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Revealing The 6 Best AI Video Editor Tools for Great Marketing Projects

best AI video editor tools ranked and reviewed

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The best AI video editor tools have become must-haves for marketers looking for more innovative ways to keep their audiences hooked through videos.

According to Wyzowl’s research, 73% of consumers “prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service rather than read a text-based article.”

But despite the rising demand, most brands still struggle to generate engaging video content that produces notable results.

Some possible challenges encountered are high video production costs, limited resources, and inadequate knowledge of 3D animation, computer graphics, and augmented reality.

That’s where AI-powered video editor tools come into the picture. These AI video makers, alongside AI video generators, AI talking head tools, and AI voice generators, aim to help businesses overcome such challenges by streamlining and automating video creation and editing processes.

They use deep learning, machine learning, and computer vision mechanisms to enhance video creation performance and match the manual editing capabilities.

In this article, I will help you find the best AI video editor platforms based on features, main capabilities, pricing, and more. Stay tuned to learn more.

What Are The Best AI Video Editor Tools?

After reviewing several AI video editing platforms, I found the following as my top picks for creating and editing videos.


The most straightforward AI video creation platform for creating engaging video content.

Synthesia io

Trusted by over 12,000 companies across the globe, Synthesia boasts an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create videos in more than 65 languages.

The one-of-kind AI video editor platform enables you to include a human touch into your videos by giving you access to over 65 AI avatars covering different ages, ethnicities, and styles.

Additionally, Synthesia has 50+ professionally designed video templates, making it easy to create your videos in just a few clicks. The good thing is that these templates are fully customizable and straightforward.

The steps involved in generating your AI videos are as follows:

  • Choose a template for your use case from the 50+ professionally designed templates available.
  • Select an AI presenter or avatar who will narrate the video. You can alternatively create your own presenter using some of the advanced features.
  • Type or copy-paste in your text to allow the video maker to generate a voiceover for the video automatically.
  • Customize and edit your videos, including changing fonts and shapes and adding background music, transitions, and images.
  • Download, embed, stream, and share your videos anytime.

Synthesia is best for businesses of all sizes seeking to create professional videos for their marketing campaigns and onboarding processes. Its simple and intuitive interface also makes the software the perfect choice for beginners with no prior video editing skills.

Read my review to learn more about this AI tool. Also, don’t forget to check the top alternatives for Synthesia.

Key Features

  • Screen Recorder – The feature lets you quickly record your screen videos within the app. You can crop, trim, and edit your videos with ease.
  • Royalty-free Media Library – You can access these free media assets from Shutterstock and Unsplash.
  • Brand Identity Assets – Synthesia allows you to upload or use your brand logo, icons, font, colors, soundtracks, and more.
  • Design Elements – They help you to include and edit transitions, text, shapes, images, and animations.
  • Easy Updates – They enable you to duplicate videos, edit them quickly, and generate new ones.
  • Synthesia Academy – It gives you access to on-demand educational materials to help you easily navigate the software.
  • Custom Avatars – You have the option to develop your avatars.
  • Automatic Closed Captions – You can download or include automatic closed captions in your videos with a few clicks.
  • SAML SSO Support – The feature enhances collaboration within the organization.
  • MP4 Downloads – You can download and access your videos in full HD 1920×1080 resolution.
  • Professionally Designed Video Templates – The software gives you access to 50+ pre-made video templates that are fully customizable.


Synthesia io pricing
  • Synthesia Personal plan is $30 per month.
  • You need to contact the service provider to get a customized quote for the Corporate plan.

While Synthesia io does not offer a free trial, you can create demo videos for free.

2. Colossyan

Best AI video editing software for creating studio-quality videos in minutes.


Colossyan is among the first video editing tools in the video industry that use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to enable video production and create talking head videos.

This software leverages synthetic video technology to help you generate stunning videos of unparalleled quality with AI actors in minutes. All you need to do is pick an actor from a selection of synthetic AI presenters, write the script, and generate your videos at scale.

