17 Best Video Conferencing Software: Making Meetings Easier for You

best video conferencing software tools

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The stellar rise in video conferencing has seen even the simplest meetings with only a handful of participants happening as video conferences.

Thanks to the best video conferencing software, you can now collaborate and communicate effectively with colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders while seeing and hearing each other in high-definition quality.

As of 2021, the global video conferencing market value stood at 14.6 billion US dollars. And the market value is further projected to double by 2026, hitting nearly 27.3 billion US dollars.

Experts attribute the rapid growth to factors such as the increase in the number of work-from-home jobs and the budding demand for high-speed video communication tools and software.

With that, it is evident that owning an intuitive and easy-to-use video conferencing software is no longer a luxury or niche but a necessity for enhancing productivity.

To help you get started and tap into the rapidly expanding video conferencing market, we’ve listed and reviewed the best video conferencing software based on features, pros, cons, pricing, and more.

What is the Best Video Conferencing Software?

Below, you get the best video conferencing software, both free and paid. Some of these products are best suited for teams, others for live broadcasts, while others are the best choices for one-on-one conversations.

1. Zoho Meeting

A secure online meeting platform for collaborative remote working.

Zoho Meeting best video conferencing solution

There is more to like about Zoho Meeting, particularly its round-the-clock support, interactive web meeting tools, easy scalability, and industry-standard security. All these points at ensuring that you have a seamless and interactive remote working collaboration.

Unlike other video conferencing tools with tedious downloading processes, Zoho meeting gives you an easy way out as you can host or join webinars right from your browser with just a few clicks. With that, you can never be late for your sessions.

Besides, the software enables you to secure all your sessions using password protection and lock meetings. During a virtual meeting, all the transmission happens via AES encryption protocols, guaranteeing top-notch security.

Zoho Meeting is best suited for remote workers.

Key Features

  • Scheduled and Instant Meetings – The software allows you to schedule meetings in advance or instantly share joining links with attendees to get into the session.
  • No Downloads – You can join or launch an online meeting directly on your browser.
  • Private Meetings – The feature enables you to lock confidential sessions to secure them from uninvited attendees.
  • Moderator Controls – Enables you to mute some individuals when need be. You can also use the controls to remove participants you no longer need in the discussion.
  • Screen Sharing Feature – This allows you to share your applications and screen to deliver demos and presentations.
  • Mobile Apps – It lets you join an online meeting from anywhere.
  • Webinar Analytics – Gives you webinar reports to enable you to analyze poll results and webinar registrants.
  • Customized Registration Forms – You can include your company name, logo, and customizable fields in your webinar registration form.


Zoho Meeting pricing
  • Zoho Meeting offers a 14-day free trial to all its users.
  • The Meeting subscription is $3 per month, billed annually.
  • Its Webinar subscription stands at $16/month, billed annually.

2. GoToMeeting

The industry’s leading mobile-friendly video conferencing app.

GoToMeeting best video conferencing software

Developed by LogMeIn, GoToMeeting is an all-in-one messaging and meeting platform that is helping businesses to thrive.

What makes this video conferencing software stand out more is its secure cloud-based phone system, designed with chat and video meetings to keep everyone engaged and connected.

The software enables you to launch and run a virtual conference using your smartphone, which may not be possible with some other big brands in the market.

Its virtual meetings adapt to various network and LTE conditions to uphold call quality, and you can freely join a session via mobile or desktop applications. GoToMeeting’s standard features, such as meeting locks and password protection, enable meeting hosts to have secure video conferences.

But that’s not all; the software further features a cloud-based contact center, smoothing customer interactions anywhere, anytime while making administration easy. With it, you can use a drag and drop dial plan editor to configure call flows, allocate access permissions, and carry out your processes in a streamlined admin portal.

GoToMeeting is best for students’ individual lessons and group work, parent-teacher conferences, and small group meetings.

