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5 Best Undetectable AI Alternatives for Engaging and Humanized Content

best undetectable ai alternatives and competitors

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In this article, I share the best Undetectable AI alternatives that can help you publish content generated by AI without being flagged as AI.

If you’re using an AI content writing platform to generate AI content for you, you might feel hesitant to publish it as it is. Maybe you’re wondering how to humanize AI text.

That’s why most turn themselves to undetectable AI writing tools. They not only can improve your writing skills but can bypass advanced AI detection systems to trick them as though the content was written by a human.

One such tool is, a text scrambler that rephrases content to make it more unique and undetectable by AI detection tools.

However, some prefer other AI humanizer tools, as lacks some features cherished by some, such as generating content from scratch.

But first, let us take a look at the disadvantages of

Undetectable AI Disadvantages

Don’t get me wrong—Undetectable AI has many advantages for those using AI tools to generate content. First, it provides a detection likelihood checklist based on several AI detectors, such as Content at Scale, ZeroGPT, OpenAI, Crossplag, and more. You only have to paste your text and hit the “Check for AI” button.

Then, you can select different levels of humanization possible, and also the readability type and its purpose.

Undetectable AI tool with detection likelihood

However, regardless of how well the humanization works, here are some drawbacks of

  • It doesn’t generate content from scratch, so if you’re looking for an AI writer with this feature, be sure to check some of the options in the list below.
  • The detection likelihood doesn’t include, one of the top AI detectors and one of the most challenging ones to defeat.
  • It only offers a monthly subscription and not a pay-as-you-go one. This means you are charged every month regardless of what you use.

With this in mind, let’s look at the best Undetectable AI alternatives.

What are the Best Undetectable AI Alternatives and Competitors?

1. HideMyAI


HideMyAI shares a similar user interface and features, making it one of the best alternatives. 

What’s best about HideMyAI, when compared to Undetectable AI, is that it supports additional languages besides English. With this undetectable AI tool, you can generate content in English, Spanish, Russian, and French, which ensures that your content has a global reach while bypassing AI detectors.

Like Undetectable AI, HydeMyAI can help you create high-quality content that removes markers from popular AI detection tools, such as, ZeroGPT, Content at Scale, Copy Leaks, and others.

However, unlike, HideMyAI assumes you’re pasting AI-written text, and they don’t give you a feature to check whether AI wrote your content or not at the start. Because, sometimes, depending on your prompt, AI writing tools can generate content that bypasses AI detectors—this is not pure science, as there are many variables. In this case, humanizing your content would be a waste of credits.

Here are the basic steps of how HideMyAI works:

  1. Paste or Upload: All you need to do is paste in your AI-created content or upload it as a document.
  2. Paraphrasing: HideMyAI’s unique AI model gets to work to make every detail of your content feel human.
  3. Handover: Once the fine-tuning process is over, HideMyAI hands you back a version of your content that feels like a human wrote it.

Every piece of AI-generated content leaves certain clues, like little breadcrumbs, that it’s machine-created. HideMyAI understands these clues and has mastered the art of paraphrasing content in a way that gives you a piece of text that essentially disguises itself from AI detectors.

HideMyAI Example

To further show you HideMyAI on action, here’s a brief example.

I told ChatGPT to write a 100-word description of Loganix (a link-building service). The output was totally flagged by, one of the most accurate and toughest AI detectors to fool.

Originality AI detection score for ChatGPT text

After running the original content through HideMyAI, the result completely bypassed

Originality AI detection score for HideMyAI humanized text

This is how the interface looks like.

HideMyAI example with Loganix description

Now, one of the things I noticed in this particular paraphrasing tool is that it includes slang words, such as “stuff,” “like,” “wanna,” and others, independently of the type and level of writing you select. But even after editing the text, the scans output a negative result when detecting AI-generated content.

Besides being one of the closest tools to Undetectable AI, HideMyAI can perform what it claims.

Key Features

  • Multiple Languages – The premium version allows you to use HideMyAI in Spanish, Russian, and French, also.
  • Bulk Processing – You can bulk upload documents and process them simultaneously in the background.
  • Output Options – Choose various output settings to tune the output of HideMyAI to your unique needs.
  • Storage – All your documents are stored under your account, so you can access them later.


