11+ Best Rank Tracking Software To Monitor Your Website’s Search Rankings

the best rank tracking software

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Looking for the best rank tracking software to help you boost your rankings? Many webmasters are trying to get their hands on the best rank tracker. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry anymore. This post lists the best rank tracking software currently available.

If you haven’t started tracking your keyword rankings yet, then you’ve missed out on some vital search engine optimization (SEO) tips and tricks.

SEO is a vast topic. Websites have never been more important in the history of the Internet, with over 12 million searches performed every single month only on Google. And those numbers are just growing.

Whether you’re just starting a blog or managing your client’s websites, you need a rank tracking tool to know if your SEO efforts are paying off. These tools also help you monitor those pages acquiring more backlinks for your website.

Because of this, monitoring your ranking is essential if you want to keep up with the competition and understand how to improve the rating of your website. Fortunately, there are many solutions out there that can be used for tracking your website ranking.

What Is Rank Tracking Software?

Rank tracking software is a type of analytics software that tracks a website’s rankings in search engines like Google. Webmasters and SEO experts use it to improve their websites’ Google rankings and overall SEO performance.

The most common use of rank tracking software is to track organic rankings (i.e., those that occur without paid advertising). However, some rank tracking tools also track paid search results, such as PPC ads and organic listings in shopping engines like Amazon.

The main purpose of the best keyword rank tracking software is to identify the keywords that drive traffic and conversions for your website or landing pages so you can optimize your content accordingly.

What Is The Best Rank Tracking Software?

1. Semrush


Semrush is a versatile and powerful tool for SEO and paid advertising research, analysis, and optimization. It’s an all-in-one SEO toolkit designed to help businesses grow their online presence and get more website traffic.

Semrush was initially developed as a competitive intelligence tool for online advertisers and as a website auditor for SEO professionals. It has since grown into a full-fledged suite of both free and premium tools used by over ten million marketers worldwide.

This rank tracking software tool is used by eCommerce marketers, content writers, digital agencies, web developers, business owners, and social media managers who want to optimize their online presence or increase their traffic from search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Semrush’s extensive database of over 21 billion keywords and its proprietary data validation algorithms are designed to help you find low-competition keywords that can drive thousands of visitors to your website.

Users can also use Semrush to track their own keyword rankings on Google and Bing in order to uncover insight into how well they’re doing in terms of organic search engine optimization.

Key Features That Make Semrush the Best Rank Tracking Software

  • All-in-One SEO Tool – Semrush offers many SEO tools in a single dashboard, including rank tracking features, an SEO writing assistant, a social media tracker, advertising features, and many more.
  • Competitor Research – Using this tool, you may find keyword and backlink gaps in the strategy of your competitors, allowing you to capitalize on such gaps for your own search engine optimization success.
  • SEO Recommendations – SEMRush gives fast advice for improving your website’s SEO and contains a huge library of keywords applicable to various business sectors.
  • Rank Tracking – You can monitor search queries on Google or Baidu using the position tracking tool, and daily updates are included in all plans.
  • Local Rank Tracking – Maintain a record of keywords for a number of different locales, devices, and/or languages. You will also be able to view the search visibility of your company in the local pack.
  • Keyword Research – Tag, sort, and filter the results of your keyword research with the help of Semrush’s comprehensive set of capabilities. You may also generate and schedule reports for tracking the SEO rank of your website.
  • Competitor Rank Tracking – Find out which websites have the most competition for the terms you want to use. Examine where you stand in comparison to these other competitors. Compare side-by-side the position changes that have occurred on rival websites. You may better understand the ranking environment and find new targeting options as a result of this.
  • Keyword Metrics – Using the rank tracking tool, it is simple to get an overview of the most relevant keyword metrics at a glance. Examine search volumes, features of search engine results pages (SERPs) such as snippets and videos, search intents, and algorithm modifications.


Semrush pricing

Semrush offers three different pricing plans: Pro, Guru, and Business.

Pro ($99.95/mo)
  • 5 projects.
  • Track up to 500 keywords.
  • 10,000 results per report.
  • 3,000 reports per day.
  • Crawls 100,000 pages every month.
  • Includes mobile rankings.
Guru ($191.62/mo)
  • Up to 15 projects.
  • Track up to 1,500 keywords.
  • Includes a Content Marketing Platform with unlimited topics to research, 800 SEO content templates, 5 countries to track, and 5 plagiarism checks per month.
  • Integrates with Google Data Studio.
  • 30,000 results per report.
  • 5,000 reports per day.
  • Crawls 300,000 pages every month.
Business ($374.95/mo)
  • Up to 40 projects.
  • Track up to 5,000 keywords.
  • API access.
  • 50,000 results per report.
  • 10,000 reports per day.
  • Includes Product Listing Ads.
  • Crawls 1.000,000 pages every month.
  • 2,000 SEO content templates.
  • 10 plagiarism checkers per month.

If you have needs that overpass these features, you can request a custom plan tailored just for your business.