Key Features That Make GoToMeeting the Best Video Conferencing Solution

  • Easy Set-up and Configuration – It takes only a few minutes to keep your system running.
  • Face-to-Face Collaboration – Happens through HD video conferencing.
  • Fully Customizable Dial Plans and Call Routing – You can use the drag-and-drop dial plan editor to develop a fully-featured PBX and custom call routine.
  • Unbeatable Uptime – Features the industry’s leading 99.996% service uptime.
  • Highly Engaging Training – Offers intuitive teaching platforms to keep learners hooked in all virtual training sessions.
  • Enterprise-grade Security – The software features encrypted sessions, meeting locks, and single sign-on for added security.
  • Built-in Audio with VoIP and Toll – Lets you make voice calls over a broadband internet connection.
  • Screen Sharing Feature – You can share your screen with other participants to see what you are discussing.


GoToMeeting pricing
  • You can try Go ToMeeting for free.
  • Its Professional plan goes for $12 per month, billed annually, accommodating up to 150 participants.
  • The Business plan is at $16 per month, billed annually.
  • The Enterprise price quote is available upon request.

3. RingCentral

The best video conferencing software with comprehensive integrations and features.

RingCentral video conferencing software

RingCentral is a video conferencing and analytics platform offering industry-standard features, including screen sharing and annotation, video call recording and scheduling, and built-in chat capabilities.

The software also features an analytics dashboard, which allows administrators to track service usage and highlight performance issues based on the network, ISP, location, and endpoint.

Its seamless cross-platform integrations with platforms such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Slack enhance digital collaboration, enabling users to fit in their calendars easily and visualize schedules for the day.

The good thing is that RingCentral can work on web browsers, which eliminates the need for other additional applications and software.

RingCentral is an ideal choice for office use, especially with companies or businesses seeking to invest in premium video quality and performance.

Key Features That Make RingCentral the Best Video Conferencing Solution

  • AI-powered Capabilities – Gives you an immersive virtual meeting experience.
  • Uncompromised Security – The software offers end-to-end encryption and passcode protection to secure every conversation.
  • Advanced Meeting Insights – Keeps you updated with meeting topics, summaries, transcripts, keywords, and video highlight reels.
  • Automatic Voice Transcription – Offers a live voice-to-text transcription with speaker identification.
  • Presentation Mode – Works hand-in-hand with screen sharing to keep your audience on the same page.
  • Auto-follow Feature – When you click the auto-follow button, the camera tracks every movement you make while presenting.
  • Cross-platform Integrations – Integrates with Microsoft 365, Slack, and Google Workspace.
  • Call in a Click – You can shift from your video meeting to private phone calls and messages within the app.
  • Breakout Rooms – This enables you to divide a large meeting into manageable groups for better brainstorming sessions.
  • Team Huddle – The feature enables you to host a virtual meeting that lets participants join and leave as they please.


RingCentral pricing plans
  • The Essentials subscription goes for $19.99 per month, billed annually.
  • Its Standard plan is $27.99 per month, billed annually.
  • The Premium subscription stands at $34.99 per month, billed yearly.
  • The Ultimate subscription is $49.99 per month, billed annually.

4. ClickMeeting

The best video conferencing software for webinars.

ClickMeeting top video conferencing software

ClickMeeting comes loaded with multiple tools to make your webinar hosts a success. The platform offers a stable ground for any ambitious company seeking to boost its effectiveness while reducing problems with communication.

The best part is that it supports live polls and question-and-answer sessions to keep your audience active and engaged while enabling you to collect valuable data about your participants.

Another best feature of this software is its integration with marketing tools, analytics, and other popular business apps. For instance, you can connect your ClickMeeting landing page to Google Analytics to access helpful analytical tools and statistics that can help grow your business.

You can also embed your Dropbox to the webinar to automatically store all the webinar recordings in the cloud.

ClickMeeting is best for business people and companies who rely on webinars to gain leads or get in touch with potential customers and employees. It’s also the best platform for students attending online courses.

