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What is High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing? An Essential Handbook

What is high-ticket affiliate marketing

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You may have heard the term “high-ticket affiliate marketing” used so many times. So, what is high-ticket affiliate marketing, and what can it do for you? Let’s find out!

Affiliate marketing has become an enormous industry worldwide, with a market value of $27.8 billion.

It’s no wonder that high-ticket affiliate marketing programs exist—they sometimes have huge commission rates as high as 75%. They are also known as high-paying affiliate programs.

These types of high-ticket affiliate programs aren’t based on quantity but instead on quality. As such, even though there may be fewer signups, the affiliates who join these high-ticket affiliate programs actually make more money because they require more commitment to succeed.

As you can see, there are a few different reasons why high-ticket affiliate programs exist and are useful in some cases.

Do note that high-ticket affiliate programs do require much more commitment than other types of affiliate marketing to succeed. However, high-ticket affiliate programs have a higher payout. So if you’re willing to stick it out and develop your skills, then high-ticket affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative industry indeed!

Before diving into high-ticket affiliate marketing, we have to know what affiliate marketing is.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is a form of Internet advertising that allows website owners and bloggers to recruit affiliates to promote their products in exchange for a commission on each conversion or sale.

For example, suppose I would write an article reviewing Dreamhost and recommend it as the perfect web hosting company for people who want to start their blog. In that case, I could include links throughout the article that would take readers directly through to Dreamhost, where they could buy it with one click.

If a reader then went ahead and bought a hosting plan from Dreamhost after reading my article, I would receive a commission for helping them make their purchase decision.

And since there’s a cookie duration window, the reader doesn’t have to purchase the product right after clicking on my affiliate link. In some cases, cookies can last for 90 days. 

Unless they click on another affiliate link from another blog, I should receive the commission for the product purchase.

In other words, if a reader clicks on an affiliate link with a 30-day cookie duration and makes a purchase within 30 days, the affiliate is credited for the sale and receives a commission.

Affiliate marketers have a unique advantage over all other entrepreneurs.

Because we are promoting products already validated in the market, we can simply model those already successful.

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The Benefits of Being an Affiliate Marketer

As an affiliate, you have a chance to make money without having a product of your own and the risk involved in starting up your own business. 

Many people consider this a way out of their 9-5 jobs, and it can also be a great source of supplementary income while working full time.

We live in times where our job security has become very unsure, so having the option to do extra work from home can help sustain us if we ever fall on hard times or even some not too distant future when robots replace most human labor anyway.

One of the benefits of high-ticket affiliate marketing is that you have the potential to earn huge one-off commissions. Adding up, one high-ticket commission now and then can generate a high yearly income.

Here are some reasons why I think being an affiliate marketer is great.

1. Great for beginners

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers (you and me). The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fees incentivize them to find ways to promote the company.

In one sentence, companies pay us to market their products. We’re kind of like freelance digital marketers promoting affiliate offers.

Affiliate marketers have a unique advantage in the space here. And that’s why it is such a great business model for beginners. They can simply model success because they’re promoting other people’s products. They’re promoting other products that other affiliates are promoting.

So that means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to figure out how to market the product you want to promote.

  1. You find a product that is being marketed successfully.
  2. You see how it’s being marketed successfully.
  3. Then you market that success, and you will see success as well.

This is what I show you in my High-Ticket Affiliate Blueprint ebook.

2. Work from home

First off, you will get to work from home and have the ability to scale your affiliate earnings without limits. In this day and age, it is hard to find a job that offers such flexibility.

3. Reduced expenses

Another great thing about being an affiliate marketer is you won’t need any fancy office space or equipment to get started. All you will really need is a laptop, Internet connection, and some basic knowledge of how the whole thing works.

4. Unlimited products to promote 

More advertisers are starting to use the affiliate model because it gets results faster at lesser costs. You can easily promote literally any affiliate offer online with no restriction in terms of niche or choice of product.

There are loads of affiliate programs running out there, and all you simply need to do is sign up and start promoting.

What is High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, high-ticket affiliate marketing is a business model where the marketer promotes products that earn them big commissions above the average.

Take Amazon Associates Program, for example. You can promote literally any product they sell. However, their highest commission rate is just 10%. And that’s only for the luxury beauty category, which includes some of their most expensive items. All others are 5% or less. Their partner program offers low-ticket commissions, which means a low commission per sale.

On the other hand, Lucidpress offers commissions ranging from $20 to $300 depending on the account the customer purchases. This is a high-ticket product.