Semrush offers a 7-day free trial with all features unlocked, so you can test drive this rank tracking software and see if it’s a good fit for your business. Some of its features will still be available after the 7-day trial period has ended. They will be heavily constrained, though.

2. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a rank tracking software that tracks your website’s rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It also shows you keyword rankings for all your keywords and the number of backlinks your site has.

SE Ranking has been around for years and has been a staple for many SEO professionals. The reason why? Because it’s easy to use and it’s very affordable.

All the marketing and SEO analytic tools you want are available on the SE Ranking platform.

With SE Ranking, you can track the keyword positions throughout all of the major search engines and in a variety of countries, territories, or cities as frequently as you want. Additionally, you’ll get 100% accurate keyword rankings and real-time data.

SE Ranking works by monitoring the ranking positions of your sites on Google and Yahoo. You can enter your website URL, keyword, or phrase for which you want to track the ranking and it will show you the current ranking position.

This SEO rank tracking tool has been designed to be easy to use which means that even beginners can get started with this tool right away. It has been designed so that it can be used by people who have no technical knowledge at all and yet still be able to get results quickly and easily on their computers or mobile devices.

Learn how SE Ranking can help you boost your Google rankings.

Key Features

  • All-in-One SEO Toolset – SE Ranking includes all marketing, SEO research, and keyword optimization tools to help you achieve higher ranks.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking – Monitor your position on Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, and Google Maps from your laptop or mobile device. You can also monitor your rankings at the country, city, or zip code level.
  • Competitor Rank Tracking – Compare your competitors’ predictions for organic traffic and keyword rankings. You can use this function to assess the good and bad points of each website.
  • Competitive PPC/SEO Research – Learn the keywords your competition is using in their paid and organic search strategies.
  • Keyword Organization – The keyword filtering, tagging, and folder features of SE Ranking are fantastic. Zooming in on crucial keywords and changes in their ranking is now simple.
  • Keyword Metrics – See all the keyword stats that are significant for SEO campaigns. View monthly traffic potential, keyword search volumes, and position history. To better evaluate SEO effectiveness, you can identify distinctive SERP elements and search visibility KPIs.
  • Website Audit – With the help of the Website Audit tool, which offers solutions for both on- and off-page challenges, you may rank your website among the top 10 Google search results.
  • Integrations – SE Ranking allows you to connect Google Search Console and Analytics to gain more keyword and traffic information.
SE Ranking audit every page of your website

You may track each keyword for any combination of up to five search engines or locations and have it count as one tracked word, which is a major feature that sets SE Ranking distinct from other rank tracking tools. These keyword tracking variants are typically counted as five different phrases that add up to the plan’s limit by most SEO rank tracking tools.


SE Ranking pricing annual subscription weekly ranking check

SE Ranking offers three pricing plans that vary according to the number of keywords tracked, the rankings check frequency, and the subscription period.

The image above shows the most affordable plans regarding the mentioned characteristics.

Essential (starting at $23.52/mo)
  • Check each of 250 keywords in five combinations of search engine, country, language, and device.
  • 10 projects.
  • Monitoring for 4,000 backlinks.
  • Website Audit for 30,000 pages.
  • 100 competitor and keyword research reports per day.
  • Marketing Plan, including website on and off-page optimization tips.
Pro (starting at $52.32/mo)
  • Check each of 1,000 keywords in five combinations of search engine, country, language, and device.
  • Unlimited projects.
  • Monitoring for 20,000 backlinks.
  • Website Audit for 150,000 pages.
  • 5,000 competitor and keyword research reports per day.
  • Three user seats.
  • White label feature.
Business (starting at $114.72/mo)
  • Check each of 2,500 keywords in five combinations of search engine, country, language, and device.
  • Unlimited projects.
  • Monitoring for 60,000 backlinks.
  • Website Audit for 450,000 pages.
  • 10,000 competitor and keyword research reports per day.
  • Ten user seats.
  • Use integrations with SE Ranking API.

SE Ranking offers a 14-day free trial so you can try the software.

3. Nightwatch


Trusted by over a thousand organizations worldwide, Nightwatch is one of the best keyword rank tracker software tools available.

When it comes to tracking local ranks, Nightwatch shines above the competition. It is not as simple as pulling its data from the nearest Google Data Center like the vast majority of other rank trackers are. Instead, it grants you access to every Google Data Center in existence across the globe.

What this entails is that you will be able to monitor how well your keywords are performing in over 100,000 different regions throughout the world. This is significant since Google frequently customizes search results for its users based on the location of the user’s device.

As one of the best rank-checking tools, Nightwatch is an industry leader in offering precise daily rank tracking and provides the capability to track keyword rankings all the way down to individual zip codes across the board for all of the major search engines.

You are able to monitor not just your position in the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), but also your position in the local map results and on all of the main search engines, including Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

Nightwatch provides access to a wide variety of additional marketing tools in addition to their very precise rank tracking system. Some of these marketing tools include keyword research, website audits, and reporting tools.

