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Nova AI Review: Is This Video Editor for Everyone?

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With videos being the online number one most popular form of content nowadays, the need for good video editing software is growing. 

Editing videos can be very time-consuming. For example, manually subtitling videos or searching specific scenes or clips within footage and video libraries can take days—even weeks. 

But imagine if these tasks could be done in a matter of minutes. That’s where this Nova AI review comes in handy.

With advancements in innovative video editing technology, including AI video editors, it has become possible to streamline some of the most time-consuming tasks, simplifying video editing. New features and techniques can help make videos significantly more engaging, improving the chances of creating successful videos.

In this Nova AI review, I’ll examine this online video editor and list its key features, pricing, and more.

Nova AI Review: What is Nova AI Video Editor?

Nova AI is an online video editor with cloud-based storage. This means there’s no need to download any heavy software, and you can store videos safely within the library. 

Best of all, it offers both basic editing tools as well as more advanced AI-powered tools such as automatic subtitles, translation of subtitles, text-to-speech voiceovers, and video analysis to search and find specific video scenes or clips in a glimpse of time. 

The platform is a big plus for content creators and video editors because it helps streamline the process of editing videos, not least the most time-consuming video editing tasks. 

Nova AI has an intuitive interface suitable for all kinds of video editors, regardless of previous experience, letting you create TikTok videos, Facebook stories, short clips, online courses, and more with almost the quality of large production studios.

Nova AI Video Editing Features

Next, I’ll showcase the best Nova AI features you can access once you sign up to use the platform.

Precision Editing Tools

Nova AI timeline video editing

You can cuttrim, and merge multiple clips to create your video’s first and most important framework. Some video editing tools are just essential, and Nova AI seems to have them all. 

You can also rotatecrop, and resize the video frame size to fit specific platforms. Choose video frame sizes for platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more, or you can crop and resize your video manually. 

Additionally, you can speed up or slow down scenes with the video speed controller

You have everything visible and edible on the timeline to create an easily accessible overview of your edits. 

Automatic Subtitles

Nova AI auto subtitling

With Nova A.I., you may add subtitles and other captions to your video online to create better comprehension and attention to your video creations.

In our digital world, most videos are watched on mute or with decreased audio volume. Therefore it’s important to add text to videos—both subtitles and captions are valuable features and help improve viewer engagement and visibility of videos.

Nova AI lets you add subtitles to a video in a matter of minutes, depending on video length. The software supports 37+ languages, and the transcription accuracy is up to 97%, depending on the quality and clearness of the audio. 

You can simply upload your video to the Nova AI dashboard, click on the “Subtitles” section, select your language, or let the software auto-detect it. The platform will automatically generate subtitles for your video.

Once Nova AI has generated the subtitles, you can edit and change its font, style, size, color, position, background, etc., to complement the video in the best possible way. 

Don’t worry that the subtitle cards will become too long because the software puts a maximum of 60 characters in each subtitle card, and you can split them as you like after they are generated. 

Nova AI can subtitle both shorter and longer videos/movies, allowing you to create videos for different platforms.

Automatic Translation

Nova AI automatic translation

Nova AI has an extensive translation function that can translate video subtitles into more than 75 different languages. 

Simply go to the “Translation” section, choose the language you want to translate into, and let the software translate your subtitles.

When the translation is done, you can save the subtitles hardcoded onto the video or save them as subtitles files such as SRT or VTT files to add as closed captions subtitles or as text files for further use.  

You may also translate subtitle files (SRT) without requiring the video by simply uploading the subtitle file as a “new project” and proceeding with the translation process.

Furthermore, you can simultaneously translate subtitles into multiple languages with Nova AIFor example, you can select translated subtitle files to add to your videos or create translated transcripts of, for instance, a podcast


Nova AI text to speech

Another cool feature of Nova AI is its ability to add engaging voiceovers to your videos. Voiceovers have especially become famous on TikTok but can be used for all kinds of videos, for example, as a comic or educational feature or simply to keep the focus on the storyline. 

With Nova AI, you can add voiceovers in over 35 languages and choose between many engaging AI voices—male and female. 

Also, you can create conversational voiceovers by choosing different voices for different parts. 

To add a voice to your video, you only need to:

  1. Type in what you would like the voiceover to read out loud.
  2. Choose the language and voice.
  3. Listen to a preview.
  4. Apply it to your video.

