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Writesonic Review: Is this AI Assistant Good Enough For Your Writing Needs?

Writesonic review AI article writer

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My Writesonic review covers this AI content generation tool’s features, pricing, pros, cons, and more. Whether you have writer’s block or need to create content fast, Writesonic’s easy-to-use tools can help you reach your goals.

Writesonic can generate over 100 types of content, including blog intros, outlines, entire articles, and dozens of short-form content. However, what sets it apart from other AI writing tools?

That’s what I’m going to uncover in this Writesonic review. By the end of this review, you’ll learn:

  • What Writesonic is.
  • How it can help you write better content.
  • Its key features.
  • Real examples.
  • Pricing plans.
  • And more.

Without further ado, let’s start my Writesonic review.

What is Writesonic?


Writesonic is an AI writing software and AI writing assistant that allows you to generate an entire article from scratch in a few seconds. It uses generative pre-trained transformer 4 (GPT-4) to produce its AI text.

As one of the best AI writing tools, Writesonic makes it easy for content writers and marketing teams to develop high-converting Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, other digital ads, social media content, product descriptions, email copy, YouTube video descriptions, SEO meta tags, and much more. Currently, it features over 100 AI templates for content writing.

Writesonic also lets you automatically generate blog content up to 3,000 words with its powerful AI Article Writer feature.

But that’s not all!

A special feature provided by Writesonic enables you to generate quality content in bulk. With Writesonic, you may enter information once for tens of thousands of pieces of content, and they will all be produced in a matter of minutes.

Who is Writesonic for?

Writesonic is for anyone looking to write short-form content for the web or any other medium and long-form blog posts. There are many ideal customers for this AI writing tool, such as marketing teams, small business owners, content writers, eCommerce stores, and digital entrepreneurs, to name a few.

  • Marketing teams: It’s difficult to write advertising copy that works. With Writesonic’s top-notch tools for writing compelling ad copy for Facebook, Google, and other media, you can increase your conversions, raise your CTRs, and lower your cost per click. These ad writing tools will produce quick results for your brand.
  • Content writers: You can use Writesonic as your writing assistant to generate content for many uses. The Sonic Editor (an improved version of Google Docs) helps you compose sales letters, essays, reports, and even ebooks, while the AI Writer can write long-form content for blogs and articles. Additionally, you may flawlessly alter your material with our AI-powered shortening, expanding, and paraphrasing tools.
  • eCommerce stores: With the help of Writesonic’s eCommerce solutions, you can improve your store’s Google position and increase revenues. You can use this tool to create titles, descriptions, and benefit bullet points for your products that are interesting and SEO-optimized. Google will rank your products higher in the search results when your content is semantically correct.
  • Digital entrepreneurs: With little effort, you can write high-converting landing page copy. Additionally, Writesonic’s AI copywriting tools let you develop fresh concepts for your business. Furthermore, you can use its growth ideas generator to acquire creative suggestions for expanding your company.

Writesonic started on AppSumo, offering a lifetime deal to its customers. But unfortunately, the deal is sold out.

Writesonic Key Features

There are almost a hundred different templates available in Writesonic, much too many for me to cover in my Writesonic review without making you want to pull your hair out. Therefore, I’ll choose the ones that give Writesonic a competitive advantage over other tools.


Writesonic Chatsonic

Chatsonic is a revolutionary Open AI feature that includes ChatGPT, a language model optimized for dialogue. According to Open AI, ChatGPT can respond to follow-up inquiries, admit its mistakes, dispute faulty premises, and decline unsuitable requests thanks to its conversational nature.

Writesonic Chatsonic capabilities

With Chatsonic, you can leverage the latest Google data to generate factual content on the latest topics, including news. It also allows you to generate digital artwork and give voice commands instead of typing.

Writesonic Chatsonic example
Writesonic Chatsonic - Example 1

Prompt: Write a Facebook ad copy for the launch of Chatsonic - Writesonic's AI assistant that anyone can chat with for awesome content. Use lots of emojis.

Chatsonic Output: 🤖Introducing Chatsonic, the AI assistant from Writesonic that anyone can chat with for awesome content! 💬 Get your content written faster and smarter with the help of Chatsonic. Get personalized content written just for you in minutes. 🤩 Try Chatsonic now and experience the power of AI-driven content writing! 🤩

I didn’t edit the output!

The Chatsonic feature works much like Jasper Chat and Chat by All these AI chat writers can scrape Google’s top pages and deliver content that’s factual and accurate while providing links to the sources.

