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Save Your Budget With These 7 Cheapest AI Writing Tools (Less Than $15/mo)

best cheapest AI writer tools

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Not every blogger or content writer has a budget for blogging tools like AI writers. That’s why the cheapest AI writer tools can help you tremendously grow your blog and remove writer’s block.

On the other hand, many prefer using free AI writers before committing to a premium plan, although they come with limitations. However, if you’re interested in a paid plan for under $15 per month, I have suitable options for you.

In this post, I’ll share with you the cheapest AI writing tools so you can take advantage of this new technology without breaking the bank.

What are the Cheapest AI Writer Tools?

1. SurgeGraph

LongForm AI by SurgeGraph best Surfer AI alternative

SurgeGraph is not a very well-known AI writer, but it’s one of the best unlimited AI writing tools you can use to create long-form content of 4,000+ words.

Featuring unlimited content creation, keyword research, a content planner with silos, and SEO optimization features, this AI SEO writer offers similar features to Surfer SEO. After analyzing the top-ranking pages on Google for your chosen keyword, SurgeGraph displays an SEO content score, contextual terms to include in the text, the links your competitors are linking to, and other essential SEO metrics.

Its Auto Optimizer tool helps you reduce the time needed to boost your overall SEO score. This makes it easy to publish dozens (if not hundreds) of articles per month and skyrocket your website’s traffic.

Here’s an in-depth guide to my Surgeraph review.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Everything – SurgeGraph is the most affordable AI writer with unlimited tools, including keyword research and planning, content writing, and SEO optimization.
  • Long-form Articles – Write SEO-optimized articles with 4,000+ words in about a minute.
  • SEO Score – You can improve your rankings by SEO optimizing your content with actionable insights from the top competitors.
  • Topic Coverage – SurgeGraph offers extensive research and coverage of the chosen topic, resulting in well-rounded and informative content that appeals to readers and search engines.


SurgeGraph costs $14.69/mo in its 36-month plan.

2. Rytr

Rytr free ai content generator

Rytr is one of the simplest and most affordable AI writing tools you can find.

With over 30 languages support, a plagiarism checker, and an AI image generator, you can start using Rytr for only $9/mo. In fact, they offer a lifetime free plan that allows you to generate up to 10k characters monthly.

While offering several content writing templates, Rytr’s features are not as robust as other writing tools, especially regarding SEO.

The user-friendly interface has made it popular among numerous content creators, even though its feature set is not as extensive as a tool like SurgeGraph.

Key Features

  • Simple to Use – Rytr is one of the oldest and simple tools for AI writing.
  • Affordable – For less than $10/mo, you can generate up to 10k characters monthly.
  • Voice Tones – You can generate content in over 20 voice tones.
  • Plagiarism Detector – Never worry again about plagiarizing other content.


Besides the lifetime free plan, Rytr’s cheapest pricing is $9/mo, which lets you generate up to 100k characters and 20 AI images.

3. ContentBot

Contentbot ai writing software is one of the cheapest AI writers you can find on the market, offering a one-off plan of $1 for 1,000 words.

Trusted by over 100,000 marketers, ContentBot features a unique tool called AI Flows, which lets you automate your content creation. It provides a drag-and-drop flow where you can choose your triggers, actions, and filters and integrate different tools.

For example, you may connect ContentBot with your WordPress site, Semrush, ChatGPT, Zapier, and email to create content to further check for plagiarism, translate, and publish. All this is done automatically (or automagically, as they say).

Simply relax and appreciate the automated generation and publication of your AI-created content.

Key Features

  • Article Writer – Generate 2,000+ word articles.
  • SEO Insights – Analyze the top-ranking pages, including their outlines, to quickly identify what’s working.
  • AI Flows – Automate your entire workflow, from content creation to publishing.
  • One-off Payments – No other tool offers this deal of $1 for 1,000 words.


As mentioned above, offers an enticing one-off payment of $1 for 1,000 words. There are no monthly contracts; you can top up your account with more words if necessary.

4. Writesonic


Writesonic is one of the most feature-rich AI writing tools in the industry. It includes Chatsonic, a ChatGPT alternative that can analyze websites and generate factual and accurate content easily.

Botsonic is a no-code AI chatbot builder you can enable on your WordPress site to engage with your readers.

Like other AI writing tools, Writesonic features an Article Writer to help you develop blog posts and other long-form content with ease.

My Writesonic review dives deep into the platform.