Further, you can add audio files with recorded voiceovers, sound effects, and background music to your videos and adjust or mute the audio volume on all audible elements. 

Video Analyzer

With AI-powered video analyzing, it is possible to do a smart search to find and log specific video content instantly. Find the scenes or clips you are looking for without searching for hours through multiple video clips. 

The search can be based on objects, activities, words, scene types, locations, facial expressions, celebrities, or customized people.

Simply type in your search criteria and let AI find what you are looking for.

With Nova AI, the video analyzer feature can be activated by request.

Media Upload 

Nova AI supports all the most common types of video file formats, and you can upload directly from YouTube or TikTok or from your library. 

Once you have uploaded your video to the Nova AI dashboard, you can upload more videos to merge, as well as images, audio files, music files, and subtitle files. 

You can also make a photo video solely out of images—no video upload is needed. Simply upload images to merge together, and you can add music and other features as well.

Music and sound effects can make a world of difference to the feeling of a video. You can upload your favorite music or sound effects and create a video full of emotions. 


Nova AI got you covered if you want smooth transitions between your video clips. This online video editing software lets you add transitions between scenes to create more professional-looking videos.

You can apply a transition using the platform’s drag-and-drop editing feature. Simply go to the “Transitions” section, choose your desired effect, drag and drop it between your media clips, and that’s it.  


You can spice up your videos with special elements such as stickers, logos, callouts, shapes, emojis, and more.


Nova AI filters

With Nova AI, you can add beautiful color-correcting filters to your videos with just one click. These filters can help you create a certain mood or feeling or soften or amplify colors and contrasts. 

You may turn unpolished, basic clips into radiating masterpieces.

Auto Clip Maker

Nova AI is constantly adding new features to the platform, and the latest edition is the Auto Clip Maker, where the software can create a video for you based on the highlights of your video footage. 

Video Library

Nova AI is a browser-based platform with cloud storage, meaning you can create your own video library with all your projects securely stored without using lots of space on your laptop. 

You may create folders within your library to easily find and access your videos. Soon it will be possible to share your projects with colleagues and thereby be able to work together on projects.

Video Export

Once finishing editing your video, you can export it to your library, AVID, Premiere Pro, or DaVinci Resolve in HD resolution. You can also download subtitles separately as SRT, VTT, or TXT files. 

Nova AI Pricing 

Nova AI video editing software has a free plan and a selection of “paid per month” plans, making it possible to upgrade and downgrade according to changing needs.

Nova AI pricing
  • Free – Export videos of up to 20 minutes with a watermark and get 2GB of storage.
  • Basic ($8/month) – Videos of up to 60 minutes with 100GB of storage.
  • Pro ($14.41/month) – Videos of up to 150 minutes with 500GB of storage.
  • Business ($44/month) – Choose your custom length and use up to 2TB of storage.

These plans reflect a yearly billing cycle, offering up to a 25% discount.

They also offer an Enterprise plan for those wanting access to the video analyzer feature, but you must contact them for a custom quote.

Nova AI Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive and simple interface – The platform is simple to use, and it is easy to create professional-looking videos regardless of previous editing skills. 
  • Online platform with cloud-based storage – Software and videos don’t take up space on your computer, and you don’t have to do regular updates. 
  • Both basic and advanced editing tools – You can add subtitles to video, among other useful features like translation, text-to-speech, and video analyzer. The AI-powered tools make it possible for users to create more advanced videos with ease.
  • Share projects – You can share projects with colleagues.
  • New tools – Updates and new features are added regularly.
  • Support – A team ready to help and answer questions anytime, and video tutorials are available on the Nova AI YouTube channel. 
  • Cross-platform – Nova AI is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux since it’s cloud-based. 
  • Cost-effective – It offers straightforward pricing.


  • The video analyzer function needs to be activated by request.
  • The free version lets you export your videos with a watermark. Plus, it has other limitations, especially for AI-powered tools. For example, Auto Clip Maker and SRT downloading aren’t available in the free version. 
  • No mobile version is available, so you need a computer to edit your videos.

Nova AI Review: Final Thoughts 

Nova AI is an excellent online video editing software offering essential and advanced tools. It is user-friendly and provides a wide range of features to make video editing simpler and more efficient.

Additionally, the AI-powered tools allow you to create professional-looking videos with minimal effort.

With a free-forever plan available, it’s certainly worth exploring this online video editing software if you’re seeking a solution to produce stunning videos.

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