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5 Best Colossyan Alternatives (Free & Paid Video Creation)

the best Colossyan alternatives

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The best Colossyan alternatives can assist you in creating polished videos utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and human avatars.

AI marketing software is gaining traction, and AI video platforms featuring authentic human avatars could be the next big thing in video marketing and video content creation in general.

To get you started fast, here are my top three recommendations.

Best Overall

DeepBrain AI logo

DeepBrain AI

Create hyper-realistic AI avatars with human gestures and mannerisms.

Best Free Alternative

Yepic AI logo

Yepic AI

Create 4 minutes/mo for free, accessing all languages and video editing tools.

Best for Talking Photos

HeyGen logo


Access human and 3D avatars alongside talking photos.

Although Colossyan is a top-notch AI video generator that uses human avatars, it might not provide certain features you need, such as crafting cartoon avatars or generating AI avatars from photos.

To address this, I’ve compiled a list of the best Colossyan alternatives, both paid and free, to help you understand better the power of these AI video tools.

But before diving into that, let’s explore what Colossyan provides and also its limitations.

What is Colossyan?


Colossyan is highly regarded as an outstanding AI video avatar platform thanks to its high-quality avatars and an impressive array of over 70 languages with various accents.

Besides serving as an AI video generator with avatars, Colossyan also boasts a range of advanced video editing tools. These tools include adding background music, images, animations, shapes, and transitions, as well as the capability to alter fonts and avatars on a slide-by-slide basis.

Uniquely, Colossyan allows you to transform your PowerPoint presentations and PDFs into videos. Furthermore, this talking head platform supports customization by incorporating millions of royalty-free images and videos from Pexels.

Here are some recent news to Colossyan:

Colossyan also functions as a text-to-speech software, eliminating the need to choose an avatar for video creation, as it can be produced using voice alone.

This professional video creator lets you create training videos in many aspect ratios and other long videos, auto captions in different languages, conversations between AI avatars (up to 4 simultaneously), and 4k video exporting.

However, Colossyan might not be the tool you need because of some of its limitations. That’s why the best Colossyan Creator alternatives might be just what you’re looking for. But first, let’s see the disadvantages of Colossyan.

Colossyan Disadvantages

Colossyan has many benefits for creating the best videos for brand identity without needing expensive equipment. However, as with any type of video software, it does have some drawbacks.

  • No Gestures – The avatars in Colossyan may appear somewhat simplistic in terms of gestures. Thankfully, several alternative platforms provide a wider range of poses and more realistic human-like gestures, such as head nodding and more.
  • Limited AI Avatars – Some Colossyan alternatives provide over 100 AI avatars, while Colossyan only offers about 30 human presenters.
  • Limited Background Music – Colossyan offers few background music tracks, unlike other platforms.
  • No Integrations – With Colossyan, you can’t rely on AI text input from ChatGPT (unlike some Colossyan competitors). You must input your own text.

It’s important to note that the team at Colossyan adds new features constantly, so in the near future, some of these Colossyan cons might be outdated. However, I’ll strive to update this article as I see the video platform evolve.

What are the Best Colossyan Alternatives?

In this list, I share the best alternatives to Colossyan, both free and paid.

1. DeepBrain AI (Best alternative to Colossyan)

DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is an innovative platform that lets you create videos with AI technology centered on human-like interactions. You can generate an AI-driven video featuring over 100 speaking avatars by inputting text, offering a unique and engaging alternative to traditional text-based communication methods.

What sets DeepBrain apart is its ability to create professional videos with AI human avatars that mimic human speech and gestures, lending a more authentic and natural touch to the videos. Moreover, you can customize the avatar’s clothes and hairstyle.

Unlike Colossyan, you can generate AI videos with DeepBrain’s ChatGPT integration, which generates scripts automatically.

Watch this DeepBrain introduction:

DeepBrain AI even enables you to develop a digital double of an actual individual, complete with their voice, movements, and mannerisms.

With many customization options for a seamless video creation, DeepBrain AI allows you to tailor the avatar’s appearance and speech patterns according to your specific needs. This makes it the best choice for folks seeking to create captivating explanatory or instructional videos without resorting to actors or professional videographers.

DeepBrain AI Key Features as the Best Colossyan Alternative

  • Over 100 AI Avatars – Choose from an extensive selection of over 100 built-in AI avatars, courtesy of AI Studios, representing various ethnicities and industries.
  • ChatGPT Integration – Automatically generate scripts for your AI videos.
  • Customization – Craft AI avatars featuring human-like gestures and behaviors.
  • Language Support – Generate videos in more than 80 distinct languages.
  • PowerPoint Integration – Import PPT files, and the AI will automatically input the content, reducing editing time.
  • High-Quality Templates – Utilize professional-grade templates to produce captivating videos.
  • Digital Twin Creation – Develop a digital replica of an actual person, imitating their movements, speech, and mannerisms.

DeepBrain AI Pricing

  • Starter (starts at $24/mo) – It starts at 10 minutes per month with up to 6 slides per video, including all avatars and voices.
  • Pro (starts at $180/mo) – Starting at 90 minutes per month with 20 minutes per video, including 25 slides on each. It features priority video processing.
  • Enterprise (custom price) – It lets you create custom avatars and use 50 scenes per video.