Key Features That Make ClickMeeting the Best Video Conferencing Solution

  • Webinar Automation – It enables you to automate your webinars, such as onboarding and training sessions, online courses, and town-hall meetings.
  • Live Webinar – You can schedule your live event with a maximum of 100 attendees.
  • Webinar Pre-recording Feature – The software allows you to pre-record your event and share it as an on-demand webinar. You can also add to your recording a call-to-action button or a separate video file to enrich it before sharing.
  • Customized Invitations – For instance, you can customize an email template and the color scheme for branding consistency to boost the event attendance.
  • Waiting Room with Agenda – Before the webinar starts, you can enable the waiting room where all the attendees can start familiarizing themselves with what you will discuss for the day.
  • Custom-Branding Feature – You can custom-brand your page to give your online event a professional look.
  • Custom Registration Page – Enables all attendees to register as they attend the event.


ClickMeeting pricing
  • You can start with the free trial that runs for 30 days.
  • ClickMeeting Live plan is $25 per month, billed yearly.
  • Its Automated plan goes for $ 40 per month, billed yearly.
  • Contact the service provider for a customized price quote for the Enterprise plan.

5. BlueJeans

The best video conferencing platform for increasing productivity.

BlueJeans Virtual Meetings

The California-headquartered BlueJeans is also on top of the chat for offering the best cloud-based video conferencing platform. The software features a mobile app for Android and iOS to enable you to host or attend an interactive conference from anywhere.

What’s more intriguing about the BlueJeans mobile is its Dolby voice feature that suppresses any unwanted background noise and amplifies the speaker’s voice to deliver unmatchable and crystal-clear audio and video recordings.

But the software is not limited to mobile alone; you can access the BlueJeans platform using nearly any device, including a PC, iPad, tablet, or a portal from Facebook.

And with the BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-service feature, businesses and companies can now turbocharge their huddle spaces and conference rooms for a seamless conferencing experience.

The software is best for individuals, remote workers, and companies holding virtual conferences for large groups.

Key Features

  • Interactive Collaboration – You can create engaging online sessions with annotation and screen sharing.
  • Encrypted and Secure Meetings – You can transit encrypt all your content using AES-256 GCM.
  • Multi-Platform Support – You join and host your online season using a mobile device, browser, or computer without compromising consistency.
  • Virtual Backgrounds – The virtual background lets you spice up your office.
  • Breakout Sessions – The feature enables you to split your audience into small groups for enhanced participation and discussions.
  • Improved Gallery View – The screen displays a maximum of 25 participants at a go.
  • HD Video and Dolby Voice – Blocks out distractions to deliver clear audio during virtual meetings.
  • Easy and Convenient Set-up – BlueJeans provides 24/7 support to ensure you are all set before your meeting.


BlueJeans pricing

The BlueJeans pricing for virtual meetings is as follows:

  • BlueJeans’ Standard plan is $9.99/host/month and billed yearly at $119.88.
  • BlueJeans Pro plan is $13.99 per month and is billed annually at $167.88.
  • Its Enterprise plan is $16.66/month and billed annually at $199.92.
  • Request a customized price quote from the vendor for the Enterprise plus plan.

The pricing for webinars/ events is as follows:

  • The BlueJeans video webinars/events subscription is $41.67/month, billed yearly at $500.
  • Contact sales to get a price quote for large-scale video events.

The BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft teams pricing is:

  • The Per Room plan is $39/month, billed yearly at $468.
  • The sales team provides the large-scale deployment plan pricing upon request.

6. Dialpad Meetings

The best video conferencing tool for enhancing teamwork.

Dialpad video meetings

Dialpad meeting features a built-in AI-powered platform alongside other tools to enable you to focus more on ideas and people rather than note-taking. The software is easy to use as you can access it directly from your browser without downloading or pinning it.

What’s best is that Dialpad AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), enabling it to evaluate your conversations in real-time. It then processes the conversation data to capture and transcribe it accurately into an easy-to-read format.