You can use this tool for nearly everything from generating YouTube clips to creating HR training videos. Many video customization options allow you to personalize all your videos to better connect with your target audience. This enables you to deliver the most appropriate tone for each video type.

What is best is that you can generate your AI videos in more than 70 languages in a blink of an eye, enabling you to reach a broader audience in their native tongues.

Another good thing about the Colossyan platform is that it allows you to capture and add screen recordings to your AI videos, which helps you to communicate more clearly, deeply, and thoroughly. You can also enhance engagement by including captivating animations and media in your videos.

Colossyan is best for managers who seek to convert dull PDF reports into engaging videos. It is also perfect for educators who need to generate amazing videos for training and onboarding staff. Marketers can also use this tool to create marketing, sales, and explainer videos that convey, connect, and convert.

Key Features

  • Custom Avatars – The feature lets you create studio-quality videos with a personal touch.
  • Videos With Subtitles – You can enable the software’s automatic subtitle tool to include subtitles in your videos. The AI video editing platform also allows you to upload subtitles in various languages.
  • Text to Video – You can type your text into the Colossyan creator tool to create your AI videos with real actors.
  • Ready-made AI Templates – They enable you to generate your videos in minutes.
  • Automated Translation – It lets you translate your videos to create language variants in minutes.
  • 70+ Languages – Colossyan allows you to communicate your message in 70+ languages. You can also select from an array of accents and voices to enhance engagement across borders.
  • Screen Recordings – The platform allows you to create and include screen recordings in your AI videos.
  • Voice Options – You can choose your AI presenter’s accent, language, and intonation from the vast options available.


Colossyan pricing
  • You can try Colossyan with its Free plan.
  • The Basic plan goes for $21/month.
  • The Pro plan stands at $70/month.
  • The vendor provides the Enterprise plan quote upon request.

You may also check the top Colossyan alternatives for more choices.

3. Lumen5

The number #1 AI video editing platform for repurposing marketing content.


Thousands of businesses rely on Lumen5 for professional videos to grow their brand on social media. The AI video editing tool integrates the power of artificial intelligence with a simple drag-and-drop interface to enable you to generate quality video content in minutes.

You can quickly transform your zoom recordings into fascinating clips or convert your blog posts into captivating videos. Besides, the platform gives you access to hundreds of customizable templates to help you stay on time, on budget, and, most importantly, on brand.

When it comes to adding traction and energy to your social posts, Lumen5 allows you to access a fully equipped media library of professional-grade video footage, still images, and background music. This makes it easy to emphasize those aspects that matter to you and drive the message home.

No prior experience is needed to use this AI video editing software as it features a simple drag-and-drop user interface.

Lumen5 is best for digital marketers seeking to repurpose their existing content into videos. It is also ideal for content creators and companies looking for quicker ways to generate video content.

Key Features

  • Automated Workflows – Lumen5 streamlines and automates your video creation process with the assistance of artificial intelligence.
  • Copy and Paste Feature – If you have an offline document, copy and paste your text into this AI video editor software to start generating your video.
  • Text Positioning – The text positioning calculation depends on your chosen media file composition.
  • Enter a Link – Simply provide a link to your blog post or article, and Lumen5 will fetch that content automatically to build your storyboard.
  • Searchable Media Library – It comprises millions of video clips, music, and still images.
  • Keyword Highlighting – Lumen5 combines machine learning and natural language processing to pinpoint essential keywords in every sentence.
  • Numerous Branding Options – You can customize your videos to suit your brand’s look and feel. This includes brand colors, logos, watermarks, and font choices.
  • Video Resolution – Lumen5 gives you maximum control over your file size and video quality. You may render your video in 1080p, 720p, and 480p.
  • Aspect Ratio – You can render your videos in 9:16 vertical format, 1:1 square format, or 16.9 standard landscape format.


