10 Best On-Page SEO Tools for Better Insights on What Works

best on-page SEO tools

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The ultimate goal of any website is to get noticed and crawled by search engine bots, and the best on-page SEO tools help you achieve precisely that.

On-page SEO tools enable you to optimize your website’s internal elements, such as content, title tags, meta descriptions, and internal linking, to boost its search engine rankings and generate genuine traffic.

Like the best SEO plugins and tools, on-site SEO tactics give your webpages the highest level of authoritativeness and expertise, making them relevant to the searcher’s query.

Whether you are a beginner to SEO or already an expert at it, you need to leverage these on-site SEO tools to streamline your on-page SEO strategy.

This article will help you find the best on-page SEO tools by comparing their key features, use cases, pricing, and more. Let’s get started.

What Are The Best On-Page SEO Tools?

Below is a selection of the top on-page SEO tools, both free and paid. Each tool has its own approach to aiding your on-page SEO efforts. Some only focus on on-page SEO optimization, while others have more features, including on-page SEO optimization and website auditing.

1. Semrush

A powerful all-in-one SEO tool with incredible insights.


Semrush has experienced immense growth since its founding in 2008 to become a powerful platform for global marketers and webmasters who want to improve their online visibility.

No matter your company or business size, you can rely on this versatile on-page SEO tool suite for your content optimization, site audit, keyword research, position tracking, and domain analysis.

What makes Semrush stand out more is its ability to organize all your websites in a dashboard and allow you to access numerous data points for each site to boost performance in search engines.

Its on-page SEO checker sifts through your content and provides intelligent suggestions to improve your semantics, content strategy, and user experience.

In addition, Semrush seamlessly integrates with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, which combines with its site audit tools to produce data-backed ideas that yield high-ranking content.

Semrush is best for digital marketers, webmasters, and content creators needing an all-inclusive tool to improve their search engine rankings.

Key Features

  • SEO Content Writing Assistant – The feature enables you to optimize your written content right in your WordPress account or Google Docs. It also enhances your copy’s readability and changes the tone of voice to boost your content strategy.
  • SEO Content Template – The template enables you to access actionable recommendations to help you create winning content.
  • On-page SEO Checker – This tool offers SEO ideas and suggestions to boost your rankings for specific website pages.
  • Log File Analyzer – The feature gives you insights to help you analyze access logs and understand how web crawlers interact with your website.
  • Site Auditor – The tool sifts through your website to identify errors and problems that hinder it from ranking on search engines.
  • Position Tracking Tool – Semrush lets you keep track of your daily online performance. You can monitor your keywords as you keep an eye on your competitors’ domains.


Semrush pricing

These prices reflect a yearly billing cycle where you can save up to 17% of the total cost.

  • Pro ($99.95/mo)
  • Guru ($191.62/mo)
  • Business ($374.95/mo)

2. SE Ranking

Best all-inclusive SEO software for extensive SEO analysis.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking empowers you to do more within a single platform, from in-depth keyword research and website audits to page optimization and traffic analysis.

With its AI-powered on-page SEO checker, you can evaluate your URLs while obtaining niche insights to establish how your page optimization strategies measure up against competitors.

The platform also provides you with a list of tasks or recommendations to help you improve your pages. You can also generate your own custom on-page tasks for each target URL.

Another good feature of SE Ranking is on-page content metrics that provide a data-driven road map to enable you to optimize your existing web pages. Besides, they help you uncover content opportunities by analyzing page structure, descriptions, and titles from competitor URLs.

SE Ranking is best for eCommerce businesses, marketers, and content creators.

Key Features

  • On-page-to-do List – You can generate a list of tasks you need to do to improve your pages.
  • On-page SEO Audit – The feature enables you to filter issues on your website based on their level of urgency and importance and categorizes them into four: errors, notices, warnings, and passed checks.
  • Competitive Comparison – You can enrich your web pages by assessing keyword usage, density, count, and more on both your pages and competitors’ pages.
  • On-page Content Metrics – They give you insights into page structure, descriptions, titles, URLs, and more.
  • Page Quality Score – Checking the page quality lets you know which pages meet the set criteria and match the value offered by top-ranking competitor URLs. You also learn the factors that drag your pages down and tackle them to increase the overall quality score.
  • Page Changes Monitor – You receive notifications if there are any notable changes to your website.
  • Index Status Checker – You can use the tool to check your pages’ index status on search engines.
SE Ranking audit every page of your website


The pricing plans are subdivided so that the more days you use and the more collective your payment plan is, the bigger the discount.