  • Starter – Totally free up to 300 words.
  • Pro (starts at $5/mo for 10k words) – Offers bulk upload and multilingual content generation.
  • Enterprise (custom quote) – It offers unlimited generations per month and more team seats.

HideMyAI promises that their handiwork will smoothly bypass all leading AI detectors. If any slip-ups occur and your content gets spotted by AI detectors, HideMyAI ensures they will verify your claim and return your credits.

How does HideMyAI compare to Undetectable AI?

Both tools have similar pricing, with minor divergences, including monthly and annual subscriptions.

However, HideMyAI offers a pay-as-you-go option for those who don’t want to commit to a subscription.

  • $2 for 1k words for users subscribed to the monthly plan.
  • $1 for 1k words if you’re in the annual plan.

Unfortunately, HideMyAI doesn’t provide an AI checker before you humanize the content like Undetectable AI. For this, you’d have to use a tool like Content at Scale AI Detector (free, by the way).

In terms of quality, Undetectable AI wins. Here’s the same example as above, now processed through Undetectable AI:

Originality AI detection score for Undetectable AI humanized text

Both had the options of a general writing type and a high school readability, but as you can see, Undetectable AI doesn’t include slang terms, and it’s much more consistent with the original text.

The choice is up to you.

2. WordAI


WordAI is an AI text rewriter and content creator that can make dozens of unique variations of a single piece of text, ensuring it passes plagiarism checkers like Copyscape and AI detectors.

This AI-powered writing tool can help in the content creation process if you need to publish different versions of an article while making sure all of them are unique and don’t get flagged as plagiarized. Moreover, their Avoid AI Detection tool makes it easy to pass AI detectors while using your favorite AI writers, such as or others.

On their website, you can see different comparisons of AI-generated text from different tools and the result of various AI detectors after applying their feature.

WordAI avoid AI detection comparison ChatGPT with and without WordAI

Key Features

  • Pass AI Content Detectors – Rewrite any content in any style and bypass all popular AI-generated content detectors.
  • Free from Plagiarism – Rewrite your content and make it unique.
  • Bulk Processing – You can rewrite articles in bulk.
  • Article Forge Integration – You can integrate the tool with Article Forge to automatically create multiple variations of any article you generate.


WordAI offers a simple plan of $27/mo billed annually. You can also choose a monthly billing cycle for $57/mo.

Fortunately, they offer a 3-day free trial to test-drive the platform.

How does WordAI compare to Undetectable AI?

Although WordAI can rewrite text in a way that’s undetectable by AI content detectors, its primary purpose is different than WordAI is mainly a rewriter tool to help you craft multiple variations of the same article while maintaining originality—meaning, free from plagiarism.

You can also protect words, quotes, URLs, or titles and apply custom synonyms. This allows for a more detailed personalization while helping maintain important vocabulary crucial to your article (something that Undetectable AI can’t do).

3. Article Forge

Article Forge

Article Forge is an exceptional AI-based writing software capable of generating high-quality long-form articles of 1,500 words using just a single keyword. Its seamless integration with WordPress boasts a post scheduler allowing you to create articles in bulk and publish them automatically on your blog with zero hassle.

The reason it makes it to this list is because of its Avoid AI Detection tool that you can select before it generates an article. This ensures that the content passes through all AI content detectors as if it were created by a human. Furthermore, the tool can generate plagiarism-free content every time it creates an article from scratch.

What sets Article Forge apart from other tools such as Jasper or Writesonic is that it has its own unique proprietary technology known as the knowledge search engine, rather than relying on GPT-4 to generate content. This AI model works like a search engine that is capable of producing precise and up-to-date content while guaranteeing that your content bypasses AI content detection tools and plagiarism checkers.

Learn more about this tool and check some examples in my Article Forge Review.

Key Features

  • Content Creation – It lets you create 1,500-word blog posts with one click.
  • Human-written Content – You can generate high-quality content that bypasses AI content detectors.
  • WordAI Integration – It integrates with WordAI, a powerful AI text rewriter, to create 10 variations each time you create a new article.
  • Original Content – Article Forge ensures your content is free from plagiarism.


Article Forge starts at $13/mo (billed annually) for 25k words. But you can give it a try with its 5-day free trial.