Key Features

  • Accurate Local Tracking – When tracking local or international rankings, Nightwatch employs the most precise method. Their method allows them to connect to any search engine data center from anywhere, at any time and guarantees extremely accurate tracking with few errors in the data. You may track keyword positions by state, city, or zip code with pinpoint accuracy to understand geo-targeting and local ranking changes.
  • Track Rankings Across Different Search Engines – Track daily rankings across all major search engines, including Bing and DuckDuckGo. Get a comprehensive view of where you are on SERPs, including local map results, by tracking ranks for any place.
  • Track Competitors – You can simply keep track of many competitors because Nightwatch enables you to track keywords across multiple websites (up to 50 domains at first). Additionally, you can make original keyword segments and evaluate them in a handy grid format.
  • Website Auditor – You can find broken pages, missing tags, missing links, and more. Set up automated crawling so you can monitor ongoing issues, both new and reoccurring. And provide your development team with those reports.
  • Rank Tracking Filters – The rank tracking tool’s UI lets you display the keyword metrics you want to see using robust tagging, sorting, and filtering tools.
  • Keyword Metrics – These SEO metrics include the amount of SERP results for a keyword, the history of SERP rankings, and projected monthly search volumes.
  • Nightwatch’s Keyword Discovery – Enter a URL to find new keywords, then segment your results and develop a plan to amplify your campaign.
  • White-labeled SEO Reports – Use Nightwatch’s intuitive drag-and-drop report builder to produce visually beautiful reports with data collected in minutes.


Nightwatch pricing

Nightwatch offers a straightforward plan based on how many keywords you want to track.

  • It ranges from $32/mo (Up to 250 daily keywords and 5,000 site audit pages, and much more).
  • To $559/mo (Up to 10,000 daily keywords, 50,000 site audit pages, API access, and more).

You can get started for free with Nightwatch’s 14-day free trial.

Tip: When you join the free trial, don’t input your credit card details right away. If you wait for 15-30 minutes, you’ll receive an email offering you access to their 21-Day Custom Trial, including a full platform walkthrough and full support.

4. SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker keyword map

Rank Tracker by Link-Assistant’s SEO PowerSuite is a free rank-tracking tool that allows you to track and monitor your website’s rankings on search engines. It is designed to be easy to use but powerful enough to provide you with all the necessary information.

By using Rank Tracker, you can see how your website ranks for thousands of keywords in all major search engines, including Google, Yandex, Bing, and Yahoo. In total, Rank Tracker supports 597 international and local search engines.

This best rank tracking tool will also let you see how many pages are indexed in each search engine and the number of backlinks pointing at each page.

Due to its forever free edition, which enables you to track an infinite number of websites and keywords and utilize all SEO functions, including rankings, backlinks, and on-page optimization, SEO Powersuite is one of the most widely used keyword rank-tracking software solutions.

The platform also offers two premium options that are ideal for small-business owners, freelance SEOs, and SEO companies.

Read my Rank Tracker review to learn more about this rank-checking tool.

Key Features

  • All-in-One Toolkit – SEO PowerSuite includes four professional free tools, including Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant.
  • Keyword Positioning Monitor – Rank Tracker has you covered whether you need to monitor keyword rankings weekly or daily, on desktop or mobile devices, in Google or other search engines.
  • Geo-specific Keyword Rankings – Rank Tracker correctly examines rankings for the precise place of your choice, including a country, state, city, or even a precise street address.
  • Keyword Analysis – You may evaluate the keyword potential and rank them for targeting with the aid of the ranking tool. The rank checker may compute Keyword Difficulty for every keyword in addition to SEO variables like search volume information and competitiveness. This sophisticated statistic considers all SEO strengths and flaws of the websites of your top 10 competitors.
  • SERP Checker – The keyword rank checker enables you to monitor the keyword strategies of competing companies and assess how well they are performing in organic search results. The rank-checking software will monitor the keywords for which your competitors already have rankings.
  • 23 Keyword Tools – The Rank Tracker keyword rank feature already includes all widely used keyword research tools: Keyword Gap, Google Ads Keyword Planner, Related Searches, Related Questions, Competition research, Autocomplete, and many more.
  • Automation – Set the tool to periodically examine the status of your desired keywords’ rankings. Making your daily rank monitoring automated merely takes a few minutes, and your website’s search engine rankings will be monitored automatically.


You can download SEO PowerSuite for free and access all of its features with no time limit. But if you want to save your ranking history, automation, and export rows, you need to upgrade to a premium version.

SEO PowerSuite pricing plans
SEO PowerSuite Free-Forever Edition
  • Unlimited websites.
  • Rank tracking.
  • Unlimited keyword research.
  • Traffic metrics.
  • SEO reports.
Professional Plan ($299/yr)
  • All SEO features are unlocked with limited data.
  • You can save your rankings history.
  • Store your projects in SEO PowerSuite Cloud or Dropbox.
  • Schedule and automate your tasks.
  • Copy data to the clipboard.
Enterprise Plan ($499/yr)
  • All features from the Professional Plan.
  • It compares rankings from 40 competitors.
  • Get resorts in PDF and HTML.
  • You can save and email reports and publish them to the web.
  • Export data in HTML, TXT, SQL, and XML.