Dialpad AI also comes in handy in offering live call sentiment analysis. The feature enables you to track multiple calls at ago by just checking the sentiment of any live call.

Another good feature of this software is its AI-powered customer support. With this, you can develop real-time assists with personalized notes and allow them to trigger when users speak specific phrases or keywords on calls.

Dialpad meeting is best suited for small groups of people.

Key Features

  • Post-call Summary – After finishing your call, the Dialpad AI provides a digestible call summary of your entire conversation.
  • Real-time Transcription – The software gives you access to a running transcript as you hold your meeting.
  • Voice Recognition – Dialpad AI always tells what every speaker said in the transcripts.
  • Content sharing – The feature allows you to share the screen for attendees to see what you are presenting.
  • Integration with Other Apps – Dialpad works hand-in-hand with other to-go apps, such as Google or Microsoft calendar.
  • Meeting Controls – Include the mute/unmute button, meeting lock, and guest removal features.
  • Emoji Reactions – You can share quick reactions in your session using emojis.
  • In-meeting Chat – The feature enables you to share comments and links during a presentation.


Dialpad video meetings pricing
  • Dialpad’s Standard plan is $15/month, billed annually.
  • The Pro plan goes for $25/month, billed annually.
  • You need to request the Enterprise plan price quote from the sales team.

7. Zoom Meetings

The most user-friendly video conferencing software.


Zoom has remained on the frontline for offering the best messaging and video conferencing solutions for mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. The software is easy and quick to install and comes with unmatchable scalable features.

What’s more enticing about this software is its ability to support up to 1,000 participants at a go while sprucing up your virtual meetings with HD videos and audio for an exceptional experience. And to top it up, Zoom gives you access to 49 videos on a single screen.

The software guarantees the security and privacy of your meetings and shared files, as it uses an in-built 256-bit TLS encryption, which is among the best data protection methods.

Zoom is best for individuals, remote workers, and companies seeking to hold regular virtual meetings with customers, employees, or other stakeholders.

Key Features

  • Built-in Collaboration Tools – Includes screen sharing and co-annotation to create an interactive session.
  • Premium Transcripts and Meeting Recordings – Zoom provides searchable transcripts, and you can choose to record your virtual session locally or save it to the cloud.
  • Streamlined Calendaring – It allows you to plan or start your virtual sessions directly from your Gmail, Outlook, or iCal.
  • Team Chat – You can launch a chat with other participants during your live virtual meeting.
  • Robust Security Settings – Security features include role-based security, encryption, passcode protection, waiting rooms, etc.
  • Unparalleled Usability – You can join Zoom using any device, including mobile devices, desktops, and dedicated Zoom for home devices.


Zoom Meetings pricing plans
  • Zoom has a basic free version for all its users.
  • Its Pro plan goes for $149.90/year/user.
  • The Zoom Business plan stands at $199.90/year/user.
  • Zoom’s Business Plus plan goes for $250/year/user.
  • You need to contact the sales team for a quote for the Enterprise plan.

8. Lifesize Meeting Solutions

Best video conferencing platform for office and enterprise meetings.

lifesize meeting solutions

If you are looking for video conferencing software that gives an experience similar to face-to-face communication and collaboration, Lifesize might be what you need. The one-of-a-kind software features a room system platform and unified cloud software to offer an uninterrupted HD meeting experience.

And to top it up, the platform gives you maximum customization and application flexibility while delivering scalability, security, and quality without compromising on anything.

Generally, Lifesize is the best platform to turn to for premium meeting performance and reliability. The good thing is that it can scale to any call volume and enterprise-grade workload.

Lifesize is best for office and business virtual meetings.

