your data.
  • Collaboration – The “Save Generator” feature lets you create a reusable template for your team, promoting teamwork and efficiency.

Taskade Pricing

Taskade offers a free-forever plan with 1,000 AI monthly credits. You may choose to upgrade later to one of their premium plans:

  • Starter ($4/mo) – 5,000 AI credits.
  • Plus ($8/mo) – 10,000 AI credits.

3. Fotor Online Graph Maker

Fotor Online Graph Generator

Fotor Online Graph Maker offers a wide selection of graph and chart templates for various chart types, such as bar, line, and area graphs. You can quickly switch between different chart types within the same template set and enter your data in the pop-up window for a perfect match.

This AI chart maker works like a math calculator, allowing you to input your X-axis and Y-axis data directly in the pop-up table, similar to Excel or Google Sheets. Then, the calculator automatically converts your graph data into a diagram.

Fotor’s graph creator emphasizes data visualization, transforming your data into easy-to-understand charts, such as bar, pie, or line charts.

Additionally, Fotor allows you to create aesthetically pleasing custom graphs by offering maximum flexibility in customizing graph designs. You can adjust the frame structure style, description text, color, and font size and even add icons for focus.

Fotor Key Features

  • AI Graph Templates – Choose from various graph templates for different chart types, such as bar, line, and pie charts, to make a chart directly.
  • Add Your Data with Chart Maker – Input your X-axis and Y-axis data in the pop-up table, like in an Excel spreadsheet, and Fotor’s graph calculator will automatically convert your data into a diagram.
  • Data Visualizations – Fotor’s graph online maker offers data visualization options, such as line, pie, or bar charts, backed by powerful and logical algorithms for diagram transformation.
  • Customization – Fotor allows maximum flexibility in customizing graph designs, including frame structure style, description text, color, font size, and the addition of icons for focus.
  • Different Types of Graphs – Fotor’s Graph Maker provides a range of graph types for different data visualization needs.
  • Easy-to-use Online Graph Maker – Fotor’s user-friendly graph maker helps you create your own graphs and diagrams for free with its intuitive interface.
  • Export & Sharing – Once you’ve created your AI-generated charts and graphs, you can export them directly to form your data analysis report, making it easy to share your graph with others.

Fotor Pricing

Fotor provides an initial 5 free credits, and once these are utilized, you’ll need to purchase additional credits to continue using the AI-powered graph creation tool.

  • 200 Credits (€3.33/mo)

On the other hand, you may wish to upgrade to Fotor Pro:

  • Fotor Pro (€2.26/mo) – Includes all features.
  • Fotor Pro+ (€4.99/mo) – Includes all features plus a million stock photos for commercial use.

4. ChartBlocks

ChartBlocks free graph maker

ChartBlocks is an online chart builder that allows you to transform your data from spreadsheets into shareable graphics without requiring any coding skills. This online chart builder empowers you to import, create, and share data visualizations with numerous design options, making it easy to decide how to represent your data story best.

No matter how you collect your data, ChartBlocks can visualize it for you. Whether you’re working with spreadsheets, databases, or manually inputting data, this tool has you covered.

ChartBlocks provides you with full control over every aspect of your charts. You can optimize your data and choose the ideal format to visualize it, with access to various graph types and hundreds of customization options just a few clicks away.

Additionally, ChartBlocks ensures that your charts are portable and shareable. You may export them as editable vector graphics for presentations or optimize them for high-quality printed documents. You can also embed your charts into any website, import them into the Ceros Studio, or share them using ChartBlocks’ built-in social media sharing tools.

ChartBlocks is part of the Ceros family of cloud-based design tools, offering a user-friendly and versatile solution for creating visually engaging data visualizations.

ChartBlocks Key Features

  • Chart Creation – ChartBlocks offers an easy-to-use online chart builder that allows you to transform data from spreadsheets into visually appealing graphics without any coding skills.
  • Multiple Data Import Options – You can import data from various sources, including spreadsheets, databases, or manual input, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of data collection methods.
  • Customizable Chart Designs – ChartBlocks provides numerous graph types and hundreds of customization options, enabling you to create unique and engaging data visualizations tailored to your needs.
  • Portable and Shareable Charts – Export charts as editable vector graphics for presentations or optimize them for high-quality printed documents, making it easy to share your data visualizations across different mediums.
  • Website Embedding – You can seamlessly embed your charts into any website, ensuring your data visualizations are accessible and interactive for online audiences.
  • Social Media Sharing – ChartBlocks features built-in social media sharing tools, allowing you to easily share your charts on popular platforms and expand their reach.

ChartBlocks Pricing

ChartBlocks is free to use.

Best AI Graph Maker: Conclusion

Today, it’s possible to make a graph with the power of AI. The landscape of AI-based graph creators is continually advancing, providing users with a potent and effective means of visualizing and comprehending intricate data.

Selecting the best AI graph generator for your requirements can help you harness the full power of your content, enhance workflows, and encourage teamwork.

Armed with the right AI graph maker, you’ll be prepared to handle even the most complex data sets and convert them into visually engaging, insightful, and easily understandable knowledge graphs.

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