Artificial Intelligence Review: Is This AI Video Creator Any Good?

Synthesia io review

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Welcome to my review.

Looking for an AI video creation platform that is simple to use and doesn’t require any prior video editing skills? Or perhaps you want to create professional videos while spending less money on voice-over talents and actors and not rely on expensive equipment.

No matter your reason, can help you create high-quality videos with great audio and fantastic features. Synthesia uses AI to create video content without breaking the bank, and it’s as easy as writing an email.

In this Synthesia review, besides learning how to use Synthesia io, you’ll also learn:

  • What Synthesia is.
  • How Synthesia works.
  • Its features.
  • Pricing.
  • Pros and cons of this AI system.
  • And more.

What Is

Synthesia io

Synthesia is an AI video platform that makes it incredibly easy to create high-quality audio and video productions. It helps you make videos in multiple languages with AI avatars and templates.

If you have a video that needs to be translated into multiple languages or voiced by an AI, then Synthesia is a great video creation tool to add to your arsenal. You can use their pre-designed templates or create your own, then choose from 65 diverse AI avatars, select the language they should speak in, and voila!

Over 12,000 businesses globally, including Google, BBC, and Nike, rely on Synthesia, which has helped these businesses save thousands of dollars in video production.

The software enables marketing teams to turn simple text files into high-engaging videos. You can use Synthesia to create professional videos for different use cases, including but not limited to:

  • Tutorials.
  • Explainer videos.
  • How-to types of videos.
  • Video presentations.
  • Training videos.
  • Product reviews.
  • Promotional videos.
  • Customer onboarding videos.
  • High-quality marketing videos.
  • Product marketing videos.
  • Courses.

Who Is Synthesia io Created For?

Synthesia is a video creation platform built specifically for marketers who do not enjoy videography.

Besides enhancing video editing, the video creator can also be helpful when creating videos without showing any faces. Most people have difficulty showing their faces in videos because they are uncomfortable, and that’s fine—lucky technology has evolved to the point you can now produce high-quality videos with software such as Synthesia.

Create Videos Without Video Editing Skills

Creating a professional-looking video in an editing studio used to take too much time and money. But now, with the aid of the Synthesia video creator, which is also a text-to-speech product, marketers can target an international audience without any studio setup.

The software can also do screen recordings, multi-slide videos, and social media videos with custom backgrounds and so many new features. It also enables you to update videos in minutes, not days, so you can create more videos in less time.

Synthesia io Review: Key Features

  • 70+ AI Avatars – Stock AI Avatars come in a variety of ethnicities. You can also select an exclusive avatar for your brand.
  • Custom Avatars – Create your own custom avatars.
  • 50+ Video Templates – You may start making videos immediately with expertly-made video templates and create an engaging video in just a few clicks.
  • 65+ Languages – Simply typing in text allows you to create videos in various languages and accents.
  • Brand Assets – Add your own fonts, logos, colors, graphics, icons, soundtracks, and other elements.
  • Design Elements – Add and modify the text, pictures, shapes, animations, and more.
  • PowerPoint Integration – Import PowerPoint documents to create a video with each slide as a static image.
  • Screen Recorder – Quickly capture videos of your screen using the tool. You can trim, crop, and edit effortlessly within Synthesia.
  • Video Editor – You don’t need previous video editing skills to take advantage of the simple and intuitive built-in video editor.
  • Free Stock Assets – Access Unsplash and Shutterstock’s royalty-free media resources.
  • Background Music – You can contribute your own soundtrack or find royalty-free background music.
  • MP4 Downloads – Download your newly created videos in MP4 format in Full HD resolution.
  • Video Embedding – Include your videos in more than 30 apps. You can also instantly update the content with a single click.
  • Closed Captions – You may add or download automatic closed captions with a single click.
  • Integrations – supports multiple integrations (over 30 tools), such as Vimeo, Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, Thinkific, PowerPoint, and more.
  • Reuse Your Videos – Simply make a copy of your video, tweak it, and make a new one in a matter of minutes.
  • Synthesia Academy – Get access to on-demand learning resources for Synthesia.
  • SAML SSO Support – Gain quick and secure access for any employee in your company. Dashboard Overview

Synthesia will take you to the dashboard when you first sign in.

Synthesia io dashboard

From the left-side menu, you can:

  • Create videos.
  • Choose templates (or create a new one).
  • Select your preferred avatar (or request a custom one).
  • See the latest updates.
Synthesia io latest updates box
  • Access the Synthesia Academy, which includes many tutorials on how to get the most out of the platform. You may gain access to courses, webinars, and tutorials that will help you create awesome videos.
  • Visit the help center with many helpful articles.
  • Watch Synthesia tutorial videos on YouTube.
  • Contact the customer support team.