Key Features

  • 4k Quality Meeting Experience – Provides deeper virtual communication and collaboration culture.
  • Download-free – You use web browsers to host or join video meetings.
  • Multi-app Room Systems – You can embed the software’s meeting room systems with third-party virtual meeting services, such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Skype, Zoom, and more.
  • Custom Management and Tuning – The feature enables you to tune your software to meet the collaboration and communication requirements of your customers, users, and organization.
  • APIs Leveraging – Lifesize allows you to leverage its room system and cloud APIs to manage meeting scheduling and workflows.
  • Global Customer Support – The software offers 24/7 customer support across the globe to keep you connected, productive, and collaborative anytime.
  • Premium Quality Audio and Video – Works perfectly with nearly any video conferencing service.
  • Enterprise-grade Compliance and Security – Relies on single sign-on support, encryption by default, geofencing, and AWS cloud infrastructure to guarantee compliance and security.


lifesize meetings price
  • Lifesize has a 30-day free trial for all its users.
  • Plus: $14.95/mo per host with a minimum of 10 hosts.
  • Enterprise: $14.95/mo per host with a minimum of 50 hosts.
  • To get the Organization plan, contact sales for a price quote.

9. Microsoft Teams

Best video conferencing tool with Microsoft 365 app integration.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams gives you a chance to do much within a single application. You can schedule audio and video meeting with an individual or a small team or organize large webinars hosting up to 10,000 attendees.

The video conferencing platform provides numerous tools and features, including call recording, chat functionalities, live captions, screen sharing, and background blur technology to give you a mind-blowing experience.

Besides, the software is scaling heights in the digital workspace and video conferencing integration for integrating with Microsoft 365. That means you can easily schedule calls and share the invites within the organization. It also enables guests to join the meeting directly from their web browser.

Microsoft Teams is a suitable choice for businesses already using Microsoft 365 or companies seeking to reinvent their digital collaboration and communication workspaces.

Key Features

  • Shared To-Do Lists – The feature enables you to assign tasks to participants and finish together.
  • Instant Polls – Helps you to collect data from attendees faster, enhancing decision-making.
  • Meeting Scheduling and Invite Sharing – You can do this directly from the group chats. The meeting link will automatically appear in the dashboard and group chat.
  • File Sharing – The software allows you to share and store your files, videos, and web links in your group chats.
  • Video Calling – You can get up to 300 people joining your call all day.
  • Organized Dashboard View – All your content is planned neatly into categories on the dashboard for easy accessibility.
  • Digital Safe – Safely stores crucial information, such as family’s tax documents and subscription passwords.


Microsoft Teams pricing

The Microsoft Teams pricing plan for Business is as follows:

  • The basic version is free of charge.
  • Microsoft Teams’ Essentials plan is $4.00 per month.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan goes for $6.00 per month.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan is $12.50 per month.

The pricing plan for Homes is:

  • Microsoft Teams free basic plan.
  • Microsoft 365 Personal plan is $6.99/month and billed annually at $69.99.
  • Microsoft 365 Family plan is $9.99/month, billed yearly at $99.99.

10. Webex Meetings

Enterprise-grade video conferencing app with interactive virtual meeting features.

Webex by Cisco Meetings

Webex Meetings got your back with an all-in-one app for calling, messaging, meeting, and getting all the work done.

Even with its free version, you gain access to numerous tools, including private chat rooms and screen sharing. And most importantly, you can seamlessly hold your HD video meetings with a maximum of 100 participants.

The software gives you two options for holding video meetings; you can use the Webex app or simply stick to its website. The best thing is that you receive a personal URL after signing up, through which you can manage your video conferences and access your meeting recordings.

Webex Meetings is ideal for individuals and small businesses.

Key Features

  • Advanced Speech Enhancement and Noise Removal – Eliminates unwanted sounds from your meeting recordings to give you clear audio.
  • Gesture Recognition – Express your feelings with simple hand gestures without uttering a word.
  • Automatic Transcription – Gives you instant transcripts from your live meetings.
  • Custom Layouts – It allows you to customize your stage view.
  • Omnichannel Connections – You can interact with customers on any communication channel.
  • Predictive Capabilities – You can use predictive analytics on your software to pinpoint potential investments and areas of weakness.
  • Robust Meeting Controls – The feature enables you to manage your session, like muting and unmuting where necessary.
  • Interactive Polling and Q&A – Gives you a chance to collect valuable data and information from your audience.
  • Digital Whiteboarding in Real-time – Enhances your virtual brainstorming sessions.
  • Calendar Integrations – You can connect your calendar to Webex for easy scheduling.