You can order all four SEO tools separately.

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker pricing
  • Rank Tracker Professional – $149 per year
  • Rank Tracker Enterprise – $349 per year.

However, you’ll get more value for your money if you purchase the complete SEO PowerSuite, including the WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant.

5. Serpstat


Serpstat, a part of Netpeak Group, is a popular SEO tool for SEOs and digital marketers. It includes various features such as keyword research, rank tracking, competitor analysis, content optimization, and backlink building.

Founded in 2013 and created by a team of professional SEO experts with over 15 years of experience in the industry, this keyword rank tracking tool is used by more than 200,000 professionals around the world, including Fortune 500 companies.

Serpstat has an impressive set of features like keyword research and competitor analysis that allows us to see where you stand against your competitors and make strategic decisions. You can also use it to create backlinks in order to climb up the ranks in Google search results.

This SEO rank tracking software and research tool will help you find which keywords are most profitable for your business to focus your search engine optimization efforts on those keywords instead of wasting time on less profitable ones.

Like many of the best rank tracker tools, Serpstat helps you discover new profitable niches, track competitors’ positions, get suggestions for new content ideas, find the best keywords for your site, understand search volume and trends by location or device type, and more.

Key Features

  • All-in-one SEO Tool – +30 tools for marketing specialists, SEO and PPC experts, and large digital companies to execute audits, clustering, competitor analysis, semantic collection, backlink checking, entire site analysis, and daily rank tracking.
  • Rank Tracking Tool – Examine a domain’s and its competitors’ local and international organic and sponsored search results. Google and Yandex rank tracking makes it easier to see changes in search results and keep track of the market share that your domain holds.
  • Competitor Analysis – The competitor analysis tool aids in locating relevant online competitors, gathering and analyzing their most popular web pages, the keywords they use to market with, the advertising that results in sales, estimating a budget, and determining the organic traffic of the site.
  • Keyword Trends – Obtain a list of the top searches for the chosen area. Analyze an increasing number of trend requests because the report is refreshed every day. Serpstat includes over 5 billion keywords in its database.
  • Keyword Clustering – A tool for quickly and automatically grouping a huge number of keywords to create the proper website structure. For a more effective semantic search, use the Serpstat Clustering tool to group entire clusters of keywords with the same meaning.
  • Batch Analysis – Use 18 metrics to examine up to 100,000 relevant keywords and a list of domains.
  • Backlink Analysis – With the use of a backlink analysis tool, you may examine backlinks, anchor texts, link donors, spot harmful links, and keep track of any changes to the link profiles of both your website and those of your competitors.


RIght now, Serpstat is offering a 30% discount on 6 and 12 months subscriptions.

Serpstat pricing
Lite ($48/mo)
  • 4,000 searches per day.
  • 10,000 results per report.
  • 10 projects.
  • 15,000 position checks per month.
  • 150,000 pages to audit.
Standard ($104/mo)
  • 5,000 searches per day.
  • 30,000 results per report.
  • 50 projects.
  • 60,000 position checks per month.
  • 400,000 pages to audit.
Advanced ($209/mo)
  • 8,000 searches per day.
  • 50,000 results per report.
  • 75 projects.
  • 150,000 position checks per month.
  • 1.250,000 pages to audit.
Enterprise ($349/mo)
  • 12,000 searches per day.
  • 75,000 results per report.
  • 100 projects.
  • 300,000 position checks per month.
  • 2.500,000 pages to audit.

Serpstat provides specific services for enterprise customers if you require more data, but you must get in touch with them for a quote.

You can register for a free plan with access to basic and limiting features.

6. Mangools SERPWatcher

Mangools SERPWatcher

One of the simplest yet most reliable SEO rank tracking tools available is SERPWatcher by Mangools, a tool that helps you to monitor your search engine rankings, backlinks, and keywords.

It will give you a detailed report on how your website is doing, what are its strengths and weaknesses, what are the most important keywords for it, which links help you to get more traffic from Google, and much more.

As one of the best rank tracking tools, Mangools SERPWatcher offers you many different services to improve your SEO strategy. You can use it to:

  • Get an overview of all your website’s positions on Google.
  • Monitor any changes in the SERPs and track their performance over time.
  • Analyze backlinks that bring traffic to your site and find out which ones are the most effective ones.
  • Evaluate keyword rankings for different keywords under different geographic locations.
  • Monitor keyword suggestions based on their popularity and relevance.

Daily rank updates and email alerts regarding any significant changes to your keyword rankings are both provided by SERPWatcher. Furthermore, both novice and expert users can work with the platform’s amazing combination of basic and sophisticated data.

