5+ Best Synthesia IO Alternatives (Free & Paid)

The best Synthesia IO alternatives can help you craft professional videos using artificial intelligence (AI) and human avatars.

AI marketing tools are on the rise, and generating AI videos with real human avatars might be the future of video marketing.

While Synthesia IO is one of the best AI video generators using human avatars, it may lack features you might require, such as creating cartoon avatars or celebrity avatars, for example.

For this reason, I list the top paid and free Synthesia alternatives so you can get a better grasp of what these AI video tools have to offer.

But first, let’s see what Synthesia IO is.

What Is Synthesia IO?

Synthesia io

Synthesia IO is a cloud-based AI video generator software designed for marketers who don’t want to go on camera. It’s one of the best ways to reduce costs, as hiring actors and voice talents can be quite expensive.

With this AI video maker, you can choose from over 65 human-like avatars to produce high-quality videos for your marketing efforts. It also allows you to create a custom avatar solely for your brand. You’ll keep your AI marketing video creative and distinctive in this way.

Synthesia offers 50+ professional templates to help you craft better videos in less time. The Synthesia.io editing tools make it simple to create highly compelling AI videos.

However, you might have used this AI program and discovered it wasn’t what you had anticipated. Or perhaps you need a different pricing structure and different features.

Before you continue reading, you might also want to check my Synthesia IO review, where I dive deeper into the AI video tool.

What Are The Best Synthesia IO Alternatives?

1. Yepic AI

Yepic ai

Yepic is a skilled AI text-to-video maker that enables you to produce AI videos with human avatars and has hundreds of satisfied customers.

You can rapidly produce any type of video with human avatars with this AI video generator, which will increase viewer engagement. Additionally, the ability to place your avatar on a small circle rather than the entire screen makes it simple to create talking photos.

In addition to more than 60 different languages, you can select from more than 480 different voices when creating an AI video. You are also not required to use one of the pre-installed voices; you are free to upload your own.

Yepic enables you to make a variety of videos, including welcome videos, tutorials, sales videos, prospecting videos, presentations, video chatbots, and more.

Yepic Features

  • Human Avatars – Create AI videos in a matter of minutes using avatars of various racial backgrounds.
  • Talking Photos – Make talking photographs in AI videos with ease. You can select one of 50 faces, filter them based on gender, race, and age, or even add your own.
  • Multiple Languages and Voices – To meet your demands, access 480+ voices, 110 accents, and 60+ distinct languages.
  • Custom Avatar – Make a personalized avatar using your face or the face of a teammate.


Yepic ai pricing

Standard (£24/mo)

  • 20 credits per month (1 credit per minute).
  • The video rendering takes less than 30 minutes.

Plus (£66/mo)

  • 100 credits per month.
  • The video rendering takes less than 20 minutes.
  • Access the API and integrate Yepic Studio with your CRM.
  • Photo animation.
  • Includes auto-translation.

Premium (£249/mo)

  • 500 credits per month.
  • The video rendering takes less than 10 minutes.
  • API personalization.

The billing cycle for these plans is yearly (2 months off).

Yepic provides users with a 14-day free trial for the Standard package, unlike Synthesia.io. It’s the ideal way to start making your first AI video with human avatars.

2. Elai IO

Elai io

Elai IO, an expert AI video creation platform, was established in 2021 and uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality videos without the use of external tools or camera equipment.

With Elai’s technology, which includes over 25 human-like avatars, there is nothing you can’t do. You can make a wide variety of high-quality video genres, including explainer videos, online courses, real estate, dubbing, cartoon avatars, AI news generation, and corporate videos.

You are not restricted to using human avatars; you may create an avatar for your own mascot that will move and speak your script.

Additionally, you may translate your blog posts into more than 65 different languages and turn them into interesting videos with a human presenter.

Elai IO Features Making It The Best Synthesia IO Alternative

  • Human Avatars – There are more than 25 human avatars available on Elai.
  • Cartoon Avatars – You may have a talking mascot or custom cartoon avatar read your script for you.
  • Customization – Each slide or video clip can be customized, including the avatars, backdrops, text, photos, icons, shapes, and other elements.
  • Stock Assets – Access to stock music, photo, and video collections is available to all Elai plans.
  • Multiple Languages – Reach a wider audience by translating your scripts into 65+ different languages.
  • Elai App – Create AI videos for your online courses by integrating Elai into your Thinkific account.


Elai io pricing

Free ($0)

  • Generate 1 minute of video.

Basic ($23/mo)

  • 15/25/40 minutes each month. The price will change accordingly.
  • 1 user.
  • Includes all avatars and languages.
  • Provides transitions and animations.
  • Automatic translation.
  • Auto subtitles.
  • Instantly turn a blog post into a video. To build pertinent slides for your presentation, the AI platform extracts information from the text.