Webex by Cisco Meetings pricing
  • Webex Suite – Basic: You can get started for free. Includes HD meetings with up to 100 people, screen sharing and a personal room.
  • Meet Plan: $13.50/mo billed yearly. Includes HD meetings up to 200 people, and many more features.


Best video conferencing tool for business meetings.

Join me video conferencing software is a GoTo-owned software alongside GoToMeeting with advanced admin features to help you take control of your virtual meetings. The software is quick to use as it does not require any downloads. Besides, you can join or host a meeting using any device, including a PC, Mac, or mobile.

With tools like mouse sharing, screen sharing, and live drawing, enables you to collaborate in real-time while making your meetings more productive.

Besides, all your meeting recordings are stored locally and in the cloud, enabling you to revisit them anytime.

And when it comes to security, the software uses 256-bit encryption, meeting locks, and password protection to keep all your conversations, videos, audio, files, and chats safe and confidential.

Key Features

  • Fast Performance – adjusts its performance in real-time with 33% less bandwidth.
  • Around the Clock Support – The software offers responsive support to keep you productive and collaborative around the clock. Its average resolution time is less than 30 minutes.
  • In-browser Meeting – You can host or join a meeting via any trusted browser of your choice without downloading the app.
  • Live In-meeting Chat – Enables you to share links, comments, and other information with participants during the live session.
  • Mobile App – The software has mobile apps for Mac and Android.
  • Reliability – features 99.95% uptime.
  • Up to 10 Webcams – Captures every video and image detail during your live session.


  • The Professional plan goes for $12 per month, billed annually.
  • Its Business plan is $16/month, billed annually.
  • Contact sales to request the Enterprise plan price quote.

12. Skype

Best video conferencing app for video and messaging chats.

Microsoft Skype

Developed by Microsoft, Skype is a popular name in many households because of its immense features. The video conferencing software also has apps for all devices, including phones, desktops, web, tablets, Alexa, and Xbox, increasing accessibility.

Alternatively, you can use Skype in a browser if you want to chat with people without installing the app. All you need to do is send them an invite to join through their email address.

And if you want to communicate with family and friends who are not on Skype, the Skype credit and subscription got you. With these features, you can make your landline and mobile calls from anywhere at interestingly low rates.

Skype is best suited for small teams or individuals looking for a simple way to video chat. On the other hand, the Skype in the classroom tool is perfect for students taking online education.

Key Features

  • HD Video and Audio Calling – You can engage up to 10 people on your video and audio calls.
  • Screen Sharing – Enhances collaboration and makes the session interactive.
  • Private Conversations – You can hold a separate conversation with a member without others seeing it.
  • Smart Messaging – Using the Skype instant message app, you can share text messages from your Skype anytime, anywhere.
  • File Sharing – You can share videos, photos, and files of up to 300 MB by dragging and dropping them into your conversation window.


You can download and start using Skype for free for both individual and business use.

If you wish to make international calls, you can subscribe to Skype credits. A few recommendations include:

  • The United States subscription is $3.59 per month.
  • The Indian subscription goes for $9.59 per month.
  • The North American subscription at $8.39 per month.

13. Google Meet

The number #1 browser-based video conferencing platform.

Google Meet

Formerly Hangouts Meet, Google Meet effectively integrates with the Google Workspace productivity platform, enabling you to handle video calls, chats, and document collaborations with just a few clicks.

You can access the software from various browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, new Edge, and Safari, without software installation or plugging in.

Additionally, the software provides a dial-in number for every virtual meeting, boosting the overall line quality and lowering call dropouts. Google Meet global dialing add-on is also available to offer added calling support, especially for countries outside Canada and US.

