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Funnel Freedom Review: Is Jonathan Montoya’s Affiliate Software Worth It?

Funnel Freedom review affiliate marketing system software

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Have you ever found yourself lost in the world of affiliate marketing? You’re not alone. Let’s talk about something I think could make a real difference—something called Funnel Freedom. It’s the brainchild of Jonathan Montoya, a successful affiliate who wishes he had this new software back when he started.

I’ve been playing with this software for some days now and had a really good look around to understand what it does. So, this Funnel Freedom review is a totally honest perspective of this platform, who it is for, and if it’s right for you.

By the end of this review, you’ll learn why Funnel Freedom is filling a hole in the market regarding affiliate marketing.

But first, who is Jonathan Montoya?

Jonathan Montoya, the Creator of Funnel Freedom

Jonathan’s not just your average Joe. He’s someone who’s climbed to the top of the affiliate marketing game, raking in over 1 million from his own affiliate programs. That’s a pretty neat achievement. He has this knack for spotting where things are headed, and that’s exactly what he’s done with Funnel Freedom.

Jonathan Montoya

After four full years of planning and building, Jonathan is ready to unwrap Funnel Freedom, his newest venture. He’s pretty stoked about it, and I think you might be, too. It’s a tool designed to shave hours off your workload and transform how you do affiliate marketing.

So why trust in Jonathan’s Funnel Freedom? Well, it’s simple— he’s been in our shoes. He started out just like us, hit plenty of bumps along the way, but figured out how to make it work. He’s taken everything he’s learned and poured it into Funnel Freedom to help us navigate our own path a little easier.

Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

If you follow Jonathan Montoya on YouTube, you know he constantly talks about creating an affiliate stacking ecosystem. Here’s a breakdown of what it actually is:

  1. Create content.
  2. Put it in an email sequence.
  3. As soon as you get a lead, they get fed emails through all of the different content you’ve created (which are linked to affiliate programs)
Jonathan Montoya Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

This keeps your leads fully engaged while you have a long sequence of emails going out. Of course, a lot of automation is involved, which might intimidate beginners.

The issue with most people is that they don’t feel confident creating the videos. And with no videos, no emails.

That’s why Jonathan Montoya stepped in to create Funnel Freedom. Not only can you use his videos instead of creating your own, but you can insert your affiliate links as well.

Instead of sending them to a YouTube video, you’ll send them to a landing page with his video on and your affiliate link below it.

In this Funnel Freedom review, I’ll show you the insides of this promising software that can revolutionize how beginners in affiliate marketing make their first commissions.

Let’s walk you through what Funnel Freedom can do and how it might help you rethink your approach to affiliate marketing.

Funnel Freedom Review: My Personal Experience

Funnel Freedom is something the world of affiliate marketing has never seen before. Unlike any other affiliate marketing course, Funnel Freedom is a software that encompasses all the stages of a profitable affiliate marketing business, including DFY funnels, YouTube videos, email swipes, and much more.

And the best part? You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use it.

Most courses give you the steps but not the tools. So, instead of relying on a funnel builder, an email marketing tool, a website, a social media managing tool, and what have you, you get everything you need inside a single platform.

Funnel Freedom replaces other tools

Funnel Freedom is based on a solid software platform, High Level, with over 650 developers. These folks work daily to maintain, improve, and continue to build the proven software that Funnel Freedom is built on.

They include various roles, such as software engineers, product designers, support staff, etc. This means you can lean on it to help you grow your affiliate marketing business with the peace of mind that it’s constantly improving.

What’s Unique About Funnel Freedom?

The feature that can blow your mind about this software is that it already includes several affiliate programs ready for you to promote, including funnels and email swipes with follow-ups for up to 1 year!

Besides, you also get a DFY white-label course with an opt-in and bridge pages that you can give away for free. Everything’s already laid down—your work is to promote it.

Funnel Freedom is done in such a way that allows you to promote many high-ticket affiliate products in the back end.

You’ll have an entire year of follow-up emails taken care of for you. These emails not only provide valuable information but also promote other products. All you need to do is switch out the default links with your own affiliate links. Jonathan will guide you on how to get them at no cost.

The best part? You only need to make this change once. The software then automatically updates all the email links with your affiliate links, making it as simple and stress-free as possible.

Jonathan is a smart guy. Your links won’t send your audience to the affiliate offer right away. Instead, they send them to a funnel with Jonathan’s videos warming up your audience. And guess what? Your affiliate link is on that page—meaning if someone makes a purchase, you get the commissions, not Jonathan.

Of course, the long-term goal is for you to replace Jonathan’s videos with yours. And you can even rewrite the emails if you like.