Along with SERPWatcher, Mangools also provides other tools:

  • SERPChecker for search analysis.
  • LinkMiner for backlink analysis.
  • KWFinder for keyword research.
  • SiteProfiler for insights and analytics.

Key Features

  • Performance Index – Knowing your website’s potential for organic traffic is the purpose of rank tracking. Because of this, Mangools created the Performance Index based on the locations and search volumes of the most popular keywords.
  • Rank Updates – View your website’s daily ranks and check them in the SERP previews. In addition, they will send you email alerts informing you of all significant rank changes.
  • Precise Local Data – SERPWatcher covers over 50k locations, including countries, states, cities, or DMA regions. Search results are supported on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Interactive Reports – The interactive report sharing function will allow you to share the rankings with your clients or team members. You’ll be informed of the most crucial changes through scheduled reports and event-based alerts.


Mangools pricing

All these plans are valid for an Annual subscription (40% off).

Mangools Basic ($29.90/mo)
  • 100 keywords lookup every 24h.
  • 200 keyword suggestions.
  • 25 competitor keywords.
  • 200 daily tracked keywords.
Mangools Premium ($39.90/mo)
  • 500 keywords lookup every 24h.
  • 700 keyword suggestions.
  • Unlimited competitor keywords.
  • 700 daily tracked keywords.
Mangools Agency ($79.90/mo)
  • 1,200 keywords lookup every 24h.
  • 700 keyword suggestions.
  • Unlimited competitor keywords.
  • 1,200 daily tracked keywords.

Mangools is one of the most affordable rank tracking software on the market. However, you can also test drive their features on a 10-day free trial.

7. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) is one of the best rank tracking software tools where you can expect to find all essential SEO features.

This powerful rank tracking tool allows you to acquire daily, weekly, or on-demand rankings for local searches across all devices, including mobile and desktop computers.

You are able to track not only your organic ranks but also all of the other sorts of SERP features to observe how you appear in the snippets.

It also lets you build bespoke, white-label reports and share them with your clients in minutes using powerful SEO reporting tools. You may monitor the competitive SEO environment and execute side-by-side SERP performance monitoring using tools designed specifically for competitor research.

Key Features

  • Rank Tracking – Track rankings on the most popular search engines, including Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and many more.
  • Desktop and Mobile Rankings – Compare your ranking stats across multiple devices.
  • Local Rank Tracking – You can specify the GPS coordinates that you want to track, or you can choose any location in the world, including a city, state, or nation. The local search volumes for keywords are also retrieved.
  • Keyword Data – Advanced Web Ranking also provides information on the competition for your target search terms, estimates of the local search traffic for your keywords, and unique search engine SERP characteristics.
  • Ranking Reports – Additionally, Advanced Web Ranking offers templates for SEO reports and the option to design unique widget-based and automatic rank reports.
  • Rank Updates – Rankings can be set to update daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Additional features of Advanced Web Ranking’s tier 3 and tier 4 services include the availability of on-demand keyword updates and hourly ranking data updates.


Advanced Web Ranking pricing

These prices reflect a yearly billing cycle, on which you save 10% compared to the monthly subscription.

Advanced Web Ranking offers a fully-featured 30-day free trial to try the software and evaluate it.

Starter ($44/mo)
  • Unlimited projects and users.
  • SERP features.
  • Competitor insights.
  • Local and mobile rankings.
Pro ($89/mo)
  • All Starter features.
  • Competitor discovery.
  • Market share.
Agency ($179/mo)
  • All Pro features.
  • Local search keyword volumes.
  • 1-hour updates.
  • Data Studio Connector.
  • API integration.
  • Search Console country tracking.
Enterprise ($449/mo)
  • All Agency features.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • CSV exports to FTP.
  • Priority support.

8. Morningscore

Morningscore all in one seo tool

Morningscore is a comprehensive SEO tool that employs gamification to simplify SEO tasks.

The user experience is so intuitive that even if you’re not an SEO expert, you’ll be able to understand how to prioritize and concentrate on the most lucrative tasks thanks to the game dynamics.

Additionally, you can use their calculator to determine the actual financial worth of SEO in any chosen currency. After that, you can assess the ROI of your SEO efforts with ease and begin using your marketing budget far more effectively.

Morningscore provides the full range of SEO tools, just like other all-in-one solutions:

  • Keyword rank tracker tool.
  • SEO reporting tool.
  • PPC metrics.
  • Keyword research tool.
  • Backlink monitor.
  • Website audit.
  • And more.

These various tools are all smoothly interwoven with one another. To find fresh prospects, for instance, you could start by using the keyword research tool. When you have identified a few you wish to target, quickly add them to the rank tracking tool for daily updates.

You can rapidly discover all the various keywords your site ranks for in Google using the domain keyword analysis tool, along with the precise ranking position. Using the comparison tool, you can also learn how your competitors are performing for related terms.

The Rank Tracker UI is very easy to use and understand. You can quickly see all the keywords you rank for and use the right-click menu to take different actions. For instance, you could wish to seek up information on them on Google, view historical data, or add them to a group or folder.