Google Meet is best for businesses looking for an efficient browser-based video conferencing tool.

Key Features

  • Dedicated Dial-in Numbers – You can quickly dial in to join a meeting session with a single tap.
  • Integration with Other Meeting Solutions – Includes Skype, Cisco, and Polycom.
  • 24/7 Support – Offers around-the-clock email, phone, and chat support.
  • Fast and Easy-to-use Interface – Enables you to navigate through more efficiently.
  • Enhanced security – Offers transit encryption for all video meetings.
  • Noise Reduction Feature – Removes unwanted sounds from the background to give you clear audio and video.


  • Google Meet is free of charge to all its users.

14. RemotePC Meeting

A secure video conferencing platform with the industry’s best features.

RemotePC Meeting

RemotePC Meeting is also one of the best video conferencing apps developed with robust features to streamline collaboration. The software provides a clickable link for starters to set a meeting instantly while sharing it with employees or colleagues.

Sharing of meeting links becomes even better with its Chrome extension as the program also seamlessly integrates with Outlook, Yahoo calendars, and Google. Furthermore, you can join an online session using VoIP for enhanced security as well as in instances where your Internet connection is limited.

Although RemotePc Meeting offers advanced video conferencing tools, the only way to access them is to do a remote access subscription.

The software is best for individuals and business owners who want a video conferencing app with advanced features.

Key Features

  • Audio and Video Recording – RemotePC Meeting records and stores the audio and video locally as files.
  • Collaborative Whiteboard – Gives you a chance to brainstorm ideas with fellow attendees.
  • Screen Sharing – This comes in handy when delivering a presentation or passing appoint.
  • Top-notch Security – The software enables you to join using VoIP for enhanced security.
  • Calendar Integration – You can schedule your meetings through Yahoo, Google, or Outlook calendars.
  • Meetings Without Limits – Offers support for unlimited participants.
  • Dial-In Via Phone – You can call in to join a meeting if your Internet connection is poor.


You can get started with RemotePC Meeting for $0.99 for the first year. After that, the renewal price increases to $9.95/yr. They also offer a 7-day free trial.

RemotePC Meeting is completely free for personal use.

On the other hand, you may wish to subscribe to RemotePC pricing plans:

  • The Consumer plan for one computer access is $14.62 for the first year
  • The Consumer plan for two computer access is $29.62 for the first year.
  • The Soho plan starts at $59.62 per year.
  • The Team plan starts at $224.62 per year.
  • The Enterprise plan starts at $449.62 per year.

15. U Meeting

Best video conferencing software for distance learning and business communication.

U Meeting

U Meeting has a lot to offer in regard to planning and holding video meetings. With this software, you can plan your video meetings with up to 200 audiences while displaying about 12 video feeds on the screen.

The software also allows you to hold or join meetings using any device or browser, including Android/iOS devices and Windows/macOS PC. You can also join the virtual session via Chrome without registering.

During meetings, you can use collaborative tools, such as virtual whiteboards, annotation pens, screen sharing, and laser pointers to interact with all participants and make the meeting engaging.

U Meeting is best suited for students who attend distance learning and who need to hold group discussions. It is also an ideal choice for enterprises looking to enhance their communication.

Key Features

  • High Encryption – U Meeting supports end-to-end encryption and AES-256 bit.
  • Breakout Sessions – Helps you split participants into groups for discussions.
  • Robust Interactive Tools – Includes virtual whiteboards, screen sharing, and laser pointers.
  • Viewing Options – You can view up to 12 video streams with the option of shifting back to speaker mode.
  • Management Console – Enables enterprises to analyze usage and manage user access.
  • Online Roll Call – Comes in handy for distance learning.


  • U Meeting basic version is free.
  • The Pro 50 plan goes for $9.99/month.
  • The Pro 100 plan is $14.99/month.
  • For Pro 200 and Enterprise plan pricing, contact sales.

16. FreeConference

A secure video conferencing platform for a global conference.

