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Content at Scale Review: Is It Really The Best AI Writing Tool for Great SEO?

Content at Scale review AI writing tool with SEO features

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Welcome to my Content at Scale review.

With newly emerging artificial intelligence (AI) writing platforms, writing seems a thing of the past. On Facebook groups, you can find people that claim to write entire blog posts using only artificial intelligence. Are we becoming sluggish and unwilling to put our brains to work?

The problem with this approach is that tools like can spot if an article was written by a human or by GPT-3 technology, most commonly known as AI writers. And if this tool can spot the difference, then Google can also.

This is where Content at Scale comes in handy. It not only writes entire articles using AI, but it also ensures they pass the AI content detector. Moreover, it optimizes the article for higher rankings on search engines. The search engine optimization (SEO) feature is one of the selling points of this AI SEO tool.

If you want to learn how to make the most of it, take a look at my Content at Scale tutorial.

So, in this Content at Scale review, I’ll cover all there is to know about this amazing software and give you real examples of what it can do.

Let’s start!

What is Content At Scale AI?

Content at Scale review best AI writing tool

Content at Scale is an AI writer platform unique in the market in that it can help you write SEO-optimized blog posts to rank on Google while bypassing AI content detection. It’s like Anyword and Surfer SEO merged into one powerful AI writing assistant.

This AI writing tool can create long-form content at scale (no pun intended!) in just a few minutes. The platform generates content that averages 2,660+ words per article while making SEO suggestions through natural language processing (NLP) to help you improve your rankings.

Because this AI content-generating platform produces human-like content, it claims to bypass AI content detectors. Given that AI-generated content is against Google’s guidelines if you’re using it to manipulate rankings, Content at Scale is a crucial tool for futureproofing your website content. You can learn more in the video below:

Not only does Content at Scale reviews your AI content, but it also helps you create plagiarism-free content through Copyscape integration. If you thought checking all your blog posts for plagiarism was annoying, you should know that today, to have the most original content possible, we also have to use an AI content detector.

Who is Content at Scale for?

Content at Scale is not your typical AI writing software since it includes semantic analysis algorithms that help you generate entire blog post content fully optimized for search engines. Unlike other AI writing software that only writes long-form content, Content at Scale generates an SEO-optimized meta description, so Google knows what your blog post is about.

Content at Scale can be advantageous to a wide range of people, including:

  • Businesses with a content strategy plan.
  • Marketing agencies with many clients.
  • Webmasters and site owners that need good content fast for multiple websites.
  • Content marketers who need to produce content at scale and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on human writers.
Content at Scale content editor

AI-specialized human writers can now create content at scale quickly. Instead of producing 10-15 monthly posts, they can crank dozens of fully optimized posts daily. And the quality of the content is top-notch.

Whether you’re a content marketing agency with hundreds of clients or a fledgling startup with big aspirations, this AI writing tool can help you create content that’s engaging and at scale.

On the other hand, if you need to generate short-form content for your social media, ads, or landing pages, you better look elsewhere. Content at Scale is not an AI copywriting software, meaning it’s solely focused on creating long-form blog posts. 

How Content at Scale Works

Unlike most AI content generation tools, which merely add just a layer on top of GPT-3, Content at Scale’s innovative AI content production platform employs three AI engines, including two natural language processing and semantic analysis algorithms.

This complex process can deliver contextually quality content without human intervention, bypassing AI detectors

Content at Scale keywords and customize brief

Content at Scale works the following way:

  1. Create a project – In the project settings, you’ll give your project a name, select the website URL, target audience, language, tone of voice and word count, and write a brief description, so the AI knows your main goal. You can also input the number of posts you intend to generate each month.
  2. Add keywords – Choose the primary keyword you want to rank for and add additional context. It also allows you to upload multiple keywords in bulk through a CSV file. 
  3. Create posts – Your keywords will be listed on the dashboard. Select the ones you want and hit the Create Post button. Depending on how many keywords you have, it takes a few minutes to complete the article-generation process. Compared to other tools, it takes a little bit longer to generate the text, but the content quality is excellent, and you can be sure that it will get past AI detectors.
  4. Edit your posts – After Content at Scale generates the blog posts, you can enter the article dashboard and start editing them. The AI tool has generated your article’s title, meta description, and URL slug (you can change them if you want). By leveraging the SEO-optimization feature, you can further enhance the article.
  5. Export your content – Finally, you can export the content directly to WordPress through Content at Scale’s WP Plugin or copy and paste the HTML version of the document. The latter option keeps the paragraphs, headings, and other formatting options so that other text editors can recognize them.