SE Ranking pricing annual subscription weekly ranking check

Suppose your ranking check frequency runs weekly, and you opt for an annual subscription plan; in that case, this is how your payment plan will look:

  • Essential ($23.52/mo)
  • Pro ($52.32/mo)
  • Business ($114.72/mo)

This is the most affordable plan, where you’ll enjoy a 60% discount

3. SEO PowerSuite WebSite Auditor

The number #1 SEO analysis tool for effective on-site audit and content optimization.

Link Assistant WebSite Auditor

SEO PowerSuite WebSite Auditor brings to the table a well-equipped toolkit to help you hold an SEO campaign of any caliber. Its wealth of pro-level features and intuitive user interface make it a perfect SEO tool for beginners and SEO experts.

Most experts like this SEO platform’s customizable automation software, which allows you to automate your SEO jobs, from site audits and rank tracking to linking checks streamlining operations.

The platform further provides unmatchable content optimization. It sifts through the top ten competitor pages to obtain insights and offers page-specific and keyword optimization advice. In addition, SEO PowerSuite allows you to access keyword usage stats based on page elements to inform your SEO strategy.

WebSite Auditor is best for SEO agencies, webmasters, and business owners. 

Read my WebSite Auditor review to learn more about its features.

Key Features

  • Internal Link Checker – The tool improves the discoverability of pages and site crawlability by boosting your internal linking strategy.
  • In-app Content Optimization – You can optimize all your pages in-app.
  • Custom Automated SEO Reports – The reports let you obtain insights into the website analysis.
  • Precise Rank Checker – The feature lets you track unlimited keywords and website rankings in more than 450 search engines.
  • Powerful Keyword Research – The platform gives you access to hundreds of keyword ideas with quality PPC and traffic analytics.
  • Landing Page Optimization – You can audit and optimize your landing pages with the help of data-driven how-to guides on keyword usage.
  • Free SEO Audit Tool– The software features an in-built TF-IDF SEO tool that helps enhance your site’s topical authority and relevance. It runs through all your site pages to identify SEO issues, such as crawlability and indexing issues, poorly set up 404s, and mobile friendliness, and fixes them. You also obtain valuable stats for all your site pages.
  • Link Analysis and Audit – It analyses all your link profiles, SEO value, and possible penalty risks.


You can download WebSite Auditor for free.

If you want more features, consider subscribing to a WebSite Auditor License.

SEO PowerSuite WebSite Auditor pricing professional and enterprise
  • The WebSite Auditor Professional subscription is $125/year.
  • Its Enterprise subscription is $299/year.

You can also try the whole suite of tools they offer, SEO PowerSuite, including SEO SpyGlass, Rank Tracker, and LinkAssistant, for free.

SEO PowerSuite is one of the best free SEO tools that include free features you’d have to pay for with other webmaster tools.

4. Serpstat

One-of-a-kind on-page SEO tool for website analysis and optimization.


Serpstat boasts a wide array of on-page SEO tools to boost your brand’s online presence. You can use its most extensive database to accumulate keywords for your site while analyzing metrics such as keyword difficulty, volume, popularity, and competition.

Besides, the software also allows you to compare metrics and draw meaningful insights. This includes essential metrics from up to 100,000 keywords and a list of domains. You can then use the data obtained to boost your site traffic by optimizing it using premium-quality keywords.

With the Serpstat local SEO tool, you can enhance your brand’s visibility in the local search results, enabling you to increase organic traffic and attract new customers.

Serpstat is ideal for marketing experts, digital agencies, and SEO professionals who want to perform full site analysis, collect keywords, generate SEO-optimized content, and more.

Key Features

  • SEO Text Analysis Tool – The feature lets you conduct comprehensive webpage content analysis to optimize text for readers and SEO.
  • Keyword Clustering Tool – The tool helps you group up to 50000 keywords for better search engine optimization and ranking.
  • Website Analysis – Serpstat generates all the reports you need with a single click.
  • Metrics Comparison – You can compare important metrics from a list of domains or 100,000 keywords.
  • SEO On-page SEO Analyzer – The tool lets you compare SEO optimization levels for target web pages.
  • Page Audit – The feature lets you conduct an instant in-depth page review to address various ranking factors and optimization errors.