This new AI feature also allows you to write extensive pieces of content, not just short-form content like the example above.

Writesonic Chatsonic - Example 2

Prompt: Write an essay on the topic "The benefits of AI writing tools".

Chatsonic Output: AI writing tools have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a number of benefits over traditional writing methods. AI writing tools can help to save time, increase productivity, and reduce errors in writing.

First, AI writing tools can save time. AI writing tools are typically much faster than manual writing, as they are able to process large amounts of data quickly and accurately. This means that writers can produce content faster and more efficiently. Additionally, AI writing tools are able to generate blog ideas and content much faster than manual writing methods, allowing writers to focus their time on more creative tasks.

Second, AI writing tools can help to increase productivity. AI writing tools are able to quickly and accurately generate content, so writers can spend less time researching and more time writing. This can help to increase productivity, as writers are able to generate more content in less time. Additionally, AI writing tools can help to reduce errors in writing, as they are able to detect and correct errors quickly and accurately.

Finally, AI writing tools can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Manual writing can be extremely stressful, as writers are constantly worrying about making mistakes or not producing content quickly enough. AI writing tools can help to alleviate this stress and anxiety, as they are able to generate content quickly and accurately, reducing the need to worry about mistakes or delays.

In conclusion, AI writing tools offer a number of benefits over traditional writing methods. AI writing tools can save time, increase productivity, and reduce errors in writing, as well as reduce stress and anxiety. For these reasons, AI writing tools are becoming increasingly popular as a tool for writers.

This is a verbatim copy of Chatsonic’s output without any edits!

Remember to check all content generated by the AI for plagiarism. While Writesonic is excellent at generating the content, it doesn’t offer a plagiarism checker. You’ll have to rely on a third-party tool like Grammarly (grammar + plagiarism checker).

Writesonic is not a fully plagiarism-free tool, as the example above had a 7% plagiarism in Grammarly. However, with a few tweaks here and there, you can easily make the text unique.

However, unlike a tool like Chat by, which can analyze webpages, Chatsonic only retrieves data from Google searches.

AI Article Writer 4.0

Writesonic is always improving the user interface and its AI tools. Previously AI Article Writer 3.0, the tool was upgraded to 4.0.

Writesonic AI Article Writer 4.0 is an article generator that helps you generate a whole article with a step-by-step approach. To generate an article, the AI Article Writer 4.0 subdivides into four total parts.

1. Get Keywords

Writesonic AI article writer get keywords

Here, you can type in your topic and let Writesonic get keyword ideas to include in your draft. Browse through all the keywords that come up and select the ones you want.

2. Get Ideas

Writesonic AI article writer get ideas

In this step, you can choose the tone of voice the AI will use (from excited, professional, encouraging, funny, and dramatic to witty, sarcastic, engaging, and creative) to match your writing style.

Choose the point of view (first, second, or third person) and write a call-to-action if you like. Finally, choose your language, select the number of outputs, and hit the Generate button. Writesonic will generate blog post ideas for you to choose from.

3. Get an Outline

Writesonic AI article writer get an outline

After selecting your blog title, it’s time to generate the outline. Hit Generate again and watch while Writesonic generates your article outline.

If you don’t want Writesonic to create an article with some of the suggested topics, you can select individual outlines as well.

4. Get an Article

Writesonic AI article writer get an article

In the last step, you’ll be able to refine all the previous suggestions.

After hitting the Generate button one last time, the Writesonic text editor will open.

In my example, Writesonic generated a 1085-word article and included an image from Pixabay.

The quality of the content generated is outstanding, making Writesonic a solid product for producing blog content for your blog. However, like the previous example, it’s not plagiarism-free. This time, Grammarly says that 13% of the article is plagiarized.

Remember that AI writing tools like Writesonic are merely assistants—you have to fact-check everything and also make final edits to decrease plagiarism.

But overall, compared to other AI tools, Writesonic is one the best options to get quality content for your blog writing.


Writesonic Photosonic feature

Most people know Writesonic for the quality of content it produces. But there are many more features to it, including Photosonic, an AI art generator that can turn your text ideas into pictures.

Remember that each image generation makes two images and costs 100 premium words. You can try Photosonic for free.

Paragraph Writer

Writesonic helps you write complete, engaging paragraphs where you only need to enter the topic and some keywords (optional). This tool is great for developing perfectly organized paragraphs packed with persuasive words.