Content at Scale Features

It wouldn’t be fair to continue my Content at Scale review without mentioning its key features. The following is an overview of the main features of Content at Scale.

  • Create SEO-optimized Content At Scale – This AI tool allows you to create content based on what’s ranking right now on Google. Content at Scale generates SEO-optimized blog posts by selecting a target keyword, leveraging semantic analysis and multiple NLP neural networks.
  • Long-form Content – The AI content-generating platform allows you to create long-form content at scale (and in bulk), averaging 2,600+ words for each post.
  • On-page Checklist – Besides suggesting semantic keywords, the tool provides an on-page SEO checklist like Rank Math or Yoast to help optimize your content. It includes internal linking, outbound links, meta description length, the main keyword’s use, and more.
  • User Interface – The seamless user interface makes it the ideal setting for working with text.
  • Plagiarism Detector – Content at Scale provides a free Copyscape integration to help you check the uniqueness of the AI-generated content.
  • Bypasses AI Detectors – The company claims to be the only AI tool on the market that bypasses AI content detectors. And it truly does, as you can see further down in my Content at Scale review.
  • WordPress Plugin – Your Content at Scale account integrates with your WordPress website via an API. It allows you to automatically publish your content and schedule it from your account. Additionally, it will include all internal links containing keywords associated with the content that are significant semantically.
  • Team Management – Manage your projects with multiple team members.
  • White Label – You can white label Content at Scale and integrate it with your WordPress site on a subdomain.
  • Customer Support – In case of any doubts, you can contact customer support whether you’re on the projects page or inside the content editor.

Content at Scale Plagiarism & AI Detector

Most AI writing tools are great at producing quality written content. However, not all of them produce plagiarism-free content. Any content creator understands how annoying it is to edit their work to meet plagiarism standards. It takes up time that could be used on publishing or writing more.

Fortunately, the Content at Scale AI writing tool creates truly plagiarism-free content at scale while passing AI detectors.

Google is getting smarter daily, and if you write long-form content using AI content writing tools, you should be aware that Google will certainly flag your content as AI. This means your rankings could decrease.

The best way to futureproof your content and still be able to generate it at scale is to use a tool like Content at Scale.

In this full review of Content at Scale, I’ll pass the generated content through different plagiarism and AI detectors.

Content at Scale Plagiarism Detector

In the following example, I checked for plagiarism in a 2,639-word article generated by Content at Scale, using the Copyscape integration, Grammarly, and

1. The Copyscape integration returned 0% plagiarized content.

Content at Scale Copyscape plagiarism detector

2. returned 1%.

Originality AI plagiarism score for Content at Scale AI generated content

3. And Grammarly 5%.

Grammarly plagiarism checker score for Content at Scale AI generated content

It’s challenging to immediately achieve 0% on Grammarly for such a long text. It occasionally labels my authored work plagiarized (go figure!). With millions of blog posts produced each month, plagiarism rates can rise—even when unintentional.

Content at Scale AI Detector

While AI tools are a recent addition to the content creation process of many content creators, Google specifically says that publishing AI content is against their guidelines. Suppose you have entire AI articles on your website. In that case, you may see a significant shift in rankings in the next few years, as Google will probably implement AI detection technology into its own algorithm.

For this reason, if you use AI tools to write content, you should check it for AI detection.

1. Content at Scale’s AI Detection passes the example text as 100% written by a human.

Content at Scale AI Detector example

2. Conversely, Originality AI scores 83% as Original and 17% as AI.

Originality AI detection score for Content at Scale AI generated content

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t take these scores too seriously. Even before AI writing tools were developed, I wrote one of my first blog entries entirely on my own, and it was now scored as 17% AI (does this mean I’m as intelligent as AI, or is it the other way around?).

A good rule of thumb is ensuring your Original score is far higher than the AI’s.