FreeConference by iotum

No other free tool simplifies your video conferences right from sign-up to meeting collaboration like the way FreeConference does. And to top it up, the software allows you to hold conference calls in over 72 countries without compromising on call quality.

You can plan for your conference call early and share invitations and reminders with up to 100 attendees using nearly any device. No downloads or plugins are required, making the process much easier.

FreeConference is best for startups and small businesses with international clients who can’t afford premium video conferencing software.

Key Features

  • Smart Meeting Summaries – Gives you brief post-meeting details.
  • Security and Privacy – The platform is encrypted using webETC.
  • Dedicated Dial Number – Enables you to conference on-demand.
  • Conference Call Recording – Eliminates chances of lost data.
  • Online Whiteboard – Boosts collaboration.
  • Moderator Controls – Helps manage participants, minimizing interruptions.
  • Auto Transcripts – They are AI-powered and appear in real-time.
  • Speaker Spotlight – Manages speaker’s time.
  • Caller Identification – It enables you to identify each caller.


  • FreeConference is free to all its users.
  • However, you can upgrade to the Starter Plan for $9.99/month and the Pro Plan for $29.99/month for more advanced features.

17. StarLeaf

Best video conferencing software for creating a human connection at work.


Since its founding in 2008 in Cambridge, StarLeaf has remained on top of the ladder in offering secure meetings, calling, and messaging communication tools for enterprises across the globe.

One of its recent features is the Standby, a real-time communication failover service, delivering secure collaborations in instances where the primary platform is unavailable.

Another good thing about this platform is that you can hold your live meetings with as many people as you want without a limit. The platform is highly secured with ISO/IEC27001 certification and features a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

StarLeaf is best suited for business meetings for large groups as you can host up to 3,000 participants via live web streaming or use RTMP streaming to reach an unlimited audience.

Key Features

  • Auto Update – Keeps all the attendees informed about what is happening in the background.
  • Information Sharing – The tools involved include in-meeting chat, screen sharing, and drag-and-drop files.
  • Meeting Controls – This allows you to lock your meeting, remove, add, or mute participants.
  • Seamless Integration with Apps – Includes Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Azure Active Directory, Slack, and Skype.
  • Multi-platform Support – You can access the platform from any device.
  • Recording Option – You can capture all the meeting’s audio and video.


  • The StarLeaf basic plan is Free for download.
  • Its Pro plan is $10.99/month, billed annually.
  • The Business plan is $14.99/month, billed annually.
  • The Enterprise plan is also $14.99/month, billed annually.

What Is Video Conference?

A video conference (also known as a videoconference, video-teleconference, or teleconference) is an online meeting that enables people to see and hear each other in real-time. Typically, participants connect via the Internet using a webcam and microphone, but other options are available.

The live video can be split into multiple screens to allow all participants to see all others on the call or to allow a single speaker to be displayed on multiple screens.

Video conference services can be used by anyone who wants to communicate with others over long distances or in different locations. They’re particularly useful for businesses that need to connect employees who are working remotely or on different continents.

Video conferencing providers also help organizations cut travel expenses and improve employee productivity.

Video conferencing software apps allow people to interact with others in an efficient, effective way regardless of where they are located and even if they cannot meet in person for any reason.

Best Video Conferencing Software: Conclusion

Video conferencing has become more accessible and part of our daily lives today, thanks to the emergence of the best video conferencing platforms. Individuals, groups, and companies now embrace this luxury to save time and reach a wider audience.

To choose the best option, you need to define your actual needs and what you aim to achieve. For instance, if you plan to use video conferencing software for business purposes regularly with large groups of people, GoToMeeting would be a better choice.

With its 99.996% uptime and built-in audio with VoIP and Toll features, you can be sure of getting the most out of your virtual meetings.

If you only need to communicate or chat casually with family, friends, and colleagues, choose a cost-effective software with all the fundamental tools, such as Skype. With Skype credit, you can share text messages or make international calls at a pocket-friendly price.

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