Nonetheless, we can go even higher.

Legendary Marketer, one of the best online marketing education platforms, offers affiliates a lucrative CPA (cost-per-action) of $1,000 for a single product.

Usually, digital products like ebooks, online courses, and web hosting offer higher payouts for affiliates because they’re digital. While a merchant has to spend money every time they create a physical book, the same does not happen with an ebook. They can sell an unlimited number of ebooks without any expense.

While there are a ton of affiliate programs to join, not all of them are made equal. They’re all free to join, but some require an experienced affiliate marketer.

A high-ticket affiliate program is more likely to accept you if you already have a high-traffic website or blog or have experience building a sales funnel. However, the majority let you create an affiliate account for free.

But if you’re just starting out, don’t worry. Some brands are great for beginners.

Partner with great brands

There’s a wide range of brands that you can partner with. However, not all of them have what it takes to skyrocket your affiliate commissions.

To find long-term success, you must partner with companies backed by a great team, like Legendary Marketer.

You can check out my Legendary Marketer review for further details about this company.

Legendary Marketer requires some experience, like starting a blog or creating a sales funnel. However, if you join their 5 Day Challenge, you have a chance to guarantee your spot as an affiliate and start leveraging their team.

By promoting their front-end $5 product, any referral you send them will be attached to you forever. If they purchase one of their high-ticket items, you can receive a gratifying $1,000 one-time commission.

It doesn’t matter if your referral takes 1 day or 1 year to purchase one of Legendary’s high-ticket products—you still get the commission.

You only have to promote their front-end $5 product, the 5 Day Challenge, which teaches you the building blocks of affiliate marketing.

5 Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge

They also have a product called Marketers Club, offering a recurring commission for affiliates.

Their partner program is one of the best for beginners. Having Legendary Marketer as your affiliate partner will help you succeed in this business.

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Why High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

But why high-ticket affiliate marketing? Why not standard or low-ticket affiliate marketing instead?

There is a simple reason.

High-ticket affiliate marketing pays more. And better yet, it’s a stepping stone for transitioning into direct selling!

In fact, high-rolling affiliates usually jump directly into the world of product creation or information product creation (like ebooks) because they don’t just want to recommend a product for dollars; they also want to sell their own high-ticket products that cost thousands of dollars.

For high-ticket affiliate marketing to work and be lucrative in the long run, you need a high-traffic website or blog, high authority backlinks (to prove credibility), and high conversion rates (so your visitors will buy more).

However, most importantly, you must join a good high-ticket program with an exceptional product to promote, like Legendary Marketer.

If high-ticket affiliate marketing doesn’t work for high-ticket items you’re promoting, then it’s okay… because high commission rates aren’t always made equal. And high-ticket affiliate marketing isn’t the only high-value method in affiliate marketing. 

High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Below are some of the best affiliate marketing strategies, whether low-ticket or high-ticket.

1. Know your product

If you want to come out as a trustworthy affiliate, you need to know the product you are promoting. Readers are intelligent, and they can see from a mile away if you’re to be trusted or not.

By knowing and experiencing the product, you can tell how much it will be useful to you. Consequently, you can then share your experience.

If you promote the product’s best features, it will increase your conversion rate and cultivate the trustworthiness of your brand.

2. Give free bonuses

To make a product more enticing to your audience, you can give away free bonuses like PDFs, ebooks, or free courses. Make sure they’re highly valuable and relevant to what you’re promoting.

3. Write detailed reviews

To become a customer, a reader needs to read a positive review with good information about the product. People buy a product because it solves their problems. Include all the positive aspects, details, and relevant information essential to solve your audience’s problems.

Share your personal experience with the product, testimonials, or case studies to showcase the product’s benefits. Also, include your affiliate links contextually to redirect your reader to the product page.

You can also use banners and images for promotional purposes, not only contextual links.

You can write a positive and detailed review and also include a video review in your blog. Many SEO experts imply that articles with videos get a better chance of ranking on Google.

4. Examine the pros and cons

Albert Einstein once said: “There is nothing known as “Perfect.” Therefore, no product is perfect. Be transparent about your product’s advantages and disadvantages. People will trust you even more if you show your authenticity by sharing the good and the bad.

5. Capture your audience’s email address

Create an email list by creating a lead capture page to collect your audience’s email address. This is also known as the opt-in page, where your reader “opts in” before they are redirected to the product website.

