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How To Use Jasper AI Recipes: My Ultimate Step-by-step Guide

how to use Jasper AI Recipes guide

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In this article, you will learn everything about how to use Jasper AI Recipes, which will help you master writing with Jasper AI and increase your productivity by creating content faster.

Jasper Recipes is one of the unique features it offers its users, which enables you to increase the strength of your AI generation significantly.

For those who need to create AI content quickly, the Jasper Recipes function is a great time-saver. And if you want to learn more about this fantastic AI-driven software, you can read my in-depth Jasper AI Review.

You can also learn how to write entire blog posts that rank with Jasper AI.

Continue reading to find out how to use Jasper AI Recipes.

What are Jasper AI Recipes?

The Jasper AI Recipes are pre-built workflows with many Jasper Commands already included in them. These Jasper Commands serve as a template to assist you in rapidly developing AI content.

Jasper Recipes offer a series of Jasper Commands that, when used in the right order, will enable you to create content much more quickly than you ever have before, much like a typical recipe for a dish includes a set of step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the dish.

If you aren’t precisely sure what Jasper Commands are, they’re basically a means of telling Jasper what you want him to write.

In the past, if you wanted Jasper to write a blog post conclusion paragraph for you, you had to open up Power Mode, select the “Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph” template, fill in all of the data about it, generate the AI content, and then copy/paste your preferred conclusion paragraph into your long-form editor. This was all required before you could get Jasper to do the writing for you.

Generating a blog conclusion paragraph for a blog post using Jasper Commands is simple. In your long-form editor, type “Write a conclusion paragraph for a blog post [title],” and then run the Jasper Command.

Using Jasper Recipes, I can take all of those Jasper Commands and arrange them in a specific order before publishing them as a Jasper Recipe. This lets users easily generate content by running each command in turn.

Jasper AI Recipes

For instance, if I were writing a post for my blog, the sequence of Jasper commands that you would need to run may look something like this:

  1. Write a content brief about {TOPIC}
  2. Write blog post title ideas.
  3. Write an intro paragraph.
  4. Write a blog post outline.
  5. Write about {ITEM_1}.
  6. Write about {ITEM_2}.
  7. Write about {ITEM_3}.
  8. Write about {ITEM_4}.
  9. Write a conclusion paragraph.

You have the option of building your own Jasper Recipe, which I will demonstrate how to do later in this post, or you can make use of any of the Jasper Recipes that have been developed by the community, such as the one that I have described above.

Let’s look at how you use Jasper AI Recipes to get the most out of this fantastic AI copywriter.

How to Use Jasper Recipes

First, you’ll need to upgrade your Jasper account to the Teams plan in order to use Jasper Recipes. For Jasper Recipes to work, you must activate a series of Jasper Commands, and the only way to access Jasper Commands is through the Teams plan.

You can read my Jasper AI pricing guide to learn about each plan’s features.

If your Jasper account is set up for the Teams plan and you’re ready to learn how to use Jasper Recipes for more efficient AI authoring, we’re ready to get started.

Here are the five steps to start using and make the most out of Jasper AI Recipes:

  1. Choose your Jasper AI Recipe.
  2. Run the Jasper AI Recipe.
  3. Replace Jasper AI Recipe variables.
  4. Run Jasper Commands.
  5. Improve your Content.

1. Choose your Jasper AI Recipe

To start using Jasper AI Recipes, go to the main menu on the left and select Recipes.

how to use jasper ai recipes choose Recipes from the left menu

You have three options to use Jasper AI Recipes.

  1. Choose one of the Featured Recipes inside the dashboard.
  2. Create your own Recipe.
  3. Access many Jasper AI Recipes from their Facebook group.

For this Jasper AI Recipe tutorial, I’ll be focusing on the Featured Recipes. You can learn more about how to create your own Jasper AI Recipe later in this guide.

Once inside the Recipes dashboard, you’ll see something similar to this.

Jasper AI featured recipes

To utilize one of the Jasper Featured Recipes, simply click Open recipe while hovering over the recipe you want to use.

Jasper Recipes open recipe

Alternatively, if you’ve got the URL to a Jasper Recipe posted in the Jasper Facebook Group, you can simply open it and run it.

2. Run the Jasper AI Recipe

When you first open the Jasper Recipe that you wish to utilize, you will see a video tutorial guiding you on how to use the Recipe and a text that provides an explanation of what the recipe is for as well as what it can accomplish.

After that, a section will appear before you, displaying the recipe together with all of the Jasper Commands.

I will use the Jasper Blog Post Recipe in the following illustration.

Jasper AI blog post Recipe description page

Executing your Jasper Recipe is the next step to take. Click the Run button that is located in the upper-right-hand corner of the recipe.

After completing the steps required to execute a Jasper Recipe, the recipe will be instantly saved to your account. In addition, the Jasper AI will generate a completely new document for you, which will already have the Jasper Recipe copied over from the previous document.

This is what the featured Jasper Blog Post Recipe looks like after it has been copied over to the long-form editor:

Jasper AI blog post Recipe in long form editor

Now that you have a new document with the Recipe outlined above, it’s time to start editing it.

3. Replace Jasper AI Recipe Variables

The majority of Jasper recipes will have something that is referred to as variables included in them.

The curly braces serve as a symbol for each variable in the expression:

  • {TOPIC}

Change the values of each of these variables to the matching components that are suitable for the type of content you wish to develop and write about, and then replace the values of each of these variables.

