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Content at Scale Pricing: Does This AI Writer Offer A Fair Price?

Content at Scale pricing plans guide

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Welcome to my Content at Scale pricing guide.

If you’re new to AI blogging, you must realize that having a great AI writing tool is crucial. Not only does it help you create content faster, but it also removes the dreadful writer’s block.

AI writing tools and AI copywriting software are the new writer’s best friends since you can generate entire blog posts and content marketing ideas in a fraction of the time you would with a human writer.

However, human writers are still essential (and will always be!) to polish and personalize the content these AI writing software tools generate. Such a tool is Content at Scale.

In this Content at Scale pricing guide, I’ll cover all pricing plans you can subscribe to while giving you insights into each. You can also learn more about it in my Content at Scale review and my full Content at Scale step-by-step tutorial.

What is Content at Scale?

Content at Scale review best AI writing tool

Content at Scale is an AI writing software that can create long-form content at scale (hence its name) in just a few minutes.

Unlike other AI writing software, Content at Scale uses a mix of three AI engines, including two natural language processing and semantic analysis algorithms. This makes it possible to generate blog posts of 3,000+ words with no plagiarism automatically.

The best part?

It allows you to automatically generate entire blog posts in bulk by providing one keyword for each. But like all AI-generated content, human intervention is required (or not), depending on your goals. You can add images, more headings, or bulleted points to make the blog post more engaging for your readers.

In the end, instead of paying human writers to craft an entire blog post from scratch, you can train them to optimize your AI-generated content.

Features of All Content at Scale’s Plans

Content at Scale article dashboard AI blogging

Every Content at Scale pricing plan comes with the following features:

  • Bulk Keyword Upload – You can generate AI-written content for one keyword only or upload a CSV file with multiple keywords. After providing a brief description for each keyword, Content at Scale allows you to start generating the content, but it can also create a customized brief outline so you can guide the AI.
  • Long-form Content – You can create an entire article of any length, from 750 to 3,000+ words.
  • SEO-optimized Title and Meta Description – Content at Scale generates an SEO-optimized blog post title and meta description for the target keyword. You can, of course, make any edits you feel necessary. It also generates a URL slug based on your keyword.
  • SEO Recommendations – Like other AI SEO software tools, Content at Scale gives you semantically relevant keywords to help you create the best quality content related to your target keyword. This increases your chances of ranking higher on search engines. The user-friendly interface and the content editor allow you to refine your content further.
  • On-page SEO Checklist – This on-page SEO checklist helps you optimize your blog articles, ensuring your primary keyword is well distributed in the title, meta description, headings, and more. The on-page checklist substitutes SEO tools like Rank Math or Yoast SEO.
  • Featured Image – Content at Scale integrates many royalty-free images and gives suggestions for your article’s featured image based on your target keyword. The image will be retained if you export the article to Google Docs or a Word Doc file.
  • Free Plagiarism Detector – Unlike other AI writing tools, Content at Scale offers a free plagiarism checker powered by Copyscape, the leading plagiarism detector tool on the market. AI writers are sometimes known for generating plagiarized content; you must check it before publishing it. Fortunately, not only does Content at Scale provides a free plagiarism checker, but all its AI-generated content is plagiarism-free right from the start.
  • Bypasses AI Content Detection – Never worry about sounding robotic, as your text will feel as if a human wrote it.
  • 100+ Languages – Content at Scale supports over 100 languages so that you can create content at scale for many markets worldwide.

Content at Scale Pricing Plans

I’ll go over all Content at Scale pricing plans in this section.

4 Posts

This is the most affordable Content at Scale plan available. It’s best for beginners who want to ensure the AI platform is the right opportunity for them.

  • 4 blog posts at $37.50 per post, totaling $150/mo.

8 Posts

Like the previous plan, if you have a small budget and want to start creating more content for your website, the Content at Scale team provides another package with eight blog posts.

  • 8 blog posts at $31.25 per post, totaling $250/mo.

Starter ($25 per post—$500/mo)

Content at Scale pricing Starter plan

With Content at Scale’s Starter plan, you can literally automatically generate 20 blog posts in a day. All you need is your keywords and a brief description of each. As always, it’s best to do proper keyword research beforehand to know which keywords you have the most chance of ranking for.

Unlike other AI writers, Content at Scale doesn’t charge for the number of AI-generated words. Instead, it charges you for the number of AI-generated blog posts.

  • Starter Plan20 blog posts at $25 per post, totaling $500 per month. The estimate is $0.009 per word, although they don’t charge per word count. Remember that generating a 750 or 3,000+ word blog post is the same regarding post credits. You can create 20 blog posts of 750 words each or 20 with 3,000+ words each—it’s up to you, as the cost is the same.

Scaling ($20 per post—$1,000/mo)

Content at Scale pricing Scaling plan

The Scaling plan allows for additional features for bigger teams instead of individual bloggers. These features are:

  • Team Management – It allows your team members to work on the same dashboard interface.
  • Automated Keyword Drip – This is still a new feature being developed by the Content at Scale team.
  • API Access – With API access, you can publish content at scale on your WordPress site automatically by creating a schedule. This means you can publish more content on your site without logging into WordPress.