But for those who want to get into affiliate marketing without messing around with tech, Funnel Freedom is a game changer. It’s like a shortcut where you don’t have to create funnels, emails, or videos.

Recently, Amy Hiers, a Legendary Marketer Platinum affiliate, switched from ClickFunnels to Funnel Freedom. Watch the video below for a step-by-step walkthrough Jonathan did with her.

Funnel Freedom Features

  • Done For You White Label Course + Opt-In + Bridge Page: With Funnel Freedom, you’ll get a ready-made course that you can give away as your own unique lead magnet. This means you can attract subscribers and grow your email list without the hassle of creating a course from scratch.
  • 1 Full Year of Automated Follow-Up Nurturing Email Sequences: You’ll receive a full year of follow-up emails that nurture leads and help close high-ticket offers. With this in place, you can relax knowing your leads are taken care of and opportunities are being maximized while you rest.
  • Leverage Proven Pre-Made YouTube Videos: Funnel Freedom provides access to tried-and-tested YouTube videos that’ll help you earn high-ticket affiliate commissions. This is like a shortcut to success on a silver platter.
  • Promote Multiple High-Ticket Affiliate Offers in Seconds: The platform makes it super easy for you to promote a variety of high-ticket affiliate offers quickly, saving you time and energy.
  • Drag & Drop Funnel Builder: You don’t need any coding skills, as Funnel Freedom’s drag-and-drop funnel builder allows you to create custom marketing funnels easily.
  • Create Unlimited Funnels & Websites: There’s no limit on the number of funnels and websites you create, meaning endless potential for your business.
  • Add Unlimited Contacts: Grow your contact list without restrictions, perfect as your business expands.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Emails and SMS: This flexible payment model means you only pay for the emails and SMS texts you actually use, making it budget-friendly for beginners.
  • Support for Unlimited Domain Names: You can connect and manage as many domain names as you like without limitations.
  • 24/7 Chat Support + Scheduled Zoom Support: Get help whenever you need it with round-the-clock chat support and scheduled Zoom calls to address any concerns.
  • Optional 1:1 VIP Onboarding: For an additional $199, receive two one-hour calls to ensure your Funnel Freedom setup is perfect for success. If you want to be extra sure that everything’s good to go, this option is for you.

Funnel Freedom’s White-Label Course: Freedom Ascension

The main point of Funnel Freedom is to allow you to earn commissions from several trusted affiliate programs without having to create content from the beginning (but you are encouraged to replace the content with yours over time).

To do that, Freedom Ascension is the free course that’s the starting point of this snowball effect. So, before you start promoting Freedom Ascension, let’s take a brief look at it.

Freedom Ascension free course

Freedom Ascension: Mapping Your 9-5 Exit Strategy is a seven-part series on how to do affiliate marketing.

  1. The Best Side Hustle Online to Quit Your Job
  2. The Fastest Way to Quit Your 9-5 Job
  3. The Actual Target You Need to Quit Your Job
  4. Supercharge Your Results With AI
  5. How to Build Your High Ticket Affiliate System For Free
  6. 12,000 Leads/Month (6 Ways to Get Free Traffic)
  7. The Unfair Tool That Automatically Closes High Ticket Affiliate Sales
Freedom Ascension Mapping Your 9-5 Exit Strategy

Jonathan’s marketing insights truly shine through in this free course. He teaches us to manually build an affiliate system for free using However, by the end of the course, he introduces his Funnel Freedom software, showing how to skip the manual part and have it done in seconds.

This allows you to earn commissions on Funnel Freedom, too.

Before the free course arrives in your lead’s inbox, Jonathan also introduces them to his 72-Hour Challenge, which includes the high-ticket offer Freedom Accelerator, allowing you to earn even more commissions.

Promote Multiple Offers with Funnel Freedom

One of the unique features of this software is that it allows you to promote multiple offers in the back end. The products you can promote right now inside Funnel Freedom include:

  • 72-Hour Freedom Challenge
  • Legendary Marketer
  • Freedom Accelerator
  • Funnel Freedom (yes, this software)
  • Wealth Warriors
  • Visla
  • TubeBuddy
  • GetResponse
  • Secrets of Success
  • InVideo
  • VidIQ

Jonathan uses or has used these products to help him grow his affiliate marketing business. However, more products may be added in the future.

The good news is that you’ll get a link to join these affiliate programs for free.

Freedom Ascension affiliate products mentioned in the video

Then, you only have to enter your affiliate links in the Affiliate Link Settings on Funnel Freedom’s dashboard.