Advanced ($80/mo)

  • 50/100/150/200 minutes each month. The price also changes accordingly.
  • All features from the Basic plan.
  • 5 users.
  • Allows you to upload custom music and fonts.
  • Premium voices.
  • Export videos up to 4K resolution.
  • Offers a dedicated account manager.

Custom (get in touch with the customer support team for a quote)

  • There are no limits on the number of users in the Custom or Corporate plans. The cost will vary depending on the number of minutes and other required features.

You save 20% if you choose a yearly subscription. And there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans.

Thankfully, Elai IO provides a 14-day free trial with 8 minutes of usage time so that you may try out this AI video maker.

3. Colossyan


Colossyan is one of the best Synthesia competitors, as it features high-quality avatars and more than 60 languages with different accents.

It is not only an AI video generator with avatars, but it offers many professional video editing tools like adding background images, music, shapes, animations, and transitions or changing fonts and avatars per slide.

Additionally, Colossyan lets you turn your PowerPoint presentations and PDFs into videos. Furthermore, you can customize them using millions of royalty-free images and videos from Pexels, which are already integrated into the platform.

It also works as a text-to-speech software, meaning you don’t have to choose an avatar for your video, as it can be created with only voice.

Colossyan Features Making It One Of The Best Synthesia IO Alternative

  • Human Avatars – Create AI videos with 30+ AI presenters from different ages and ethnicities.
  • Custom Avatar – Create your own custom avatar to turn your videos into unique presentations.
  • Language Support – Colossyan offers over 70 languages, including dialects.
  • Auto-translate – It features an auto-translator tool that makes creating videos in multiple languages easy.
  • Auto-subtitles – Add subtitles to your AI videos automatically. You can also upload your own subtitles or edit them in different languages.
  • PPT & PDF – Import PDFs and PowerPoint files to your AI videos.
  • Screen Recording – Record your screen and create tutorials or onboarding videos all in one platform.


Colossyan pricing

Free ($0/mo)

  • 5 minutes lifetime.
  • 2 avatars.
  • English language only.
  • Watermarked videos.

Basic (starts at $21/mo)

  • 120 minutes up to 1200 minutes per year (pricing increases).
  • 12 avatars.
  • 70+ languages.
  • Commercial license.

Pro (starts at $70/mo)

  • 480 minutes up to 3840 minutes per year (pricing increases).
  • All premium avatars.
  • Export videos up to Full HD (1080p).
  • Priority support.

Colossyan also offers an Enterprise plan where you can export videos up to 4K, upload your own voice, access analytics, collaboration features, enterprise actors, custom integrations, and more.

If you’re looking for the best free Synthesia IO alternatives, try Colossyan’s Free plan. While you only get 5 minutes for the duration of your account, it’s an excellent way of getting to know the software.

You can start with the Free plan with no signup process or even credit card needed.

4. DeepWord


DeepWord is a free AI text-to-video generator that lets you create various videos without ever having to reveal your face. It’s one of the few platforms that also provides a free-forever plan and is trusted by several well-known brands in the online market.

With the help of merge tags, DeepWord’s dashboard allows you to develop and generate personalized videos utilizing contacts from your CRM. You can even import them into the video editing software of your choice to make customized email campaigns or sales communications.

To improve engagement, you can integrate your brand assets and modify the pre-built templates to your preferences. A video-sharing page is included with each video, which you can personalize by changing its colors, logo, buttons, and domain links, among other things.

DeepWord has a variety of application cases, including marketing and sales videos, translation, business training, real estate, listings, and tutorials for education.

DeepWord Features Making It The Best Free Synthesia IO Alternative

  • 25+ Avatars – You may create highly engaging videos for your digital content with more than 25 male and female video actors.
  • 129+ Languages – Almost all languages and regional dialects are supported by DeepWord. Additionally, there are 330 voices from which to choose.
  • Export – Save your AI-generated videos in the MP4 format in full HD (1080p).
  • Video-Sharing Pages – Each video you produce has its own dedicated video-sharing page.
  • Analytics – Keep track of important data for each video you produce to understand better which ones are more engaging.
  • Custom Actor – To add extra individuality to your videos, DeepWord lets you upload your own video actor.


Deepword pricing

Free Account ($0/mo)

  • Create videos for up to 2 minutes.
  • Includes 4 voice actors.
  • All languages.
  • Video-sharing pages.
  • You can download your videos in MP4.

Premium Account ($14.99/mo)

  • Create videos for up to 14 minutes.
  • Includes 25 voice actors.
  • Upload your custom video actor.
  • Access video analytics.
  • API access.
  • Includes fast processing time.

Pay As You Go Account ($1.80/minute)

  • Includes all features.

