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How to Use SurgeGraph Longform AI to Write Quality SEO Content for Cheap

how to use SurgeGraph Longform AI to write SEO content

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In this article, I’ll demonstrate one out of the many workflows of how to use SurgeGraph Longform AI to rank in the top 10 Google results and grow your traffic fast.

SurgeGraph focuses on helping us achieve the three big SEO cornerstones in three steps.

  1. Right Keywords – You can choose the right keywords for your project using the Keyword Research tool.
  2. Content Silo – Build content silos and internal links with the Planner.
  3. Content Writer – Accelerate your content velocity with LongForm AI and the Content Writer.

In my review of SurgeGraph, I go into more detail about its features. But in this post, I’ll walk you through the basic steps of using this tool.

Let’s go over each step.

1. Choose the Right Keywords

The Keyword Research tool helps you discover the most profitable keywords for your website.

SurgeGraph search keyword research

After inserting your target keyword, you get hundreds of related keyword ideas and essential metrics like user intent, search volume, and keyword difficulty.

SurgeGraph keyword research tool

But the easiest and fastest way to look for the best keywords to maximize your traffic is by looking at the Opportunity Score (OS), which takes into all these different metrics and tells you exactly which keywords you should prioritize.

Next, you simply need to select your desired keywords and save them in a project.

SurgeGraph add keywords to a project

Now, you can head to the Planner to access those saved keywords and build your content silos.

2. Build Your Content Silo

Building content silos helps establish your website as the topical authority, while internal links help make it easier for search engines like Google to crawl and index your website.

This proves especially useful when you have a lot of pages to manage or when you have a long list of keywords, but you’re not sure how to map them out.

To use the Planner, you must drag some keywords onto the mapping board and link them with relevant labels.

SurgeGraph Planner example

And you can also see the data overview, where you can gauge your potential traffic from your mapped-out keywords.

Once you’re done, you may click on the three dots on one of the keyword’s boxes, and select Start Writing. This will take you to the Content Writer to start generating your content.

SurgeGraph content silo start writing

3. Content Writer

The Content Writer (also known as LongForm AI) is where you can really accelerate your content velocity by producing high volumes of long-form content in record time.

As one of the best unlimited AI writers, you can use LongForm AI by SurgeGraph to generate high-quality content in a couple of minutes. Each article can have over 4,000 words with 100% topic coverage.

Outline Builder

First, we start with the outline builder, where Longform AI will help you create in-depth outlines. Longform AI maximizes your topic coverage so that your content is the best among the top 10 Google results at the click of a button.

LongForm AI by SurgeGraph outline builder

You can tweak, remove, add, or change the order of each outline topic. When done, click Continue.

SurgeGraph Longform AI generate outline focus on word count

You may select from three different word count settings:

  • 1,500 to 2,500 words.
  • 2,500 to 3,500 words.
  • 3,500 to 4,500 words.

In a few seconds, Longform AI will create your outline that you can further edit and refine.

SurgeGraph Longform AI outline created

Each heading will have its own topics, including questions and contextual terms. If unsatisfied, you can change it or regenerate the content altogether.

As depicted in the snapshot above, you can select your desired tone of voice and creativity and readability levels. When done, click Start Writing.

Unlike Surfer AI, Longform AI will generate your long-form content in about one minute (not 20 minutes).

Edit Your AI-Generated Article

Longform AI by SurgeGraph Content Writer example Purpose of Meditation AI generated article

Longform AI by SurgeGraph generated a 4,723-word article optimized for higher search rankings in about one minute.

You might think, Where’s the catch? There’s no catch!

Unless you consider the 20% plagiarism score detected by Grammarly and the AI-flagged content detected by AI content detectors.

SurgeGraph Longform AI plagiarism content checked by Grammarly

20% plagiarism seems too much, but you can quickly reduce it by tweaking or rephrasing the flagged sentences. For this reason, Grammarly is a valuable and indispensable tool.

Regarding being detected by AI detection tools, you can use to humanize your AI text. Nonetheless, if you don’t have an issue with publishing AI content, you’re good to go.

Like other AI SEO tools, Longform AI by SurgeGraph displays an SEO score and other SEO metrics like word count, headings, images, and contextual terms (the same as NLP keywords that Surfer AI uses). You can use those metrics to fine-tune and optimize your article even further.

Generating one piece of content takes only a few minutes, which means you can easily publish over 100 articles monthly and drive massive traffic to your website.

And once that’s done, you can optimize your content to boost its score and ensure that your content can rank in the top 10 by following the SEO suggestion checklist.

SurgeGraph SEO score

Moreover, you can check out the entire list of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), which gives you better insight into the top-ranking pages for your chosen keyword.

They even provide a list of links your competitors are linking to.

SurgeGraph suggested Links

Auto Optimize

And if that’s not enough for an unlimited AI writing tool, in the SEO suggestions board, you can auto-optimize your content.

Longform AI by SurgeGraph SEO suggestions Auto Optimize

By selecting the Auto Optimize option, SurgeGraph analyzes your content and automatically recommends locations to incorporate missing contextual terms. This ensures the inclusion of as many keywords as possible without disrupting the writing.

And once you’re happy with the final result, you can generate a meta description, export, and publish.

SurgeGraph meta description generator

Have you noticed the plagiarism checker? They’re working on it.

How to Use SurgeGraph Longform AI: Wrapping it Up!

So that’s how you use SurgeGraph’s tools to generate top-10 ranking content in minutes.

But of course, that’s just one way of how to use SurgeGraph. You can also use each tool individually, depending on your needs. For example, in case you already have a target keyword in mind, you can jump straight to the Content Writer to start generating your content.

If you want the cheapest AI writing tool to generate SEO-optimized content in minutes without limits, visit SurgeGraph’s official website.

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