The pricing for the Scaling plan is as follows:

  • Scaling Plan50 blog posts at $20 per post, totaling $1,000 per month.

Agency ($15 per post—$1,500/mo)

Content at Scale pricing Agency plan

The Agency plan is the most expensive pricing at Content at Scale. As the name implies, it’s best for agencies that need to produce content at scale every month.

As one of the best digital marketing agency software for creating content, this AI writing tool can cut costs for hiring full-time or freelance human writers. Nonetheless, as I already mentioned, all the content must be fact-checked and slightly edited for better quality.

The good news is that an agency can go from hiring five or ten human writers to one just by using this AI tool.

With the Agency plan, you get access to additional features, such as:

  • White Labeling – You can white-label Content at Scale and use it on your own subdomain.
  • Reporting Dashboard – Access advanced reporting about your projects.

Content at Scale’s Agency pricing plan is as follows:

  • Agency Plan100 blog posts at $15 per post, totaling $1,500/mo.

Spending $15 for a blog post plus a human writer to further optimize it is a bargain, especially when you consider creating multiple blog content per day.

Additional Post Credits

Regardless of the plan you are subscribed to, you can order additional post credits.

  • 1 post credit equals 1 blog post generation.

You can order one or multiple post credits at $25 each.

However, if you are on the Agency plan and need more than 100 posts per month, you can contact the Content at Scale support team to create a custom plan with bulk rate discounts.

Done For You Service

Content at Scale offers a done-for-you service in which they take care of everything for you. Here’s what this service includes:

  • Keyword research to find relevant keywords (under your terms).
  • Blog post editing, including adding images.
  • SEO optimization to ensure it ranks higher on Google.
  • Post scheduling for daily publication on your site.

They charge $2,000/mo for 20 researched, edited, optimized, and scheduled blog posts. While this service can be great for many people, you still need to place internal links when the posts start being published unless you can work that out with Content at Scale’s team.

Content at Scale Pricing Plans Overview

Here’s a brief overview of all Content at Scale pricing plans:

  • 1st Lower Volume Tier – 4 Blog Posts ($37.50 per post—$150/mo).
  • 2nd Lower Volume Tier – 8 Blog Posts ($31.25 per post—$250/mo).
  • Starter – 20 Blog Posts ($25 per post—$500/mo).
  • Scaling – 50 Blog Posts ($20 per post—$1,000/mo).
  • Agency – 100 Blog Posts ($15 per post—$1,500/mo).
  • Additional Post Credits – $25 each.

Content at Scale Refund Policy

Content at Scale offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. If, within that period, you’re unhappy with the results, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

Because the platform is still in beta testing, you can get early access and lock in these prices forever, as they may increase soon.

In the end, there’s no risk in trying this content automation platform and generating some long-form articles, as a 30-day refund policy backs you up.

Content at Scale Pricing FAQs

How much does Content at Scale cost?

Content at Scale has different pricing plans. Unlike other AI tools, Content at Scale charges per blog post (with a monthly fee), not word count. You can examine Content at Scale prices from two angles: price per post or per month.

  • By looking at the price per post, the most affordable plan is the Agency at $15 per post ($1,500/mo), while the most expensive is the lower volume tier at $37.50 per post ($150/mo).
  • On the other hand, if you have a small budget and need to track your monthly expenses, the most affordable plan is the first lower volume tier with 4 posts at $150/mo, while the most expensive one is the Agency with 100 posts at $1,500/mo.

You can also add additional posts at $25 each, regardless of your plan.

The done-for-you service costs $2,000/mo for 20 fully optimized and scheduled posts directly to your WordPress website.

Is Content at Scale worth it?

If you need to create quality content in bulk and scale your content production, Content at Scale is worth it, as it allows you to speed up your content creation process and build online businesses fast.

Furthermore, publishing content gets easier with Content at Scale, as you can schedule all your content marketing articles for your website.

How does Content at Scale work?

Unlike Content at Scale alternatives and other copywriting engines that rely on just a layer of GPT-3 algorithm, this content generation platform includes semantic analysis algorithms to create optimized content sites.

By inputting your target keyword, this AI writer creates content that is highly relevant to that keyword. This allows you to take your SEO content to another level in a fraction of the time you’d spend with your own writers.

Thanks to the simple user interface, the comprehensive editor, the projects page, and the project settings of this AI tool, generating content couldn’t be more beginner friendly. I wrote a step-by-step guide on how to use Content at Scale that you should check.


AI tools are changing how content is created and shaping how content marketers work. While the content quality produced by Content at Scale is phenomenal, it still needs a human writer to fine-tune it and make it more engaging.

However, instead of having a team of five or more writers, you could have only one writer optimizing and publishing all your content. This would affect the funds available for other aspects of your online business.

Thanks to this Content at Scale pricing guide, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about whether or not you should invest in this AI tool.

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