Funnel Freedom affiliate link settings

Your affiliate links will replace all the links in your account automatically. This feature is something other tools don’t offer. This is now a reality thanks to Jonathan’s right-hand man and web developer Sean McKellen.

Funnel Freedom Email Sequence

As I already mentioned in this Funnel Freedom review, Jonathan created an email sequence worth 1 year of emails.

Funnel Freedom white label course email workflow list

While some emails provide value, others are meant to promote an offer. And because you already entered your affiliate links inside the platform, the software automatically replaces them inside the emails, so you don’t have to replace them manually.

Funnel Freedom white label course email automation

Some value emails provide a video review of the product by Jonathan. But instead of sending your leads to his YouTube channel, these types of emails send them to a specific page with his video embedded and a button with your affiliate link.

And again, thanks to the Funnel Freedom software, you don’t have to replace that button’s link, as it is already customized to your links.

Benefits of Funnel Freedom

Funnel Freedom is not just another funnel builder like ClickFunnels or Instead, while it provides the same functionalities as those tools, it offers much more. It’s a complete affiliate marketing ecosystem.

ClickFunnels users can also import their funnels into Funnel Freedom by pasting their funnel URL, which is a big time-saver if you already have multiple funnels running. You don’t have to rebuild them inside this new affiliate platform.

Regarding email campaigns, everything is built into the software. So, forget about using AWeber or GetResponse to send drip campaigns or automation workflows. With Funnel Freedom, you can create unlimited automation sequences, including:

  • Emails.
  • SMS.
  • Calls.
  • Voicemail.
  • WhatsApp messages.
  • Instagram DMs.
  • And much more.

Not only that, but it’s also possible to segment your audience depending on their action. Say, for example, that someone purchases an offer you’re promoting. You can automatically tag them so they move onto another automation sequence.

And if you’re into video marketing, you can forget Wistia and Vimeo, as Funnel Freedom lets you host all your videos inside the platform.

If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing game, you know that giving a lead magnet away for free to capture email addresses is a must. Guess what? Funnel Freedom offers a done-for-you white-label course created by Jonathan himself that you can promote.

In the back end of this course, including the already created automated email campaigns, you can earn commissions on multiple high-ticket products trusted by Jonathan himself. Everything is automated—all you have to do is enter your links and send in traffic to the offer.

However, after testing the software, the main benefit, in my opinion, is that you enter your affiliate links, click a button, and then boom! You have an affiliate marketing system ready to go, including funnels, emails for up to 1 year, and a white-label course to give away as a lead magnet.

If you’re a beginner who doesn’t want to deal with the tech side of things or create content, this might be the software you need.

Drawbacks of Funnel Freedom

Because Funnel Freedom is built upon solid software by High Level, it has many features I can’t cover in this article. For that, you can read my High Level review.

For a complete beginner, this can be overwhelming. However, when you start using it, you’ll notice that you don’t need to use all those features. Instead, you may only focus on the marketing part of it.

Let’s not forget that High Level is an all-in-one platform that enables you to elevate your marketing and sales game. Therefore, it has many nitty features you don’t even know existed.

But don’t worry. As soon as you enter the platform, Jonathan will guide you through every step you need to get the ball running.

Funnel Freedom Support

Funnel Freedom is not just a new software created by Jonathan Montoya in the hopes of making more money. He’s showing proof that he’s got what it needs to provide a trustworthy service to affiliates. That usually comes through providing support for his clients.

Funnel Freedom support chat box

And since Funnel Freedom is backed by High Level regarding the software ecosystem, you chat in real-time 24/7 with a High Level agent about technical questions.

For questions related explicitly to Funnel Freedom, you can contact them at I’ve noticed that they’ll respond in minutes, so you can rest assured you won’t waste time with issues and questions.

You can also book a Zoom call support, allowing you to share your screen and ask more specific questions.

As a side note, it’s funny to see how Jonathan modeled Legendary Marketer’s 15-Day Challenge in his 72-Hour Challenge, including business plan advisors, a high-ticket affiliate offer, and locked-in challenge days before talking to an advisor. Are we seeing the next David Sharpe, anyone?

Funnel Freedom Pricing

Funnel Freedom is still in its initial steps but looks very promising. The website has a lot to improve still.

However, one thing seems certain—pricing will increase in the near future.

Right now, this is how Funnel Freedom pricing goes:

Option 1:

  • 14-Day Free Trial, then $97/month or $970/year

Option 2:

  • $970/year (no trial) plus Bonus 1:1 VIP DFY Onboarding (two 1-hour calls)

If you subscribe now, you’ll keep this price forever. But you can cancel your trial anytime and not get charged.

The bad news is that pricing will go up soon.