Serpstat pricing
  • The Lite plan currently goes for $48.
  • The Standard plan is $104.
  • Its Advanced plan is $209.
  • The Enterprise plan is $349.

Serpstat currently offers a 7-day free trial on its Lite and Standard plans.

5. Seobility

Best SEO analysis tool for enhanced website optimization.


Seobility is an online SEO software with all the tools you need to crawl all the linked pages on your website, identify errors with page content or on-page optimization, and provide suggestions to fix them.

You can check over 300 SEO-relevant website factors through its site audit, including categories such as tech and meta, content, and structure.

On top of auditing your entire website, Seobility gives you an in-depth look at each of your individual site pages to get a complete picture of their SEO performance.

Its TF*IDF analysis tool is a game changer. You can use it to research keywords, a search query, or vital terms to generate a comprehensive research base for optimizing your existing websites.

You can also use this tool to research your competitor’s high-ranking content and use the information to fine-tune and optimize your content accordingly.

Seobility is best for content creators and marketers looking for a robust tool for their website optimization.

Key Features 

  • Free SEO Audit – The feature lets you analyze your web pages for technical and on-page SEO errors.
  • Keyword Checker – It allows you to conduct keyword research and optimization quickly.
  • Free Website Ranking Checker – The tool allows you to see how your keywords rank on Google or other search engines.
  • TF*IDF Analysis Tool – You can use the tool to perform keyword research, competitor analysis, and directly optimize content.
  • Redirect Checker – Redirect checker lets you analyze your website for redirects.
  • Backlinks Checker – You type in a domain name to get a detailed backlink profile of your website or competitors’ websites.


Seobility pricing
  • Seobility has a free Basic plan for all its users.
  • Its Premium plan is $50/mo or $480/yr.
  • The Agency plan is $200/mo or $1.920/yr.

6. Nightwatch

An exceptional SEO tool for accurate rank tracking.


Nightwatch provides accurate rank-tracking data for local and international rankings to keep you one step ahead of the competition. While most rank trackers only access a randomly assigned Google Data Center, this platform enables you to access virtually any Google Data Center available on earth.

Moreover, Nightwatch allows you to create custom segments to discover potential keywords, decaying content, and monitor performance. Through that, you can uncover critical insights to help you increase your rankings as well as organic conversions.

Its global reporting tools give you access to automated reports enabling you to make critical marketing decisions faster.

Nightwatch is best for marketing teams and website owners who need to keep a constant eye on their rankings.

Key Features

  • Automated Reports – Nightwatch’s automatic reporting gives you access to easy-to-interpret white-labeled reports for quicker decision-making.
  • Site Auditor – The auditor analyzes your website to identify missing tags, broken pages, and other SEO issues. You can enable automated crawling to track recurrent problems.
  • Keyword Discovery Feature – It enables you to uncover new keywords by simply typing in a URL.
  • Custom Segments – Nightwatch lets you generate segments to highlight striking keywords, discover decaying content, and monitor performance easily.
  • Integrations – This platform integrates with Google Search Console and Analytics to drive the much-needed data for growing visibility and increasing sales.
  • Keywords Suggestions – You gain access to many keyword ideas to help improve your content.
  • Local SERP Tracking – The software gives you daily updates about your most important keywords to enable you to grow your local search reach and, ultimately, sales.


Nightwatch pricing

Nightwatch offers a 14-day free trial, so you can test-drive its features.

Its premium plan ranges from $32/mo for 250 keywords to $559/mo for 10,000 keywords. They offer an Enterprise solution with a custom quote if you need to track more keywords.

7. Sitechecker

The number #1 SEO software for fixing technical SEO issues.


Sitechecker offers easy-to-apply solutions for all your on-page and technical SEO needs. The cloud-based website crawler features a free on-page SEO checker that runs through your landing pages to determine their health status.

You then receive a detailed SEO report with your page score, which indicates your page’s credibility from a technical SEO perspective.

Another good thing about Sitechecker is that it allows you to track the quality of your internal and external links while highlighting linking issues and redirecting link anchors.