Key Features

  • Free-Forever Plan – Generate up to 10,000 words monthly with Writesonic’s free plan.
  • 100+ Templates – Leverage Writesonic’s short-form templates for a diverse range of content types and use cases.
  • Chatsonic – Chat with the AI and get factual content, including its sources.
  • Botsonic – Embed unlimited AI chatbots to boost customer engagement.
  • Surfer SEO Integration – Integrate your Writesonic account with Surfer SEO to improve your rankings.


Besides the free plan, Writesonic’s pricing starts at $12.67/mo for 200k words using GPT-3.5 and 33k words with GPT-4.

5. Article Forge

Article Forge

Article Forge is a unique tool on its own. Instead of relying on GPT technology, they use their own language model, including a knowledge search engine.

This long-form AI writer can turn one keyword into a full blog post of 1,500+ words while being plagiarism-free and avoiding AI content detectors.

One of the tool’s highlights is the bulk content generator and WordPress integration. This allows you to generate simultaneous articles and publish them with no effort whatsoever (of course, it’s always advisable to fact-check and personalize your AI article, let alone humanize it).

You can learn more in my Article Forge review.

Key Features

  • Article Writer – You can generate 1,500+ word articles.
  • Plagiarism-Free Content – All content generated by Article Forge passes Copyscape.
  • WordPress Integration – Automatically publish your content to your WordPress site.
  • No AI Content – Avoids AI content detectors.


Article Forge starts at $13/mo for 25k words when paid yearly. Fortunately, they offer a 5-day free trial so you can test-drive the platform.

6. Creaitor

Creaitor AI

Boasting over 100,000 users, Creaitor AI stands out as one of the top AI article writer tools with a built-in SEO-optimization feature similar to Surfer SEO.

As a cheap AI writing tool, it harnesses the power of GPT technology to generate high-quality content and elevate your writing abilities. Additionally, it offers easy translation of your articles into multiple languages.

The long-form content editor enables you to format the text according to your preferences and enhances the AI capabilities when any part of the text is highlighted.

Creaitor also serves as an AI copywriting tool for freelance marketers, providing the versatility to create diverse content such as email subject lines, blog outlines, landing page copy, and more.

Key Features

  • Long-Form Content Editor – Craft extensive content for blog posts, essays, and various other platforms with a comprehensive text editor.
  • SERP Beater – Utilize natural language processing (NLP) to obtain semantic keywords, boosting your article’s rating for improved rankings.
  • Over 70 Templates – Develop content for social media, advertisements, website copy, YouTube videos, and beyond.
  • 25+ Language Support – Produce content in more than 25 languages.
  • Translation Feature – Effortlessly translate your AI-generated content into multiple languages.


Creaitor starts at $9/mo for 100k characters. They also offer a free plan with up to 20k monthly characters.

7. Copymatic


Copymatic is another affordable AI writer designed to help you generate various types of content. From blog articles, eCommerce product descriptions, website copy, images, factual content, and more, Copymatic has it all.

This tool offers grammar and plagiarism checkers to help create unique, high-quality content. Furthermore, you may customize your creativity level and voice tone so your content aligns with your brand.

Additionally, Copymatic offers a Chrome extension, allowing you to access 80+ AI writing tools within your browser. This includes CopyChat, which can search the web and answer any question you have.

Lastly, it includes an unlimited AI art generator, so you don’t have to rely on other tools for image generation.

Key Features

  • Long-Form Content – Expand brief descriptions into 1,000+ word articles, producing titles, introductions, outlines, and more for SEO-friendly and plagiarism-free content.
  • AI Templates – Generate content for blog posts, website copy, SEO, and eCommerce product titles or descriptions, addressing a variety of content creation requirements.
  • Browser Extension – Utilize 80+ AI writing tools straight from your Chrome browser, featuring the AI chat assistant, CopyChat.
  • CopyChat – Ask anything, and the AI will generate factual content.
  • AI Images – Copymatic can generate unlimited images.
  • Plagiarism-free Content – Confirm the uniqueness of your content with a plagiarism checker.


Copymatic cheapest price is $19/mo. However, after you start its free trial, you have 24h to claim your 20% discount for life, closing the deal at $15/mo forever.

Cheapest AI Writer: Wrapping It Up!

There you have it! The most affordable and cheapest AI writer tools.

If you are beginning your AI blogging journey as a side business, have a limited budget for costly software, and wish to boost your traffic potential, the tools mentioned in this list can be of assistance.

Needless to say, you can start with some free tools for long-form content and then decide which one you like best.

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