In this example, my {TOPIC} would be artificial intelligence. So the first Recipe line would go like this:

>write a brief for artificial intelligence

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to use for the outlines. Jasper AI can generate a blog post outline for you.

In fact, Jasper AI can automatically generate blog title ideas and an introduction from your topic. You just have to run the Jasper Command on each Recipe line.

After you have your blog outline generated, you would replace the OUTLINE variables with the outlines Jasper created.

Next, we’re going to run Jasper Commands.

4. Run Jasper Commands

Jasper Recipes are nothing more than collections of predefined Jasper Commands that, when executed in the correct sequence, make it possible for you to generate AI-based content much more quickly than before.

Now that you have your preferred Jasper Recipe transferred over into a new document and you are in the long-form editor, it is time to follow the recipe’s directions by carrying out the Jasper Commands that it includes in the order that they are presented.

First, make sure that your cursor is at the end of the line. Then run the Jasper Command by hitting the Run command button.

Jasper AI run command button

This will allow you to execute Jasper Commands.

Let’s imagine I want to create a piece about artificial intelligence for my blog.

After you have changed all the variables to reflect the content you wish to generate, you can start executing the Jasper Commands in the sequence they are listed.

For example:

Write a brief for artificial intelligence
Write blog title ideas
Write an intro paragraph
Write a blog post outline (fill in the OUTLINE ITEM variables using these outline points.)
Write about artificial intelligence and its key components
Write about how artificial intelligence has been developed over the years
Write about the benefits of artificial intelligence for businesses and individuals

As you can see, the original Jasper AI Blog Post Recipe had “Write an introduction.” However, I changed it to “Write an intro paragraph.” This is possible because Jasper AI is smart enough to recognize your writing.

You should have a decent blog post draft produced by Jasper AI after executing each of the instructions in the correct order for your Jasper Recipe.

5. Improve Your Content

There is a good probability that you will still need to produce more recipe content after you have executed all of the Jasper Commands for your Recipe. This is especially true if you produce content like blog posts.

If you want Jasper to continue producing text, you must position your mouse where you want Jasper to write more and select the Compose button. Alternatively, you may use the keyboard shortcut:

  • Cmd + J for Mac.
  • Ctrl + J for Windows.
Jasper AI compose button

As you can see from the image above, you can also select from three different length settings:

  1. Shorter (S)
  2. Medium (M)
  3. Longer (L)

The selected option will dictate the length of the AI-generated text.

In order to continue creating text for you, Jasper will examine the last 1,500 characters you’ve typed and gather context for more information. However, if you are utilizing the Jasper Business plan, you can access a lookback of 10,000 characters.

You may guide Jasper to even better outcomes by beginning your phrases with transition words. This will allow you to achieve even better results.

  • Accordingly…
  • To repeat…
  • Actually…
  • To sum up…
  • In addition…
  • However…
  • As a result…
  • Besides…
  • Because of this…
  • Last of all…
  • Consequently…
  • Etc.

You’ve successfully learned how to use Jasper AI Recipes by completing all these steps.

All Recipes function the same way every time. What differs are the predefined Jasper Commands.

You may modify the Recipe workflow and add new Jasper Commands to it as well. In the end, there’s no limit to what you can do with Jasper AI Recipes.

How To Create Your Own Jasper AI Recipe

You don’t have to stick with the Featured Recipes present in your dashboard or the Recipes available in the Facebook community. You can also create your own Jasper Recipes.

First, go back to the main Jasper AI Recipes page and click on New Recipe.

how to create your own Jasper AI Recipe

You’ll be taken to the New Recipe page, where you can fill in the blanks to personalize your Recipe.

  • Title
  • Description (optional)
  • Jasper Commands
  • YouTube explainer video URL (optional)
Jasper AI Recipes new recipe

Because you can share your Recipe with literally anyone, you may want to add a YouTube explainer video to help people understand your Recipe better. This is totally optional, of course.

To delete Jasper Recipes, just click on the Delete button in the lower-right corner.

How To Format Jasper AI Recipes

You should be aware of a handful of different formatting choices when making your own Jasper Recipe. This will ensure that other people can utilize your recipe accurately.

Before when creating a Jasper Command, you should place the character “>” before each command.

>write an intro paragraph

However, with the updated version of Jasper, you can type it without that special character in the floating text box and hit the Run command button.

Within a recipe, variables should be indicated by enclosing the variable name in curly brackets.

>write an outline about {TOPIC}

The users utilizing your Jasper recipe will then swap out these variables.

How To Share Jasper AI Recipes

You can also share your Jasper AI Recipe with other users. Simply click on the Share button located on your Recipe page.

Jasper Recipe share button

You then have three sharing options.

Jasper AI Recipes Sharing Options
  • Private – Only available to members of your account.
  • Public – Anyone on the internet can access it using the shared URL.
  • Published – Discoverable in the Jasper AI community and indexed by search engines.

When you share a recipe, the public-facing URL is open to anyone with that URL, but they must have an account to run the recipe.


Now that you have learned how to use Jasper AI Recipes, you are ready to start cooking.

You should now be able to produce content even more quickly thanks to this Jasper Recipe guide, which I hope has helped you learn how to master it.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can claim your 7-day free trial with unlimited words, subscribe to the Teams plan, and try Jasper AI Recipes for no additional cost.

Have you accelerated your writing with Jasper Recipes? Is there anything the Jasper team could do to improve recipes?

Comment below and let me know.

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