Sitechecker is best for business owners and freelancers who want to fix issues that slow their organic search traffic. It is also perfect for agencies and in-house marketers seeking to speed up their technical SEO audits and boost their websites’ health.

Key Features

  • On-page Auditing Tool – The tool allows you to check the health of your web pages.
  • Flexible Crawling Settings – You can establish rules or choose those pages and errors you want to crawl, which may include specific URLs and categories.
  • Website Page Score – The calculation of the page score depends on the number of critical errors on your website. The score scores your technical website health.
  • Real-time Website SEO Monitoring – It enables you to keep an eye on what is happening on your website.
  • Content Optimization Check – Through on-page SEO analysis, you can check your content length, H1-H2 structure, meta tags, HTTP status code, and HTML size, to mention but a few.
  • Link Tracking – The feature lets you track your internal and external links.


Sitechecker pricing
  • The Basic plan is $23/month or $278/year.
  • Its Standard plan is $39/month or $470/year.
  • The Premium plan stands at $79/month or $950/year.
  • The Enterprise plan is $319/month or $3830/year.

Sitechecker offers all its customers a 7-day free trial to try the software before committing to a premium plan.

8. SEOcrawl

Best SEO software for effective SEO management.


SEOcrawl features a suite of SEO tools to help you make the most out of your SEO management. Its robust SEO dashboard gives you unlimited storage space for your SEO data while allowing you to access quality SEO forecasts and actionable recommendations.

Moreover, its unlimited rank tracker lets you keep an eye on your keywords and use heat maps to analyze them.

To ensure you stay organized, SEOcrawl allows you to access an SEO task organizer that helps you arrange your SEO tasks according to priorities and enhances team collaborations in real time.

SEOcrawl is an ideal choice for companies and professionals needing a powerful tool for SEO management.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Rank Tracker – The feature lets you monitor, tag, and classify your keywords.
  • Powerful SEO Dashboard – You can use it to store unlimited SEO data and SEO reports.
  • Automated Reports – This software lets you save time by automating your SEO reports.
  • SEO Task Organizer – You can use the tool to arrange your SEO tasks according to your priorities.
  • SEO Monitor – It helps you check your URL changes and website performance.


SEOcrawl pricing
  • The Starter plan is $75/yr.
  • Its Business plan is $244/yr.
  • The Elite plan is $413/yr.
  • You need to request a customized price quote for the Enterprise plan.

9. Ahrefs

A uniquely powerful on-page SEO software for link checking.


Ahrefs is an all-inclusive SEO software with a powerful yet easy-to-master toolset. You can use this SEO tool to perform a whole bunch of tasks, including keyword research, site audits, rank tracking, competitor analysis, and content optimization.

Thanks to its robust link checker, Ahrefs has become one of the most active web crawlers and continues to gain popularity for its ability to scan billions of web pages daily.

You can always turn to this platform when you need to check the state of your internal links and fix linking issues, such as poor internal link structure, redirects, and broken links.

Ahrefs is best for content creators, marketers, and webmasters looking for a tool to help them with their internal linking issues.

Key Features

  • Site Audit – The feature lets you run an SEO audit on your website to uncover on-page SEO and technical issues. You can identify issues to do with content quality, localization, HTML tags, performance, and more through SEO site audits.
  • Site Explorer – The tool lets you look closely at your website’s backlink profile and organic search traffic.
  • Keyword Research Tool – The tool allows you to uncover thousands of keyword research ideas, assess their traffic potential, and examine their ranking difficulty.
  • Advanced SEO Metrics – You can get data on Return Rate, percentage of paid clicks and organic clicks, clicks per search, and more.
  • SERP Overview – The platform gives you a glance at your SERP ranking history.
  • Content Explorer – You can assess thousands of proven content ideas to inform your subsequent marketing campaigns.
  • Rank Tracker – The feature allows you to monitor your website ranking rankings and performance through scheduled reports.


Ahrefs pricing
  • Lite ($83/mo) – Perfect for small businesses.
  • Standard ($166/mo) – Best for in-house marketers, including 6 months of history.
  • Advanced ($333/mo) – Suitable for more advanced users, and includes 2 years of history.
  • Enterprise ($833/mo) – Best for agencies and big enterprises with unlimited history.