2. Yepic AI (Best Free Colossyan Alternative)

Yepic ai

Yepic is a proficient AI-powered text-to-video creator that allows you to generate AI videos featuring human avatars, boasting hundreds of happy customers.

This AI video maker lets you quickly create various video types with human avatars, such as training videos, animated videos, promo videos, and other types of video marketing. Moreover, the option to display your avatar in a small circle instead of occupying the entire screen simplifies the creation of talking photos.

Yepic AI talking photos

With Yepic, you have the choice of over 480 distinct voices in more than 60 languages when creating videos. Additionally, you’re not limited to the pre-installed voices; you can upload your own as well.

Yepic empowers you to produce a wide array of videos, such as welcome videos, tutorials, sales videos, prospecting videos, presentations, video chatbots, and much more.

Here’s a cool video of Yepic AI featuring Morgan Freeman’s talking photo and voice:

Yepic AI Key Features as the Best Colossyan Alternative

  • Human Avatars – Generate AI videos quickly with realistic avatars representing diverse ethnicities.
  • Talking Photos – Effortlessly create speaking images in AI videos. Choose from 50 faces, filter them based on gender, ethnicity, and age, or even incorporate your own.
  • Varied Assets – From a wide library of background music to stock images and access to stock videos, you have all the features you need for a seamless video creation process.
  • Various Languages and Voices – Cater to your needs with over 480 voices, 110 accents, and more than 60 unique languages. You can also use your own voice.
  • Custom Avatar – Design a bespoke avatar using your own face or that of a colleague.

Yepic AI Pricing

  • Free-forever – 4 monthly video credits with 2 digital avatars.
  • Standard (£24/mo) – 20 monthly minutes with all avatars and features.
  • Plus (£66/mo) – 100 monthly minutes.
  • Premium (£249/mo) – 500 monthly minutes.

3. HeyGen


As one of the best Colossyan alternatives, HeyGen is an AI-powered video creation software that enables you to transform text into polished and engaging videos in just a few clicks. This AI video generator employs the latest AI technology to produce lifelike avatars that align with your brand’s style, gender, and ethnicity.

Boasting over 100 speaking human avatars with genuine voices and flawless lip-syncing, HeyGen covers all age groups, although it supports only about 20 languages (unlike Colossyan, which supports over 70 languages).

You can even create holiday videos with HeyGen:

The talking photo feature adds a fun twist by bringing your images to life with genuine human voices. In addition to human avatars, HeyGen also offers the option to create 3D avatars for your videos.

With more than 200 top-notch video templates, you can craft amazing videos to captivate your audience and enhance conversion rates. As with most other Colossyan alternatives mentioned in this article, HeyGen allows you to design your own custom avatar, available across various pricing plans.

HeyGen Key Features as the Best Free Colossyan Alternative

  • AI Avatar – Choose from a diverse range of over 80 AI avatars representing various ethnicities, age groups, and poses.
  • 3D Avatars – Develop captivating videos featuring 3D avatars alongside human avatars.
  • Talking Photo – Animate any image and make it speak using human voices in multiple languages, or record your voice.
  • Custom Avatars – Design your personalized avatar and stand out.
  • Text-to-speech – Craft videos with authentic-sounding human voices that add vibrancy to your script.
  • Templates – Select from a collection of over 200 highly engaging templates or use your own video footage.
  • Chrome Extension – Effortlessly create videos while browsing the internet by copying any text you wish to convert into a video.

HeyGen Pricing

  • Free Plan – Generate videos up to 1 minute in length for free each month.
  • Essential Plan (starting at $24/month for 10 minutes)
  • Professional Plan (starting at $180/month for 90 minutes)

Every subscription tier comes with 100+ human avatars, 200+ voices, talking photos, and a plethora of additional features.

4. Synthesia IO

Synthesia io

Synthesia IO is an AI-driven, cloud-based video platform tailored for marketers who prefer not to appear on camera. It’s an excellent way to cut costs, as hiring actors and voice talents can be quite pricey.

Watch this Synthesia product demo:

This AI video editing tool allows you to select from over 125 lifelike avatars to generate high-quality videos for your marketing campaigns. Like some of its competitors, you can create a unique avatar specifically for your brand, ensuring your AI marketing video remains creative and distinctive.

Synthesia provides 50+ professional templates to streamline the video creation process and save time. The video editing tools make crafting engaging AI videos a breeze.

Consider checking out my Synthesia IO review, where I delve deeper into this AI video tool.

Synthesia Key Features

  • Human Avatars – The video creation platform features over 125 human avatars.
  • Custom Avatar – Although a paid add-on feature, creating a custom avatar enables you to have a distinctive avatar for your brand. Simply record a specific script to develop your personalized avatar.
  • Professional Templates – Select from over 50 templates to enhance your marketing campaigns.
  • PowerPoint Integration – If the provided templates don’t suit your needs, import your PowerPoint files to generate an AI video with just a click. Each PowerPoint slide transforms into a scene or slide in the Synthesia video editor.
  • Brand Assets – Upload your brand’s identity elements, such as logos, colors, fonts, and more.
  • Screen Recorder – Capture your screen to produce a tutorial or instructional video with your chosen avatar.
  • Multiple Languages – Create content in over 60 languages and reach global audiences.