They hope to introduce some fantastic new enhancements and features. Once these are ready, the price will increase to $147 a month or $1470 a year.

Then, when they finish all the improvements they’ve planned for next year, they’ll likely increase the price a bit more—to $297 a month or $2970 a year.

Let’s see if this turns out to be true or if it’s just a marketing strategy.

In the meantime, you’ve got a chance to try Funnel Freedom for free.

Funnel Freedom Pros & Cons


  • DFY Free Course: You can grow your email list and attract genuinely interested people to your business by giving away a ready-made free course.
  • 1-Year Email Automation: The whole year of an automated email sequence helps you reach out to leads without creating new content each time.
  • Leverage Proven Videos: Using proven YouTube videos allows you to tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise from those who’ve found success. This saves you time and gives you confidence that these strategies work.
  • Promote Multiple High-Ticket Offers: With the ability to promote many high-ticket offers quickly, you’ll have more chances to grab your audience’s attention with various deals and opportunities.
  • Unlimited Content: Since there’s no limit to the number of funnels and websites you can create, you’ll have the chance to experiment with multiple ideas and markets. This freedom allows you to find what works best for you.
  • Unlimited Contacts: You can grow your audience as much as you want without worrying about additional costs or compromises.


  • Potential Reliance on DFY Systems: Relying on done-for-you systems is super enticing. However, a tool like Funnel Freedom, while excellent at what it does, shouldn’t replace acquiring the necessary marketing skills. If you skip learning those crucial skills, you might become reliant on the software and less adaptable to changes in the market.
  • Cost: The software does include a host of valuable features, but they come at a cost. As an affiliate marketer just starting out, the monthly fee might be a bit steep, especially if you don’t start earning commissions right away.
  • Overwhelming Choices: For those starting out, it can be intimidating to have the ability to promote multiple high-ticket offers quickly. It’s always good to know those products also.

Funnel Freedom Future Updates

Because High Level is such an enormous software company with many features, there are some things I didn’t mention in this review, which I’ll cover next.

For instance, you can connect all your social media accounts and manage them inside the same dashboard. This includes Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

Right now, High Level uses AI technology to create text automatically, which is something Jonathan and Sean are cooking up for Funnel Freedom’s clients.

However, with advancements in AI, they’ll probably integrate AI video generation in the future. This means you’ll possibly be able to create videos, publish them on social media, and connect to your offers without leaving your Funnel Freedom dashboard—a truly all-in-one marketing platform.

I’ll pay close attention to the development of Funnel Freedom and update this review as I find relevant features to include.

My Thoughts on Funnel Freedom

Funnel Freedom is a platform created so you can put your affiliate links, leverage Jonathan’s video content, and start making commissions.

Once you’ve set this up (about 20 minutes), you only need to focus on creating content and driving traffic to the free course opt-in page.

After that, you don’t have to worry about anything because the system will work for you.

If you’re a beginner struggling to get off the ground and need a little help to build a system and get some content created, then maybe this will short-track your success. Funnel Freedom is designed to remove all those complicated technical steps and integrations and, instead, streamline and give you a whole system ready to go.

But if you are an established affiliate, you probably don’t need Funnel Freedom. If anything, you should try to build something similar to it.

The whole point is to create that affiliate stacking ecosystem that Jonathan talks about so much. Funnel Freedom is just a massive shortcut.

Funnel Freedom is really well thought out and well done and will undoubtedly help a lot of people.


In truth, Funnel Freedom seems to make affiliate marketing a lot easier. It provides a proper structure to plug in and promote affiliate offers. The tool also embraces the reliable technology of High Level’s platform, which, according to Jonathan, is a real game-changer in the affiliate marketing game.

As we’ve seen in my Funnel Freedom review, Jonathan plans to help people accelerate their understanding and success in affiliate marketing. And he created the software to do it with complete beginners in mind.

In short, Funnel Freedom isn’t just some random tool. It’s a product born from the dedication and knowledge of people who deeply understand affiliate marketing. And it goes beyond that, focusing on giving value and simplifying the process.

The future for Funnel Freedom is promising, and it seems to have a real potential to refine the affiliate marketing landscape. It might just be worth your time to have a look. After all, you never know when you’ll stumble upon something that takes your goals closer to reality, do you?

So, if you are looking for:

  • A done-for-you lead magnet that you can promote ASAP;
  • Done-for-you funnel;
  • Pre-written email follow-ups;
  • Hand-selected high-converting affiliate offers;
  • Programs that pay up to $1,350 per sale;
  • Programs that pay monthly recurring revenue.

Click here to start your free trial with this new affiliate software.

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