Writesonic Paragraph Writer - Example

Topic: Artificial intelligence is the future of copywriting

Keywords: ad copy, AI, content writers

Output: Copywriting is undergoing a revolution. It's no longer just a job for humans - artificial intelligence is now taking over. AI-powered software can now generate competent, engaging ad copy, freeing up content writers to focus on more complex tasks. AI can also be used to optimize existing ad copy and make sure it is tailored to the right audience. And in some cases, AI has been used to create entire campaigns, complete with visuals and voiceovers. AI is also able to analyze customer behavior and provide insights that can be used to craft more effective campaigns. As AI gets smarter and more sophisticated, copywriters will be able to take advantage of its potential to create even better campaigns for their clients. AI may not be able to completely replace human copywriters, but it will certainly become an essential tool in the copywriting process. The future of copywriting is here, and it's powered by AI.

I copied the text without any edits!

Other Writesonic Features

Writesonic dashboard

Writesonic is the best tool for anyone looking to create SEO-optimized long-form content or generate short-form text. The many templates that Writesonic offers include, but are not limited to:

  • Instant Article Writer tool.
  • Make your own AI.
  • Content Rephrase tool.
  • Article Rewriter tool.
  • AI Article Ideas tool.
  • Blog intros.
  • Conclusions.
  • Outline generator.
  • Google and Facebook Ads.
  • Sentence Expander tool.
  • Passive to Active Voice tool.
  • Cold emails.
  • Rewrite with keywords.
  • Company bios.
  • Personal bios.
  • Short press releases.
  • eCommerce product descriptions.
  • Social media posts.
  • Landing pages.
  • SEO meta tags.
  • Song lyrics.
  • Text summary.
  • AIDA and PAS frameworks.
  • Listicle ideas.
  • Translate (it lets you translate your content into any of the 25 supported languages).

Writesonic Long-Form Editor

Writesonic comes with a powerful long-form editor to help you create high-quality content or to draft your first article fast. It’s a great tool for bloggers and marketing content creators alike.

Focus Mode

Writesonic Focus Mode

As the name implies, the Writesonic Focus mode allows you to concentrate on your text fully and write the content you want without any distractions. If you don’t want to use the AI Article Writer, you can write a blog post with the aid of Writesonic’s AI assistant on the far right of the screen.

In addition, you can choose how creative the AI will be and how long the text it makes will be.

Sonic Mode

Writesonic Sonic Mode

Writesonic content creation tools are user-friendly for beginners and seasonal creators alike. The Sonic mode includes all AI templates on the same window while you write and optimize your text.

Surfer SEO Mode

Writesonic Surfer SEO integration

Many content writers agree that the difficult part of writing is getting it to rank on search engines. Not anymore!

With Writesonic’s Surfer SEO integration, producing quality content that ranks is a breeze. Using the software, you can SEO optimize your content to increase its chances of ranking higher on Google.

This is the tool you need if you’re serious about writing an article to increase your website’s traffic. However, Surfer SEO is a paid add-on.

Writesonic Export Options

The Sonic Editor makes it easy to share or export your article. Like Google Docs, you can create a public link and share it with your team members.

When you download your article, you have a few other alternatives to consider: Microsoft Word, PDF, and HTML.

Finally, you can export and publish your document directly to,, and Zapier.

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic pricing plans

Writesonic Free Trial

Writesonic offers a free-forever plan to all users, making it one of the best free AI writing software on the market. Without spending a penny, you can try virtually all features before committing to a premium plan (which includes more advanced features).

With the free version, you can generate up to 10,000 monthly words and get access to the following features:

  • All AI templates.
  • AI Article Writer.
  • Browser extensions.
  • Sonic Editor.
  • 25+ languages.
  • 1-click WordPress export.
  • Zapier integration.

Whatever word quality you choose, you can always change it later.

Writesonic Unlimited

Apart from all the features available in the free plan, the Writesonic Unlimited plan also offers unlimited word generation every month and the Complete Article Rewriter.

Writesonic Business

This plan ranges from $12.67/mo to $332.67/mo, depending on the number of words you choose.

  • Using GPT-3.5, you can go from 200k words and 1 user to 6M words and 8 users.
  • With GPT-4.0, it ranges from 33,333 words and 1 user to 1M words and 8 users.

Besides the features in the free plan, you also get:

  • Complete Article Rewriter.
  • Surfer SEO integration.
  • Bulk processing.
  • Priority support and access to new features.