A remarkable feature of the software is that it allows you to import your PowerPoint documents from PPT and PPTX formats.

Synthesia io import powerpoint button

Every slide will be transformed into an image and used as the background of a scene.

After clicking the “Create new video” button, you’ll go to the video editor. STUDIO (AI Video Platform): How To Create Professional Videos

Synthesia io editor select avatar STUDIO (or the video editor) will let you easily create videos. At the far right of the screen, you have the editor’s menu, where you can choose and customize all the following built-in features.

Synthesia io video editor menu


Synthesia templates include dozens of professional-looking templates with several scenes each. You can import the whole template or scenes individually.

Each scene can be further customized, which is a great feature. This way, you can mix different sets from different templates and edit them to create a unique style.

You just need to click on a free video template to start creating stunning videos.


Synthesia io studio avatar features

After selecting your favorite avatar, you choose to have it in full body, circle, or voice only.

When selecting the full body, you can move it around the screen and even change its size. The circle option allows you also to change its size and the circle’s background color. Voice only will not display the avatar.

It’s important to note that every edit you make applies only to the selected scene (visible on the editor’s left side).


Here, you can choose different colors as the background of your scene. It also allows you to source royalty-free stock photos and images from Unsplash and free stock videos from Pexels.

Synthesia io screen recording feature

The platform lets you record your screen also and import it as a background video. This is especially useful for people looking to create tutorials or other types of video marketing.


This feature is pretty straightforward. You can add titles, subtitles, and body text.

Each text you add has further customization, such as font type, size, alignment, color, opacity, and more.


Select from different geometrical shapes, such as squares, circles, rectangles, arrows, and many more.

Just like the text feature, each shape has its own customizable features, including text.


Add images from the Unsplash free stock library and static and animated icons from Icons8. Additionally, you can upload your own pictures and icons.

Background Music comes with 12 background music tracks, ranging from 10 to 56 sec. When you select a music track, the software will apply it to all scenes. So if you want more control over the audio track of your video, you will need to add the music using another video editing software.

You can, however, also add your own music track, but you won’t be able to edit it.

The best part of adding music in Synthesia’s built-in editor is that the music and your avatar’s voice will automatically mix. This means you don’t need to do any sound post-processing after you export the video (unless you use another video editor to add sound effects and more music tracks). Text-To-Speech Editor is also a powerful text-to-speech software that incorporates human-like avatars to enhance your video marketing productions.

Each scene contains a simple text editor where you can copy/paste your script.

Syntesia io text editor

From the more than 60 languages accessible, you can select the one you wish the avatar to speak. It’s important to note that until you export the video, you won’t be able to see the avatar’s lips and face animation when you select “Play.”

You can add pauses, pronunciations, and variables by right-clicking the editor. These tags can be customized to meet your needs.

Synthesia io text editor pause break time 2 sec

You can also use the phonetic spelling of a word to correct pronunciation. Once you select “Pronunciation” from the right-click options, a tag will be inserted into the text.

Synthesia io text editor pronunciation tag

You can then edit the alias with phonetic alternatives until you reach your desired result. Custom Avatars

You may quickly create a custom avatar of yourself or a team member to use in your videos using Synthesia’s custom avatar paid add-on.

A custom avatar created with Synthesia is a computerized but photorealistic image of a person. With Synthesia, you can make commercial videos using these unique avatars. For instance, you may design a unique avatar of yourself or a team member (with the person’s explicit consent).

To create your own avatar, you must record a special video with Synthesia’s custom avatar script.

After creating the custom avatar, it will be added to Synthesia’s stock avatars in Synthesia STUDIO. You can then use it in your videos. To create a video, you simply define the video script the AI presenter will speak, select the other elements, and generate the AI video.

At first, your own custom avatar will only be able to use the predefined AI synthetic voices. However, the platform integrates with Descript Overdub, allowing you to create your own voice and connect it to Synthesia STUDIO (available on the Corporate plan only).

Create Your Own AI Video With Synthesia

Although the Synthesia AI video creation platform does not offer a free trial, you can create a free AI video to get a taste of the software.

The Synthesia demo video offers different templates, such as:

  • Synthesia demo.
  • Sales pitch.
  • Learning & development.
  • Compliment.
  • How-to video.

Each template has its own presenter. There are no editing features in this free video demo, so you only have to type your text in the text box, enter your contact details, and click on “Generate Free Video.”

You’ll receive an email soon with your free Synthesia demo video. Pricing comes with two pricing plans: Personal and Corporate.