Suppose you’re just starting a blog and have no budget for these tools. In that case, you can create a free account with Ahrefs, which will help you monitor backlinks, see your top-ranking pages, and analyze your page structure, including things you can improve, such as missing meta descriptions or image alt tags.

Ahrefs’ free account offers a free tool for every on-page SEO analysis you can think of.

10. Screaming Frog

Best on-site SEO tool for fixing on-page SEO issues.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is a dedicated website crawler with advanced on-page SEO audit tools for performing deep site health checkups.

The SEO spider tool crawls through sites of various sizes in real-time to extract data and check for on-page SEO issues. You can use the on-site data’s insights to make informed decisions.

This SEO software further allows you to locate permanent and temporary redirects, find redirect loops and chains, and upload your URL list for auditing. Besides, the SEO spider tool sifts through a website to highlight broken links and server errors for quick fixing.

Streaming Frog is best for digital agencies and SEO professionals who need a robust tool for their technical SEO site audits.

Key Features

  • Audit Scheduling – You can plan your on-site SEO audits to start at specific intervals.
  • Integration with Google Search Console and Analytics – The integrations allow you to obtain performance and user data for greater insights.
  • Site Visualization – The features let you picture your site’s performance.
  • Advanced URL Mapping – The tool compares staging and production environments.
  • XML Sitemaps Generation – You can use advanced configurations to create image XML sitemaps and XML sitemaps.
  • MD5 Algorithmic Check – The feature lets you uncover duplicated elements, such as headings, content pages, titles, and descriptions.


Screaming Frog SEO Spider pricing

You can start using Screaming Frog for free. But to access more URLs and advanced features, you need to purchase a license for $209 per year.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about improving a website’s visibility and traffic in search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. It involves optimizing content, HTML code, and other elements in order to make a website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO can help increase visibility for targeted keywords, resulting in more organic traffic.

SEO helps search engines understand the content on your website, which can result in a higher page ranking for relevant keywords. The ultimate purpose of SEO is to increase traffic from search engines and other websites by improving the visibility of a website’s pages in organic search results. It’s also known as “natural search engine optimization” because it doesn’t involve paid advertising or backlinks.

Most people think of SEO as a way to get more traffic, but it’s also important for lead generation and sales. If you have an optimized website, you can expect better rankings in organic search results and more clicks on your website from relevant searches.

SEO is not an overnight process. Getting a high search engine ranking is difficult but rewarding work. By following best practices, you can attract more organic traffic from search engines over time.

What Is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is the practice and process of optimizing web pages to improve a website’s ranking in SERPs and increase its visibility. This includes optimizing both the content on the page (such as keyword targeting and internal linking) as well as technical aspects such as page structure, HTML tags, and meta descriptions. On-page SEO is a crucial element for achieving high rankings in search results.

On-page SEO encompasses all the elements that you can control on your site, including:

  • Content (including keyword targeting and internal linking)
  • Page structure (such as headings and meta descriptions)
  • HTML tags (such as title tags, alt attributes, etc.)

On-page SEO is a vast area of expertise, but here are some essential things to keep in mind:

  • Create content that is relevant and useful for your target audience.
  • Write with keywords in mind, but stay moderate; keyword stuffing can have a negative effect on rankings.
  • Use the right keywords and phrases in your page title (H1 tag) and throughout the body of content.
  • Create a sitemap to improve the crawl rate of search engines indexing your website.
  • Optimize page load speed for better user experience and rankings.
  • Keep your content concise and well-structured for users but also search engines.
  • Optimize meta descriptions with relevant information about your site and its content.

To help you with some of these items, you can use Rank Math, a free SEO tool for WordPress. As one of the best SEO tools, Rank Math for WordPress will aid you in organizing your blog posts and their respective target keywords.

Best On-Page SEO Tools: Conclusion

As you select the best on-page SEO tools for your website audits and optimization, make a list of all the aspects that matter the most to you, including user interface, features, and pricing.

Try as many tools as possible to identify what works for you. You can start with the free plans offered by platforms like Semrush and SE Ranking and upgrade to premium plans as you get more into them.

The good thing with such platforms is that they are all-inclusive, which means they can help you perform other SEO tasks, such as backlink analysis and competitor research. Ensure you keep up with the latest trends to keep your content well-optimized.

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