Lumen5 pricing
  • The Lumen5 Community plan is free forever.
  • Its Basic plan is $19/month.
  • The Starter plan is $59/month, billed yearly.
  • The Professional plan is $149/month, billed yearly.
  • You can request a customized quote for the Enterprise plan.

4. Wisecut

The best AI video editing software for creating short videos.


Nothing beats Wisecut in converting those existing long-form content into short, impactful videos for social media platforms. The AI video maker gives you perfect videos for Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Social ads, and teasers to help grow your audience.

Besides, Wisecut automatically generates subtitles and enables you to edit them using its AI Storyboard tool to enhance engagement. It also allows you to auto-translate your videos into many other languages with the click of a button.

What’s more, the software adds more life to your videos by automatically picking a song and tailoring it to match your video.

In addition, Wisecut leverages the power of artificial intelligence to balance your music, automatically reduces the music when a person is speaking, and raises it when there is no speech. This helps ensure that the audience hears and captures what matters most. These automated video editing tools make the video editing experience seamless and fast.

Wisecut is an ideal choice for social media marketers seeking to generate short videos to engage with the audience.

Key Features

  • Multi-language Support – The AI video editing software supports more than six languages. They include German, French, Spanish, English, Italian, Filipino, and Portuguese.
  • AI-powered Audio Ducking – Wisecut balances your background audio to ensure your message reaches the audience as intended.
  • Facial Recognition Auto Punch-in – Wisecut punches in automatically to develop an illusion of an additional camera in the scene.
  • Subtitles Auto Translation – You can auto-translate your subtitles into more than six languages.
  • YouTube Integration – This makes it easy to share the videos on your YouTube channel directly from the app.
  • Smart Background Music – The software automatically selects a song and tailors it to match your video.
  • AI Storyboard – Wisecut features storyboard-based video editing, which allows you to edit your videos by simply moving around the scenes and text.
  • Auto Cut Silences – This AI video editing tool identifies long pauses in videos and automatically deletes them.
  • Background Noise-canceling – Wisecut eliminates any unwanted noise from the background to generate explicit videos.
  • Facial Recognition Auto Reframe – When there are more than two faces in the video, Wisecut automatically tries to figure out the person speaking and focuses on the face. You can click on the face icon to switch focus or have both faces on the screen at ago.


Wisecut pricing
  • Get started on Wisecut for Free.
  • The Starter plan is $10 per month, billed annually.
  • Its Professional plan is $29 per month, billed yearly.

5. GliaStudio

The number #1 automated video editing platform for creating captivating videos.

GliaCloud GliaStudio

Since its founding in 2015, GliaStudio has been helping content creators and businesses to maximize their marketing efforts through video content. The AI-powered video editing tool adds breath to every post or article by quickly transforming it into a mind-blowing video.

Being a cloud-based video editing platform, you don’t need to download or install the software. You only need to visit the GliaStudio official website, create an account with a free or paid subscription, and start creating and producing your videos.

One of GliaStudio’s best features is the automatic robot voice generator which synthesizes every text you feed to it into speech. You don’t need to make any prior voice recordings on this platform.

Another good thing is that GliaStudio offers narrator tones in five languages, allowing you to communicate with your audience in their native languages. These are English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

And to top it up, this software gives you access to a media library with countless royalty-free videos, images, and other media assets to help you personalize your videos further.

GliaStudio is best for content creators looking to transform their dull articles and other content into captivating videos.