This plan is best for bloggers and digital marketers who must write content consistently, whether blog posts, website copy, or advertising.

Writesonic Enterprise

If you need a plan best tailored for agencies or large businesses, the Enterprise plan is for you. You get:

  • Unlimited words and users.
  • Invoicing options.
  • Onboarding.
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • Custom AI development.
  • Priority support.

This plan is excellent for digital marketing agencies that need to produce massive amounts of content. You must contact the Writesonic team to get a custom quote.

Writesonic Pros and Cons

Browsing through user reviews, most found Writesonic to be an invaluable tool in their arsenal of AI marketing tools. However, no software is without flaws. Here are the pros and cons of using Writesonic.

Writesonic Pros

  • Writesonic offers a free trial and a free-forever plan with 10k words.
  • It lets you generate different types of content.
  • Generate an article with one click using the Instant Article Writer.
  • You can generate up to 3,000 words with the AI Article Writer instantly.
  • Integrating with Surfer SEO allows you to optimize your content for better rankings.
  • The Writesonic team offers extensive resources and tutorials to help you get the most out of the software.
  • You can find helpful hints and techniques at the Writesonic Academy to get the most out of the tool.
  • You can find fresh keyword suggestions for your niche using the Semrush integration (SEO Keyword Suggestions). 
  • It allows you to create content in bulk.

Writesonic Cons

  • There’s no plagiarism checker, so you must rely on an external tool.
  • Chatsonic can’t analyze webpages, unlike Chat by

Writesonic Alternatives

Writesonic would be the best AI writing tool if it were the only one. But that’s not how the market operates. Fortunately, there are many tools to choose from. Here are the best Writesonic alternatives:

  • Copy AI – Copy AI is one of the best alternatives to Writesonic as it provides many short-form AI templates and a blog post wizard similar to Writesonic. However, unlike Writesonic, you can’t use Copy AI to SEO-optimize your blog posts, and it doesn’t integrate with any SEO tool. But it offers an enticing free-forever plan and a powerful website scanner feature with Chat by
  • Jasper AI – Jasper AI is one of the most famous AI writers on the market. Similar to Writesonic, it offers a seamless text editor that you can integrate with Surfer SEO. Its many AI tools also let you generate copy for several dozens of use cases, and much like Chatsonic, you can instruct Jasper to write what you want.
  • Anyword – Anyword is an intelligent tool great for SEO that features a Predictive Performance Score and a Website Personalization tool that automatically generates copy variants for your website based on your visitors’ behavior. It also offers different short-form templates and a blog post wizard. Unlike Writesonic, you can check your AI-generated content for plagiarism for free.
  • Bramework – Bramework is a great Writesonic alternative if you only intend to write long-form articles. Unlike other tools, Bramework focuses on providing the best long-form article generator, and that’s why they don’t offer short-form templates. It integrates with Semrush for keyword research but has no SEO-optimization tools. On the other hand, you get a free plagiarism checker with every plan.

Writesonic Review FAQs

Now that we’re approaching the end of my Writesonic review, it’s time to answer some common questions about the tool.

Is Writesonic any good?

Writesonic offers over 100 AI writing templates, including short-form and long-form ones. Reviews from customers have been generally positive, and many report that their projects were completed quickly and professionally. Ultimately, the quality of Writesonic’s AI tools will depend on the user’s input text, so it is best to sign up for their free trial to get a bigger picture.

Is Writesonic completely free?

Writesonice offers a free plan that is completely free. However, it comes with some limitations.

Is Writesonic good for SEO?

Writesonic per se has no SEO tool. However, it integrates with Surfer SEO, an AI SEO software tool that helps you optimize your blog posts for higher rankings by analyzing Google’s top-ranking pages for your target keyword.

What is Writesonic used for?

Writesonic generates content for many use cases, such as website copy, advertising, marketing, blog articles, etc. In sum, it’s a one-stop shop for content writing.

Writesonic Review: Use Writesonic AI Writing Tool

In conclusion, Writesonic is an excellent tool for aspiring authors looking to improve their writing skills. It’s easy to use and provides a wealth of helpful resources and all the features content writers need to develop written content and marketing copy for the web.

The step-by-step videos and tutorials make it simple to understand even the most complex concepts, while the in-depth analysis of each section provides invaluable feedback that can help improve your writing.

Overall, it’s a fantastic tool for content writers, so why not give it a try? Get started with Writesonic for free.

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