Key Features

  • Keyword Management – Use the rank tracker to add your most critical keywords and to research new keywords based on their recommendations and competitive analysis. Keep track of your keyword rankings and how they stack up against those of your competitors for the same keywords.
  • Link Scanner – The link scanner features provide a thorough overview of the links pointing to your website and make it easy for you to keep track of each connection you acquire or lose each day. By keeping an eye on and improving your website’s link score, Morningscore also assists you in determining how to boost your link profile.
  • Website Audit – You may check the health of your website with Morningscore’s health tool and see what fundamental, technical, and content-related problems need to be resolved. The tool also displays how each issue impacts web traffic based on Google’s own rules.
  • SEO Missions – The gamified experience provided by Morningscore missions encourages you to focus on the activities that will have the biggest effects on your SEO. You can choose from the suggested missions provided by the tool, or you can create your own custom missions and let them direct your work.
  • SEO Reports – Use Morningscore’s reporting tool to quickly create straightforward reports customizable to your SEO efforts’ outcomes. In order to report to superiors and to clients, SEO reports are especially useful for SEO managers and consultants.
  • Website Scanner – You may use the website scanner to search through any website on the internet and see what keywords and links are used to rank that particular page. You have a better possibility of modifying your own strategy to rank at the top of the search results when you effectively employ these data.


Morningscore pricing
Growth Suite ($54/mo)
  • 200 keywords.
  • 5 websites.
  • 2 users.
  • Keyword tracker.
  • SEO Missions.
  • Website audit.
  • Backlink analysis.
Professional Suite ($104/mo)
  • 1,000 keywords.
  • 25 websites.
  • 10 users.
  • All features from Growth Suite.
  • SEO reports.
Master Suite ($197/mo)
  • 2,500 keywords.
  • 100 websites.
  • 20 users.
  • All features from Professional Suite.
  • Increased limits.

These prices reflect a yearly billing cycle (10% off).

As with most other rank tracking software on this list, Morningscore offers its users a fully-featured Free Trial (14 days), no credit card required.

9. Wincher


Wincher, an affordable rank tracking program created in Sweden, provides daily rank updates along with capabilities for keyword research and SEO site evaluation.

With it, you can monitor the effectiveness of your keywords and acquire high-quality organic search traffic.

Wincher’s platform is scalable and provides a reliable standalone rank tracking solution at a very low cost. This makes it ideal for solo entrepreneurs or small teams. You will be able to upgrade the higher tiers with more sophisticated features as your company expands.

Key Features

  • Rank Tracking Tool – You may monitor keyword placements on Google for particular places, such as a country, region, or city, using Wincher’s rank monitoring tool.
  • Competitor Tracking – Alongside your website, you can monitor the ranks of competitor websites and view SERP features like highlighted snippets.
  • On-Demand Rankings – If you have a Business or Enterprise plan, you can update your rankings immediately rather than wait until the next day.
  • Keyword Metrics – The rank checker tool offers keyword search numbers and a ballpark estimate of the monthly traffic that a term might bring in.
  • Discover New Keywords – For improved ranks and more traffic, quickly identify and concentrate on brand-new, high search volume keywords.
  • Data Organization – The rank tracker software has handy filtering, sorting, and keyword grouping options. Additionally, you can export Excel & CSV files, obtain PDF rating reports, and receive automated email reports and warnings.


Wincher pricing
Starter ($24/mo)
  • Up to 500 keywords.
  • Daily ranking updates.
  • 10 websites.
  • Multiple users.
Business ($49/mo)
  • Starts at 1,000 keywords and goes up to 4,000 keywords. The Price varies according to the number of keywords.
  • All Starter features.
  • White-labeled reports.
  • On-demand ranking updates.
  • API integration.
Enterprise ($199/mo)
  • Starts at 5,000 keywords and up to 10,000 keywords. The Price varies according to the number of keywords.
  • All Business features.
  • External users.
  • Project permissions.
  • Priority support.

If you need to track over 10,000 keywords, you may contact the sales team for a custom quote.

Beware that these price ranges correspond to an annual billing cycle, including two free months.

You can get started with Winch with their 14-day free trial.

10. AccuRanker


Trusted by over 32,000 brands, AccuRanker is a premium rank tracking tool that provides SEO-friendly features for your website.

With a database of over 24 billion keywords, AccuRanker tracks Google results and provides you with accurate data on how well your content is ranking on each of them. You can also use it to track your competitors’ positions so that you know exactly where they stand in comparison to you.

This accurate rank tracker helps you find out what kind of content performs well on different keywords and gives suggestions as to what kind of content would perform better than others based on their performance history.

This is currently one of the greatest resources available for keeping track of your target keywords. It offers data updates in seconds, keyword refreshes every two hours, and on-demand ranking updates.

Additionally, you get simple custom reporting templates that you may personalize with your brand. AccuRanker also offers in-depth research and a vast array of metrics that you may filter in a plethora of different ways.