Synthesia io pricing

Personal ($30/mo)

  • Videos may last up to 10 minutes. You can use 10 credits per month (1 credit = 1-minute video).
  • Use up to 10 scenes or slides per video.
  • 65+ built-in avatars and 60+ available languages.
  • 50+ video templates.
  • Screen recorder.
  • Free stock images and videos for background images.
  • Video sharing pages.
  • Text, shapes, and icons.
  • Custom avatars (paid add-on).

Corporate (custom quote)

  • All features from the Personal plan.
  • Up to 50 scenes or slides per video.
  • Includes 10+ premium avatars.
  • Purchase custom avatars only available for your brand (paid add-on feature).
  • Access Shutterstock images and video footage for free.
  • Custom branded template.
  • Record your own voice-over and use it with your AI avatar.
  • Access premium services, such as video editing, synthetic video strategy and deployment, and more.
  • Include a branded video sharing page and brand fonts for all your text elements.
  • SAML SSO (your users can authenticate from a securely central directory).
  • Priority support.

Unfortunately, there is no free trial included in Synthesia’s plans. You can, however, ask for a refund if you’re unhappy with the product.

If you want to create marketing videos or other videos for your business, tools like Synthesia will definitely help you reach your goals. You only have to create a Synthesia account. Pros & Cons

The use of has the following pros and cons:


  • You can make a video in several different languages, and any mistakes can be corrected quickly.
  • There is no requirement for pricey apparatus like cameras or microphones.
  • You don’t need to worry about lighting, backgrounds, or editing with a video created by Synthesia.
  • Save hundreds or thousands of dollars on voice-over production.
  • Create professional-looking videos in minutes.
  • You can add your own fonts and fully customize the look of your video.
  • is a cost-effective platform for creating different types of video content that need voice-overs, such as explainers, tutorials, courses, and more.
  • You don’t need to hire actors anymore to create real human-made videos.


  • You will lose originality if too many brands start employing the same avatars you do. You can, however, avoid this issue by creating your custom avatar.
  • The Personal plan at $30 per month only lets you create AI videos up to 10 minutes in total.
  • There’s not much choice of background music tracks.

Synthesia IO Alternatives

There are several Synthesia IO competitors, as outlined in my article, the top Synthesia alternatives.

Here are the best alternatives to I recommend:

  • Yepic AI – It lets you create engaging videos in over 65 languages and 100+ dialects, offering unlimited video hosting and other advanced features.
  • – It allows you to create custom cartoon avatars and features an app that integrates with Thinkific. Unlike Synthesia, Elai IO provides a 14-day free trial.
  • Colossyan – It includes similar features to Synthesia and offers a free-forever plan for up to 5 minutes of video. FAQs

What is an AI video platform?

An AI video creation platform is a software that enables businesses to create, edit, and distribute videos. You can use an AI platform for various purposes, such as marketing, sales, digital signage, and many more.

AI platforms are equipped with artificial intelligence technology that helps you create high-quality videos without human interaction. Marketers and advertisers can also use these platforms to boost their business by creating effective marketing videos with an added personal touch.

Do bloggers need

In a society that’s becoming more visual, having a video on your blog can boost your engagement. Moreover, Google tends to favor blog posts with video over those without it when determining rankings.

Because visual content is highly shareable, it can boost your brand’s presence and reputation while increasing dwell time on your website.

The Synthesia video generation platform is a great AI tool for creating professional videos without showing your face. If you’re a blogger, Synthesia allows you to create your own AI video and personalized videos with AI voices (or even your own). Synthesia helps you to create explainer videos to showcase your product or service alongside your blog content.

Can I make an avatar of everyone using

No, you can’t. The only way to create a custom avatar is to record a specific video and script of about 10-15 minutes.

Using existing images and videos to create a custom avatar is impossible. Also, whenever you create a custom avatar, you must have explicit consent from the person (which Synthesia’s team manually checks).

Fortunately, ​​Synthesia follows a code of ethics. The company will never re-enact someone without first obtaining their express permission (which includes humorous references to prominent politicians or celebrities).

Because Synthesia is not available for public use, all AI-generated avatars will undergo an internal screening process before becoming available to their customers.

Is Synthesia io free?

No, is not free. However, you can create a demo video of up to 200 characters using over 60 different languages. Review: AI Conclusion

This wraps up my review. is a sophisticated AI video platform that will reduce the expenses and budget of many businesses. Creating videos without audio equipment or film crews seems to be the future of marketing.

The general public doesn’t distinguish between an AI avatar and a real actor when dealing with tutorials, explainers, and other marketing videos. If you’re worried that your videos will appear and sound robotic, you should give a shot.

Have you used an AI avatar before? What’s your take on this revolutionary software? Drop your comments down below.

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