By acquiring their emails and setting up your email autoresponder, you can send them email follow-ups in the next 2-3 weeks. These emails should clear any doubts they might have regarding the product. Don’t forget to include your affiliate links.

Email follow-ups are crucial, as most people don’t buy a product right off the bat. By building a good email follow-up system, you keep your audience engaged and possibly ready to purchase without going through your website.

High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions regarding high-ticket affiliate marketing.

What is high-ticket affiliate marketing?

High-ticket affiliate marketing means recommending a product for a high commission. Usually, it’s an expensive product.

Products priced between $100 – $1,000 are considered high-end retail goods and services. They’re not cheap; they cost a lot of money!

When you promote high-ticket affiliate products, your commission will be based on the sale price and not the shipping cost (in case it’s a physical product).

However, a digital product can get higher commissions than a physical one. Because there are no shipping or manufacturing costs, the merchant can increase the affiliate commission, sometimes up to 90%.

What are high-ticket affiliate programs?

A high-ticket or high-paying affiliate program is a revenue-sharing program where affiliates refer customers to products that offer high affiliate commissions. It typically means that affiliates can promote high-value, high-priced products and earn $200 or more as commissions per sale.

Most high-ticket affiliate programs have a high commission rate that goes from 20% up to 50%+. Affiliates can, thus, focus their energy on promoting fewer products, generating higher-than-average commissions.

For example, if you partner with Augusta Precious Metals, you can earn up to $200 per qualified lead plus a 10% commission. The minimum investment customers can make with Augusta is $50k, so 10% of that is a lot for a single commission. Imagine how much you can make if hundreds of people click your affiliate link and purchase within the cookie duration window.

Another high-ticket affiliate program, like Content at Scale, offers recurring commissions. Affiliates can earn a 15% lifetime monthly commission for every new customer if they keep their monthly payments active. 15% sounds too low, but this software offers monthly prices ranging from $250 to $1,500. A recurring commission is a great incentive to continue scaling this business model.

One of the best high-ticket affiliate marketing programs out there is Legendary Marketer. By promoting their low-cost front-end product, the 5 Day Challenge, affiliates can earn $1,000 or more if the customer decides to purchase Legendary’s high-ticket products later on.

How much can you earn from high-ticket affiliate programs?

So how much can you earn as a high-ticket affiliate marketer? Of course, many factors are involved – competition, niche, type of sale, etc.

Nowadays, high-ticket affiliate programs are getting a lot of attention, and they offer high commission payouts to affiliates.

If you partner with Dreamhost, you can earn up to $200 for referring someone to their hosting plans. On the other hand, Legendary Marketer offers high-ticket affiliates a $2,850 commission for their highest-paying product.

Many programs also award the affiliate a recurring commission structure, generating monthly commissions while the customer stays an active paying product member.

There’s literally no limit to what you can make by promoting high-ticket affiliate offers. The sky is the limit if you learn how to start a blog, create quality content, increase your traffic, and monetize it with affiliate links.

What high-ticket product should you promote?

The first thing you have to do is identify what it is that will sell!

If someone comes back week after week looking for something specific, chances are other people would too. So don’t limit yourself just because you’re trying to keep things basic, for starters.

Don’t try and show everything that you’ve got from day one – instead, narrow it down to one or two products and services and make sure that you can talk about them intelligently. Go all-in!

Write an article dedicated to that topic, or make a video showing it off—whatever it takes, just be sure you can sell the benefits of your product!

How do people believe in the product you’re promoting?

Affiliate marketing is an entirely new concept for most people. So how do we get them hooked into believing the product you’re promoting is good for them?

Well, I’m not sure there’s any way around it other than just showing amazing results and then hoping your visitors can see the potential themselves!

But until they are convinced of that, you’ll have to impart your own enthusiasm to every bit of information that you put out there. Put together some facts and figures that demonstrate the product you’re promoting can work well for other people.

Maybe you could mention how it has changed other people’s lives or look at some before-and-after pictures that help demonstrate the kind of results that a product might produce.


To become a successful high-ticket affiliate marketer, finding a high-ticket item that resonates with your audience and matches their interest is vital. This way, you can ensure you’ll be able to effectively monetize your blog, emails, and social media.

If you focus your energy on one single product and go all-in, you’ll soon become an expert on that product. This will establish you as an authority. People will then perceive you with trust, and you’ll get better chances of earning commissions.

By learning the product you’re promoting and creating comprehensive reviews around it, you can show its value to your audience.

What high-ticket affiliate product are you promoting? Let me know in the comment section.

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