Content at Scale Pricing

Content at Scale AI is still in beta, meaning prices may go up soon. But for now, Content at Scale pricing is as follows:

Content at Scale pricing
  • Starter ($500/mo) – Generate 20 posts at $25/post. Create SEO-optimized content with NLP recommendations in 100+ languages, and check plagiarism for free.
  • Scaling ($1,000/mo) – Create 50 posts at $20/post. Manage your projects with multiple team members and get API access to automatically publish posts at scale on WordPress.
  • Agency ($1,500/mo) – Generate 100 posts at $15/post. White label the AI software and access detailed reporting.

They also provide more affordable plans for those in need of fewer posts per month:

  • 4 Posts ($150/mo) – Generate 4 posts at $37.50/post.
  • 8 Posts ($250/mo) – Generate 8 posts at $31.25/post.

In the event that you don’t utilize all of your credits in a given month, they will carry over to the following month for a period of up to six months.

Moreover, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee—if you’re unsatisfied with the result, you’ll get a total refund, no questions answered.

They also provide a done-for-you service—their team will do all the work for you, including keyword research, editing, and optimizing 20 posts every month if you purchase a $2,000/mo subscription.

Content at Scale Pros & Cons

In my Content at Scale review, I share the main pros and cons of using this AI-driven writing tool for your content creation process.


  • Creates content in bulk.
  • Leverages multiple AI engines for better quality.
  • Writes long-form content of 2,600+ words automatically.
  • Passes AI detectors.
  • Free plagiarism checker powered by Copyscape.
  • Includes an on-page SEO checklist.
  • Provides relevant semantic keywords based on NLP to increase your chances of ranking higher on search engines.
  • Includes a seamless content editor with powerful text formatting features.
  • Schedule and publish content directly to WordPress via API access.
  • Instead of hiring a human writer, you can make significant savings.


  • Content at Scale isn’t an AI copywriting software. This means it only produces long-form content, not short-form content such as ads, website copy, social media posts, or the like.
  • Content at Scale doesn’t do keyword research.

What I Like About Content at Scale AI

Content at Scale is one of the best AI tools that have recently emerged on the market. If you need to create SEO content in bulk without hiring a content writer, there are a few AI content generators you should have in mind—Content at Scale is one of them.

What I love the most about this content generation tool is its ability to generate lengthy quality content quickly. It also ensures it passes online AI detectors, making it seem like an experienced human writer wrote it.

And if you’re worried about plagiarism, fear not. While other Content at Scale alternatives integrate with a paid add-on of Copyscape, you can have it for free!

Content at Scale dashboard

The comprehensive editor is a full-fledged text editor just like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. It allows you to format the text the way you want and also automatically generate tweets for your Twitter page. Publishing content to your WordPress website is also a breeze, thanks to API integration.

What is a blog post without an image, after all? Thankfully, Content at Scale provides royalty-free images, so you may choose the featured image for your post and submit it to your website.

Thanks to the bulk keyword upload, users can generate content at scale with relevant keywords for topical authority to help them build online businesses around particular keywords.

Writing an entire article without needing a human editor it’s getting easier with AI. However, as I always state, these tools are only assistants. Don’t forget to personalize your writing and offer useful information, such as your opinion on certain topics.

What I Don’t Like About Content at Scale AI

Content at Scale is still in beta, but it already provides helpful tools. I’m sure what follows will be integrated in the near future.

For starters, you need to provide your own keywords. Unlike some of Content at Scale alternatives, the tool doesn’t offer a keyword research function. You still need to use other keyword research tools to find relevant keywords.

SEO-optimizing your articles for higher rankings is a must if you’re writing about competitive topics and want more traffic to your website. If you’re looking at Content at Scale as a Surfer SEO alternative, you might be slightly disappointed—it lacks an SEO score, and the NLP suggestions are scarce.

However, you still have other metrics, such as word count, number of headings, paragraphs, and media, and a brief to see all the Google-indexed articles the AI used to generate your content.

Content at Scale Review: Key Takeaways

The use of artificial intelligence to automate the writing process is having far-reaching effects. Website owners can now publish more content in less time than ever before, but human content writers and editors may need to change their fees to stay up with this new trend.

In this Content at Scale review, I covered how you can automatically generate dozens of plagiarism-free blog posts in minutes that bypass AI content detectors to gain topical authority for your website.

However, you can also use Content at Scale to write guest posts quickly rather than paying a human writer, which would cost more.

In the end, a tool is only a tool. Use it wisely and see your business grow!

If you’re interested in AI-driven content, check my list of the best AI writing tools with a free-forever plan.

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