The Pay As You Go Account will unquestionably be your best friend if you do not want to commit to a monthly membership. However, you can use DeepWord right away with its cost-free, lifetime plan.

5. Rephrase AI

Rephrase ai

Rephrase AI is a leader in Asian artificial video production. This Synthesia alternative lets you create professional videos of a human avatar reading your script.

The creators of this generative AI program were highlighted in Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia list as a result. It’s undoubtedly a business to watch in the future.

Rephrase AI enables you to design marketing campaigns that engage your customers by allowing you to create personalized digital avatars of your brand ambassadors. In order to target particular clients with customized adverts, you can also develop personalized AI videos.

Unlike Synthesia, Rephrase AI’s goal is to develop digital representations of actual people, including celebrities, influencers, CEOs, and more. By doing this, brands may produce tailored videos on a large scale without constantly having to record those superstars.

Rephrase AI Features

  • Celebrity Video Messages – Redirect potential consumers’ attention and direct them toward the conversion funnel by using the influence of your brand ambassador.
  • Personalized Videos – You can develop content that motivates your clients to take action.
  • Targeted Video Marketing Messages – Create a number of marketing communications to onboard, re-engage, and lead your consumers through your sales funnel.
  • Local Ads – Run hyperlocal ads for better-targeted outcomes.
  • Custom Videos – Make unique videos, such as internal messages, congratulatory messages, birthday wishes, performance reviews, business updates, and event invites.


Rephrase AI doesn’t have a set pricing structure, unlike other AI video platforms. You need to get in touch with them and tell them how you want to use the software.

6. Movio


Movio is an AI video generation tool that lets you turn text into professional-looking videos in minutes. Their end-to-end solution uses artificial intelligence to generate human-like avatars that match your brand’s style, gender, and ethnicity.

It features over 80 talking human avatars with authentic voices and perfect text lip-syncing. While it only includes about 20 languages, it features all age ranges.

The talking photo feature lets you bring your photos alive with real human voices. What could be more entertaining than that?

Besides human avatars, Movio also allows you to create 3D avatars for your videos.

Featuring over 200 high-quality templates, you can create professional-looking videos to attract your audience and boost conversions.

Like most other tools in this article, you can also create your own custom avatar, available in different pricing plans.

Movio Features

  • AI Avatar – Over 80 AI avatars covering many different ethnicities, ages, and poses.
  • Text-to-speech – Create videos with real-sounding human voices that breathe life into your script.
  • Talking Photo – Animate any photo and make them speak with human voices in several languages, or record your own voice.
  • 3D Avatars – Create engaging videos with 3D avatars in addition to human avatars.
  • Templates – Choose from over 200 high-engaging templates.
  • Custom Avatars – Create your custom avatar and be unique.
  • Chrome Extension – Create videos while browsing the web by copying any text you want to transform into video.


Movio Pricing
  • Free – Create videos for up to 1 minute for free every month.
  • Essential (starts at $24/mo for 10 minutes)
  • Pro (starts at $180/mo for 90 minutes)

All plans include 100+ human avatars, 200+ voices, talking photos, and much more.

What Is The Best Free Synthesia IO Alternative?

The top free Synthesia IO alternatives have drawbacks. As with most software, the free plans come with many limitations and fewer features. Also, free AI video software usually displays the brand’s watermark.

If this is not a problem for the way you intend to use AI videos with human avatars, there are some free Synthesia IO competitors you can try.

1. Elai.io

Unlike Synthesia IO, Elai.io offers a 14-day free trial. While you also get watermarked videos, you have way more features with most features available. I suggest you create a free account with Elai.io to try the software.

2. Colossyan

Colossyan is a great Synthesia alternative. However, it only allows you to generate AI videos for up to 5 minutes for the lifetime of your account. Additionally, you only access two voices in the English language. Needless to say, your videos will have a Colossyan watermark.

3. DeepWord

DeepWord is surely one of the best Synthesia IO alternatives regarding features. With DeepWord’s free plan, you can generate up to 2 minutes of AI video per month using all languages available on the platform. The downside is that you can only access four different voices, and your videos will be exported with a DeepWord branding watermark.

Create Videos With An AI Video Maker

Whatever the reason for leaving Synthesia IO, there’s a good chance you will continue using an AI video generator.

It can be challenging and time-consuming to find the best Synthesia IO alternatives. Naturally, some factors might be unique to you, such as your preference for cartoon or celebrity avatars, auto subtitles, etc.

All of the AI video generators mentioned above are excellent, but you should undoubtedly conduct your own research to see which one would work best for you.

Before deciding on the best alternatives to Synthesia IO, remember to try some of the free trials available. It’s a fantastic way to experience the product in action and learn what it can offer you.

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