How does Article Forge compare to Undetectable AI?

Unlike Undetectable AI, Article Forge can generate content from scratch. It doesn’t paraphrase, rewrite, or humanize pre-existing content.

However, what makes it stand out as a great Undetectable AI alternative is its ability to generate content quickly and efficiently while bypassing AI detection tools.

4. Surfer AI

my Surfer AI review

Surfer AI is the undetectable AI writer feature of Surfer SEO, an AI SEO platform, making it a top alternative to

In the world of SEO optimization, Surfer SEO is one of the few tools that uses AI to craft content. Others include Scalenut and NeuronWriter, although these don’t create content that passes popular AI-generated content detectors.

As mentioned in my Surfer AI review, you type your keyword, select your tone of voice, edit the outline, select the anti-AI detection tool, and hit submit. The AI content generation will craft a highly SEO-optimized article with over 2,500 words on average.

Moreover, unlike some Surfer AI alternatives, it includes a plagiarism checker, so you can rest easy your content is original and is not copying anyone.

Key Features

  • Passes AI Detectors – The Surfer AI text generator can create content that bypasses AI detection software.
  • SEO Optimization – You can optimize your article for search engines to get a better chance of ranking higher.
  • Long-form Content – Surfer AI crafts high-quality content with 2,500+ words on average.


Surfer AI requires an active subscription to Surfer SEO. Then, each article generation costs $29.

How do I compare to Surfer AI?

Similar to Undetectable AI, Surfer AI is a tool that uses AI technology to avoid AI content detection systems. However, the latter is not a text humanizer but a powerful AI writing tool that crafts content from scratch.

So, if you’re seeking a simple tool to rewrite your already existing content, consider other alternatives in this list.

5. Netus AI

Netus AI

Netus AI is a paraphrasing tool that also offers an AI bypasser to help you humanize your AI-generated content. Furthermore, it claims to remove the ChatGPT watermark that ChatGPT includes in every output.

Unlike, Netus AI has its fine-tuned AI paraphraser model that allows you to create content with your own brand voice while paraphrasing your input text.

Currently, Netus AI provides several bypassed algorithms, ranging from V1 up to V50. Unfortunately, they don’t explain all these variants in detail in the dashboard, so you have to guess what each one does.

The tool is constantly being updated, and future updates include a plagiarism checker and multilingual support.

Netus AI Bypasser feature can humanize AI text that several detectors won’t flag, including However, only the algorithms nearest from V30 to V50 do the trick.

Key Features

  • Paraphraser Tool – Paraphrase and rewrite any type of content.
  • Plagiarism-free Content – All content that’s paraphrased is original.
  • ChatGPT Watermark Removal – It removes the ChatGPT watermark that is added to ChatGPT-generated content.
  • AI Content Detection – This includes an AI checker before you humanize the content. 


  • Detector – Free AI content detector; bypass 500 AI words.
  • Starter ($19) – Bypass 100k AI words; custom AI paraphrasing model; ChatGPT watermark removal.
  • Premium ($39) – Bypass 300k AI words.
  • Premium+ ($99) – Bypass 1M AI words.

Netus AI offers credits instead of monthly subscriptions.

How does Netus AI compare to Undetectable AI?

Undetectable AI offers a straightforward approach to humanizing AI text, including a checklist of the major AI detection systems. On the other hand, Netus checks your content for AI but doesn’t give you a clue about the results of other AI detectors.

Unlike, Netus AI is more focused on paraphrasing content, including creating truly undetectable AI content.

Best Alternatives: Beat AI Content Detectors

It’s funny how cutting-edge AI can beat AI. If you don’t think the world is getting crazier, you probably should. 

In an internet filled with AI-generated content, human content can become quite rare. As more and more tools emerge, the need for human content increases. Remember that we, humans, are reading the content. And while AI tools can help refine and improve that content, the ultimate goal should be to create content for humans.

So, if you want to find an alternative to to spam the internet with bad quality “human” content, you probably shouldn’t do it—you reap what you sow.

Instead, these tools should be used to improve and engage quality AI content that’s not as impactful as you’d like it to be.

Ultimately, you can always rely on human writers to outperform AI tools when it comes to crafting relatable ideas and conveying personal experiences that only another human can understand.

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