Key Features

  • Branded Theme and Feature – This allows you to customize your videos for consistent branding.
  • Abundant Media Resources – GliaStudio gives you access to thousands of media assets for easy visualization.
  • Automatic Text Summarization – The feature lets you condense any lengthy text into a summary.
  • Transition Effect – The software enables you to unite your video footage to create clips that glide eloquently by choosing your preferred transition effect.
  • Automatic Narrator Voices – GliaStudio has narrator tones in five languages: English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese.
  • Video and Clip Duplication – You only need to click on the duplicate video icon or duplicate clip icon to create new videos and clips.
  • Text Positioning – GlioStudio enables you to adjust your text position to make it proportional to your video.
  • Custom Upload Storage – The software’s premium plans allow unlimited upload storage.
  • Mute Video – You can mute or unmute any social video anytime.
  • Shareable Video Preview Link – You can allow other people to preview your video before downloading or exporting by sharing the video link.


  • GliaStudio offers a 14-day free trial for all its users.
  • You need to get a customized quote for all its paid subscriptions.

6. Magisto

An exceptional AI-powered video editing tool for all your marketing needs.


As you work to scale your business through end-to-end video marketing, Magisto is here to provide an easy way to achieve that. This one-of-kind AI video editing software features a smart online video editor that helps you to tell stories through inspiring videos and share them with the world.

Unlike other AI video editor tools, Magisto leverages an Emotion Sense Technology that enables users to cooperate with artificial intelligence to generate videos that elicit the most suitable emotional response and capture the mood.

The platform manages to understand the user’s emotional direction by looking at their footage and the choice of video style and music. The good thing is that it offers a comprehensive collection of editing styles you can choose from to dictate the mood and style of your videos.

But it doesn’t end there; Magisto incorporates professional transitions and effects into your video clips to help you narrate your story in a unique and mind-blowing way. It also includes image stabilization and color correction, alongside other image enhancement technologies, to deliver premium quality video footage and pictures.

Magisto is best suited for digital marketing specialists looking forward to generating promo videos, social media posts, marketing copies, and sales copies. It is also an ideal choice for novices and amateurs.

Key Features

  • Smart Online Video Maker – It allows you to transform your everyday photos and videos into fascinating video stories.
  • Extensive Media Library – Gives you access to unlimited video editing styles, music, and photos, among others.
  • Sleek User Interface – Novices can easily navigate through without a struggle.
  • Unlimited Downloads – You can download as many AI-generated videos as possible.
  • Thousands of Templates – They enable easy customization.
  • Social Sharing – You can share your videos on your online platforms easily.
  • Branding Customization – You can add to your videos brand colors, fonts, and logo.
  • Video Analytics – It gives you deeper insights into the progress of your videos.
  • Priority Customer Support – Magisto has a help and learning center where you get answers to all your questions. You can also contact customer support if you have any queries or complaints.


Magisto pricing
  • The Premium plan is $4/month, billed yearly.
  • Its Professional plan is $9/month, billed annually.
  • The Business plan is $34/month, billed yearly.

Why Choose AI Video Editing Tools?

AI video editing tools are becoming more common these days. They’re so popular because they can be used to help edit videos in a much shorter amount of time than traditional methods.

When you use AI video editors, you can choose from various styles and options that will allow you to create the perfect video for your needs.

With AI video editing tools, it is possible to create professional-looking videos that look like they were created by experts in just minutes! This is possible because these programs use artificial intelligence, which allows them to learn from previous work and adapt accordingly.

In addition, these programs can also analyze the footage you give them and suggest what will look best in terms of composition and color schemes.

Instead of using an application like Adobe Premiere Pro, you can leverage these AI tools to create videos for your business, including for social media, product descriptions, and more.

Best AI Video Editor Tools: Conclusion

With videos currently driving more organic traffic than other content types, you should leverage some of the best AI video editor tools in your video marketing efforts to beat the competition.

These video editors allow you to edit videos at scale and reach and attract a wider audience by delivering your video content in different languages. Besides, you will save time, effort, and, most importantly, money.

Although there are those human behavior intricacies you cannot replace with avatars, these AI video editing platforms still do an incredible job, especially for those videos that don’t require real humans, such as training videos and explainers.

With that said, take your time to look at each platform’s capabilities, features, and pricing, and choose an option that suits your needs.

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