When you subscribe to one of the premium plans, you also receive first-rate customer assistance, including free individual best practice sessions.

Key Features

  • Fast Keyword Tracking – Each day, Accuranker updates its keyword database. You may get rating updates on demand for unlimited domains in a matter of seconds by refreshing every two hours.
  • Rank Tracking – Keep track of keywords on a variety of search engines, such as Google, YouTube, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu.
  • Ranking Insights – Monitor all featured components displayed on the SERPs to see how much of the market you control based on your keyword positions.
  • Reporting and Integrations – AccuRanker offers advanced reporting capabilities in addition to interfaces with Google Analytics, Search Console, Data Studio, and Adobe Analytics.
  • SERP Features – Accuranker stands out from other rank tracker programs in that it gives you access to SERP features as well. This is for tracking elements like pictures, featured snippets, and more.
  • Segmentation – Using a variety of tools, you can filter and segment your data using AccuRanker’s patented algorithm. Enterprises and SEO agencies must be able to handle massive amounts of data with ease.
  • Keyword Tools – View previous search volume for a keyword phrase, and divide keywords and landing pages using different tags and filters.


To make sure that you always know what you’re paying for, Accuranker features a clear and transparent pricing structure. It is a premium alternative to inexpensive keyword tracking for those who can afford it.

AccuRanker pricing varies according to the number of keywords you wish to track. No matter what plan you choose, you get access to all features.

AccuRanker pricing

The price can go as low as $116/mo for 1k keywords to $2,492 for 50k keywords. To track 100k keywords or more, you need to schedule a meeting by leaving your contacts with them.

However, you can get started with AccuRanker’s 14-day free trial.

11. Authority Labs Rank Tracker

Authority Labs

Authority Labs makes it to this list of the best keyword rank checker tools for their mobile-specific feature and white-labeled dashboards.

Monitoring your website’s search engine optimization can be done automatically if you use the keyword and search engine ranking data that Authority Labs provides. This tool lets you monitor your mobile rank tracking and also local keyword search volumes, and overall rankings.

The software is intuitive and simple to operate. There are no downloads required, and there are no contracts to sign; instead, you may join up for a free trial on the website and give it a try.

After registering, you will have access to all of the tools that you require to immediately optimize your keyword strategy, monitor your competition, and receive daily data on your success.

You get everything you need to fuel your data analytics with the most powerful SEO data API that is currently accessible, thanks to Authority Labs Data Services.

Key Features

  • Global Tracking – You may easily extend your sphere of influence by including domains or pages from any country or language that Google, Bing, and Yahoo support.
  • Location-specific Rank Tracking – Tracking search results by state, city, and even postal code will allow you to delve into the data that is both the most exact and granular that is currently accessible.
  • Daily Data – You will never be in the dark about where you stand since you will check your rank daily and respond to changes as they occur.
  • Mobile Specific – Maintain your competitive advantage by using their device-specific statistics to monitor both your mobile ranking and the keywords that users of mobile devices are searching for.
  • Competitor Tracking – Tracking the domains of your competitors can provide you with a competitive advantage. Compare your work to theirs and see how they stack up.
  • White-labeled Dashboards – Send customized dashboards to clients via a plain URL so they can monitor their rankings on a daily basis.
  • Google Data Studio Integration – Build attractively produced SEO rank tracking reports for internal clients or customers of your agency with their brand new Google Data Studio connector. These reports may be shared with any group.
  • Unlimited Users – Everyone on your staff, as well as your clients and even your manager, can have their own login for the reporting system.


Authority Labs pricing
Plus ($49/mo)
  • Up to 250 keywords and 50 domains.
Pro ($99/mo)
  • Up to 1,000 keywords and 100 domains.
  • White Label.
  • Google Data Studio Integration.
Pro Plus ($225/mo)
  • Up to 2,500 keywords and 300 domains.
Enterprise ($450/mo)
  • Over 5,000 keywords and unlimited domains.
  • API integration.

You can test-drive Authority Labs Rank Tracker with their 14-day free trial. You’ll have full access to the features depending on your chosen plan.

12. Ranktracker


Ranktracker is an all-in-one SEO platform that enables you to do keyword research, analyze your competitors, monitor your backlinks, track your rankings on search engines for specific locations, and more.

This SEO tool offers various SEO-related services to its customers, from basic capabilities like tracking search engine rankings to more complex ones like SERP checking.

The features of Ranktracker are growing every month, and they’re always improving their algorithms to provide their customers with the most precise results.

The user interface of Ranktracker’s rank tracking tool displays all the data in a straightforward, understandable manner. You can monitor your rankings on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.