Synthesia Pricing

  • Personal plan ($30/mo) – You can create professional quality videos of up to 10 minutes every month.
  • Enterprise – This custom plan gives you access to all the features, including an increased number of slides per video and all AI avatars and languages.

5. Elai IO

Elai io

Founded in 2021, Elai IO is a proficient AI video creation platform that utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce top-quality videos without the need for external tools or camera equipment.

Elai’s technology offers over 25 lifelike avatars, enabling you to create a broad range of high-quality video types, such as explainer videos, online courses, real estate, dubbing, cartoon avatars, AI-generated news, and corporate videos.

Elai io AI text to video generator dashboard

You’re not limited to human avatars; you can also design an avatar for your mascot that will animate and recite your script.

Furthermore, you can convert your blog posts into captivating videos with a human presenter by translating them into more than 65 languages.

Here’s a quick tutorial on using Elai:

Elai Key Features

  • Human Avatars – Elai offers over 25 human avatars to choose from.
  • Cartoon Avatars – Opt for a speaking mascot or a personalized cartoon avatar to recite your script.
  • Customization – With its easy-to-use interface, you can tailor each slide or video clip, including avatars, backgrounds, text, images, icons, shapes, custom voice, and other components to make professional-looking videos.
  • Stock Assets – All Elai pricing plans provide access to stock music, photos, and video libraries.
  • Integrations – You can integrate Elai with tools such as Zapier, Medium, Thinkific, Udemy, and many more.
  • Elai App – Integrate Elai with your Thinkific account to produce AI videos for your online courses.
  • Multiple Languages – Broaden your audience reach by converting your scripts into 65+ languages.

Elai Pricing

  • Free Plan – You can generate realistic avatars on videos for up to 1 minute per month.
  • Basic Plan ($23/mo) – Starting at 15 minutes per month, you get access to all avatars, languages, and automatic translation.
  • Advanced ($80/mo) – Starting at 50 minutes per month, you may upload custom music, fonts, and access premium voices while exporting your videos on resolutions up to 4k.

What Is The Best Free Colossyan Alternative with a Free-Forever Plan?

The leading free alternatives to Colossyan come with their own set of disadvantages. Like most software, these free versions tend to offer limited functionality and a reduced set of features. Additionally, free AI video tools often include the company’s watermark on the output.

If these drawbacks don’t pose an issue for your intended use of AI-generated videos featuring human avatars, feel free to explore some of the free competitors to the Colossyan Creator platform.

1. Yepic AI

Yepic AI offers 4 monthly minutes in its free-forever plan, but only two digital avatars. You can access all languages and pretty much all voices up to three slides.

2. HeyGen

HeyGen provides a free plan with a monthly allowance of 1 minute for video exports. This plan grants you access to their entire library of over 100 avatars, languages, voices, and templates. Additionally, you can utilize features like uploading TalkingPhotos, importing PowerPoint presentations, and sharing videos.


Elai’s free plan lets you create videos of up to 1 minute and 1 slide every month. Besides this limitation, you can access all avatars, voices, and languages and export your videos in a full HD resolution.

The Best Colossyan Alternative Software FAQs

What is Colossyan?

Colossyan is a platform that helps users convert dull PPTs and PDF reports into engaging videos. It is designed for managers, educators, and creators to improve internal communication, enhance training and onboarding, and create sales, marketing, and explainer videos.

What are some alternatives to Colossyan?

Some alternatives to Colossyan include DeepBrain AI, Yepic AI, HeyGen, Synthesia IO, and Elai IO.

What features should I look for in a Colossyan alternative?

When searching for a Colossyan alternative, consider the following features:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Great selection of AI avatars, templates, and customization options.
  • The number of slides you can make per video.
  • Integration with other tools and platforms.
  • High-quality video output.
  • Affordable pricing plans.

Are there any free alternatives to Colossyan?

Yes, there are free alternatives to Colossyan. Some of them offer limited features and watermark on the videos, while others provide a more comprehensive set of tools. Examples include Yepic AI, HeyGen, and Elai IO.

How do I choose the best alternative to Colossyan for my needs?

To choose the best alternative to Colossyan, consider your specific requirements and budget. Determine the features you need, such as avatars, languages, templates, customization options, and integrations.

Best Colossyan Alternatives: Create Videos with AI

Despite your reasons for moving on from Colossyan, it’s highly likely that you’ll continue to utilize an AI video generator.

Finding the perfect Colossyan alternative can be a daunting and time-intensive task. Of course, certain aspects may be specific to your needs, such as a preference for animated or mascot avatars, automatic subtitles, and so on.

Each of the AI video generators mentioned earlier is exceptional, but it’s essential to conduct your own investigation to determine the most suitable option for your requirements.

Before settling on the ideal Colossyan alternative, make sure to explore some of the available free trials—they’re an excellent opportunity to see the product in action and discover its potential benefits for you.

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