Key Features

  • Rank Tracker – This tool displays campaign visibility, SERPs (search position results), and the precise keywords driving traffic to your website. You can find out where you are having an impact, both domestically and abroad, in detail and with confidence. To keep you updated, the software sends you daily emails to stay informed.
  • Keyword Research – Find a list of relevant keywords and search for location-specific keywords. You can also find seasonal trends with search volumes over time in a simple graphic.
  • Website Audit – Get your SEO evaluated carefully. The audit tool examines every aspect of your on-site SEO, immediately identifying any problems and then instructing you on how to resolve them.
  • Backlink Checker – Utilize the Backlink Checker to determine the number of backlinks your competitors have, then adjust your content strategies accordingly.
  • SERP Checker – Get a thorough evaluation of any search term’s results from Google. Enter a keyword to find out who is showing up for it, whether you can outrank them, and more. The SERP checker displays search results for a certain country, region, city, or area, so you can locate the finest keyword opportunities there.


Ranktracker pricing

The following prices reflect a yearly billing cycle (50% off).

Starter ($9/mo)
  • 100 Daily tracked keywords.
  • 2 Competitors per domain.
  • 100 Monthly keyword finder lookups.
  • 100 Keyword suggestions per search.
  • 100 Monthly SERP checker checks.
  • 1,000 Pages audited monthly.
Double Data ($29.50/mo) – Offers a 7-Day Free Trial
  • 500 Daily tracked keywords.
  • 5 Competitors per domain.
  • 500 Monthly keyword finder lookups.
  • 125 Keyword suggestions per search.
  • 250 Monthly SERP checker checks.
  • 2,500 Pages audited monthly.
Quad Data ($54.50/mo) – Offers a 7-Day Free Trial
  • 1,000 Daily tracked keywords.
  • 10 Competitors per domain.
  • 1,000 Monthly keyword finder lookups.
  • 250 Keyword suggestions per search.
  • 500 Monthly SERP checker checks.
  • 5,000 Pages audited monthly.
Hex Data ($104.50/mo)
  • 2,000 Daily tracked keywords.
  • 20 Competitors per domain.
  • 2,000 Monthly keyword finder lookups.
  • 500 Keyword suggestions per search.
  • 1,000 Monthly SERP checker checks.
  • 10,000 Pages audited monthly.

Both the Double Data and Quad Data plans offer a 7-day free trial, so you can test drive the software and its features.

Rank Tracking FAQs

What is rank tracking?

Rank tracking is used to determine how your site stacks up against competitors in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Keyword rank tracking allows you to see how well your content is performing in Google and other search engines, which helps you determine your next steps for optimization. This is an important part of SEO because it allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts so that you can make changes on the fly if needed.

How does keyword rank tracking software work?

The operation of the software that monitors keyword rank involves going to several search engines to collect data on the rankings of keywords using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), which give users access to the information they require without charging them.

However, because the number of API queries that may be made in a day is capped, most rank tracking applications are forced to scrape the search engine results directly whenever they deal with a large number of keyword searches.

What role does keyword rank tracking play in SEO?

Tracking the rankings of your targeted keywords is an essential part of search engine optimization since it enables you to determine which SEO strategies are producing results and which are not. You will also receive useful information that will allow you to diagnose any decreases in ranking and take appropriate action as a result.

Having access to a keyword tracking tool of excellent quality provides you an advantage over your competition in terms of your overall SEO approach.

How can I increase my rankings for certain keywords?

You may increase your keyword ranks by engaging in SEO activities such as improving your website, content, and links. This includes optimizing the website based on potential ranking variables such as the relevance of the content to a particular search query, backlinks, visual content, etc.

To determine whether your SEO efforts, such as buying backlinks and optimizing your website, are effective, using a rank tracking tool is highly recommended. These tools are necessary to track your ranking in order to stay ahead of the competition and know how to boost your website ranking.

What are the top ranking factors?

The search algorithms used by Google could take into account hundreds of different parameters when determining rankings. A good number of these aspects are connected to the content, links, and experience of the user.

When it comes to ranking highly on Google, the most important factors include:

  • Creating high-quality content regularly.
  • Making sure that visitors have a positive experience on the pages they visit by making them load quickly and offering relevant information.
  • Ensuring that the website is mobile-friendly.
  • Using internal links.
  • Earning backlinks from other websites with a relevant niche and a high level of authority (high DR, or Domain Rating).

Additionally, Google is constantly releasing new algorithmic updates, which can range from minor algorithm tweaks that cause ranking fluctuations to significant core updates that cause more obvious ranking shifts across a large number of sites on the search engine results pages.

Wrapping It Up!

Rank tracking software is an excellent way for any company to keep up with their website’s presence and performance on search engines compared to their competitors. Companies that are always looking for ways to one-up their competition will greatly benefit from the information provided by these programs.

To select the best rank tracking software for your business, you need to consider several features, such as pricing plans, the number of keywords available, tracking frequency, and many more.

I hope you now thoroughly understand the keyword research tools necessary for your business.

In a nutshell, rank tracking software allows you to monitor and analyze the position of a certain web page in relation to Google and other search engines. The very best rank trackers include updates on a regular basis, in addition to extra SEO marketing tools, suggestions for areas in which performance can be enhanced, and in-house analytics tools that provide information on the performance of your content in the past.

Let me know which rank tracker you’re using.

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